Friendship or Love – Episode 2


Thank you dears for your lovely comments.. Keep supporting me always. All the ff writers and readers, you all are the inspiration that made me write. And I am big fan of Ishveer and since I start writing with them.

The story continues….

The class gets over.. Ishani and Rithika meets their old friends. And they share their holiday fun and were coming out of the school. Near school gate Ishani meets Disha with her friends. As their school is nearer in walking distance they starts to move bidding bye to their friends. Shaneilla, disha’s 2 friends accompany them for some distance and they turns towards their home.
Disha and Ishani share about their day in school. During their way they hear sound of dora program and they starts creating their own map to home.
Disha sing first to map and says ‘I m dora and you are boots’.
Ishani: ‘ No. I m dora and you are boots.’
Disha: ‘ No. I m elder than you and I vl be dora’.
Ishani: ‘But you looks like a monkey and so you are boots’.
Disha: ‘What! Am I look like monkey to you?? U are the monkey, benny everything. You just look like that pig…. White piggy.’
Ishani: ‘Ok. Let it be. But you are my sister right so you too will be the same. what I am is you too. Now tell me whatever.’
Disha:’ I am not your sister piggy. You are dog, monkey, pig, Buffalo, etc….’
Ishani: ‘Ok. Thank you my beloved sister’.
Disha: ‘Stop saying. You are not my sister.’

They continues their knok-jok and reaches home. Their mom stops their fight and they both had their usual home activities. The sun set leaving moon and they had their dinner and set off to sleep.
The next day rises and asusual Dishani becomes late. But that day harshad drops them and they made an entry record to school on 8.30.
As students starts entering the class Rithika who is coming from the near class A saw Ishani with surprise. They both starts their chit-chat and they begin teasing the students while moving to prayer. When they reached the class on 9.00am, they watched few new students sitting in a side last rows introducing each other. They didn’t mind them and they sat up in their benches.
Vardhana mam enters and students wish her. She says that as there were so many new students this year there will be a change in the seating arrangement and boys and girls will be combined in a bench.
Everyone gets surprise but also fear that friend would get to be in separate benches.
Ishani and Rithika holds hands with each other.
Mam orders students as per their height. Ishani and Rithika were made to be seated on the fourth row and they were so happy. But mam says a boy to sit in the middle of them and their bench had 3 boys and they 2 in between them.

Mam starts their class and Ishani feels bored without their hand games during class. She hates the boy in between them. Since he is new she controls her anger.
The class gets over and its time for break. The boy gives his hand over her,’ I am Ranveer. I am new here from…’ But Ishani didn’t gave him a damn and cutoff him said’ Rithika will you accompany to my sis class. I have something to give her’ and both moves.
The day passed with the lectures and works.

The days passed with asusual routine and the new students become friendly with everyone. Rithika and Ranveer become friends soon and chat during the class too and this made Ishani anger.. She thinks now her bf was snatched from her. Ranveer and Rithika used to play and chat during free hourperiods. Rithika asked Ishani to accompany them but she couldn’t take him between. She always interferes them and take rithika somewhere. Also Rithika praises to Ishani that Ranveer is too gud and he is so smart, gives more fun,etc… But Ishani just hate him that he snatched her friend from her.. One fineday, Ishani was frustrated and she complained,’ Miss, this boy is always distracting me from the class’. But mam says then he must be chatting with rithika as she is next and she changed Ranveer to corner and Rithika to previous bench. Shaneilla comes to the place of Rithika. Ishani was sad that her anger backfired her and now her bestfriend too got to be changed. Rithika was on the top anger towards Ishani for insulting her. During lunch,She glanced her and turned back and moved alone. This made Ishani sad. She thinks this is all because of Ranveer. She just shows her attitude to him. Ranveer too stop minding her and he made friends around her. But Rithika stops talking with Ranveer too. This made Ishani to be guilt.
A week passed….

Precap: Ishani to convince Rithika. New friend of Ranveer and Ishveer leg fight….

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  1. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Its not good dear but it is really very very very good. Great imagination by reading ur ff i also remembered my old school days when i was small. i liked all the characters and their relations specially dishani and rithika. pls continue it. And dont bring villains now only bcoz they r too small. U can carry on with their cute childish small nok-jhoks. Which std u r in?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much dr. Your comment meant a lot to me. Really childhood school days were really awesome. I really miss those days a lot…
      Don’t worry dr. There won’t be any villain now. The cute fights ans nok- jhoks will be there dr. And I step into the college now dr…
      Keep smiling
      Take care

  2. RADHU

    Superrrrrrrr dear it was funny?????

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much dr. Keep supporting me like this always.
      Keep smiling
      Take care

  3. Loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking….how r u and may I know ur she so that I can call u dhi or dr

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much dr. I am fine and how about you dr. And I m in clg now and will be your dhi..
      Keep smiling
      Take care

  4. Sparkels


    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you chotti for your lovely comment. And yes they were in the same bench. Soon Ishani will come out of her anger dr, but after some nok-jhok between them. Thank you dr. I just love that pic. Ishveer were so cute. Keep smiling
      Take care

  5. Hi Maya firstly your cover pic is soo cute and the episode was awesome and funny also I enjoyed it very much eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much dr. Vl update next soon

  6. Nandana

    Its very very very nice i really liked it and their cute fights and all and update the next soon dear eagerly waiting for it 🙂

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you dr for your comment. Vl update now

  7. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    its soo good and that new student is neither a frnd nor a villan ,but our hero !
    omg , its beyond thinking !

    then frnd , do u know me as u said u know most of the ishveerians ….

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much Rookey Rookers for your lovely comment.. S dr. Ranveer is new student here. Thank you. And s dr. I saw you comments in most of ff. Thank you for your support…
      Keep reading
      Keep smiling
      Take care

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