Friendship or Love – Episode 19


Hy friends. I apologize for being late.
The story continues…


Ishani came out and was confused who might have given her name. She went to her class and was waiting for the school to get over. As soon as the school gets over, she went to Ranveer’s class and saw him coming out chatting with his friends. He too noticed her and stopped with a questioning face. He bid bye to his friends and they went from there.

Ranveer: Ishani, you here. What happened? Anything serious. You came this soon.
Ishani(with cute anger face): Don’t you know why I am here?
Ranveer: No
Ishani: Really. Why do you did like that?
Ranveer: What I did ishu.
Ishani: Oh you don’t know ryt. (With anger pinching him): Why do you gave my name in the list?
Ranveer: Oh yeah
Ishani: Kyu? You well know I can’t dance ryt.
Ranveer (with fun smile): You can’t nahi, you don’t know that’s it.
Ishani: Ranveer.. I won’t leave you. I don’t care what you do, but you must make my name to be erased from the list.
Ranveer: Ahaan. No way madam. You have to dance.
Ishani: No way. I myself will do something and speak to incharge about this.
Ranveer: Oh no. You promised me.
Ishani(confused face):What promise? When I promised you?
Ranveer: Don’t you remember? You only did a promise in our park.
Ishani(thinking): park. You mean. No, ranveer you’re impossible. Please don’t do this.
Ranveer: What I did? You only said you will do whatever I say. So now, you have to keep up that promise.
Ishani: No. I won’t dance
Ranveer(sad upset face): Oh tk. You go. But don’t ever come to me. I am not your friend.
Ishani:Not like that.
Ranveer: Then
Ishani(what-to-do-face): Ok. I will participate.
Ranveer (broad smile): Really.
Ishani: hmm
Ranveer: That’s great
Ishani: But ranveer I don’t know dance.
Ranveer: Ishani, I am there na, I will help you
Ishani: Hmm ok. Then. Our practice starts tomorrow.
Ranveer: Oh ok. Meet you there.
Ishani: hmmm
Ranveer: Fine now let us leave
Ishani: Ya ok. Bye
Ranveer: Bye.
They both started to move. Ishani as soon as she reached hostel,

Neethu: Ishani, wow. You came. I was waiting for you.
Ishani stayed silent.
Neethu: Ishu, what happened? Do you met ranveer? What you decided to say mam.
Ishani (with smile): Neethu, I gonna dance
Neethu: What? But how?
Ishani(with shy smile): I am going to dance with ranveer. He gonna teach me too
Neethu (with teasing tone): Ohoo. So this is it. Wow ishani, you’re really awesome. For him, you gonna do which you won’t
Ishani: Neethu, I will do anything for him. If my dance make him happy, I will dance even if it makes him tease me, I will happily fight with him.
Neethu: Ishu, I know you are happy. But why can’t you express your feelings to him
Ishani: No neethu. I can’t. I won’t afford to lose him as my friend. When I lost everyone, he is the only support and if I am with him, I don’t care anything.
Neethu: But how many days
Ishani: I don’t know. Everything happens in time. Let me wait for that day to come. (With smile): But for now, we both are best friends and let us be like that.

Ranveer’s home,

Shikar(at high tone entering): Mom…
Amba(irritated tone): Why are shouting now? Can’t you come to home quietly
Ranveer (coming out of his room): Maa, he is coming with a bang. All should know that shikar came home na. That’s why he’s shouting.
Shikar (surprised): Bro, you came home?
Ranveer: Yeah, then where will I go?
Shikar: No bro. You came soon today. Even before me. What’s up bro?

Speaking itself they both walked towards their room.

Ranveer: What’s there in it? Hmm. Even I reach here before you.
Shikar: Bai. Say me
Ranveer(smiling): kk. Cool. I have no sports practice today and that’s why.
Shikar: Why so?
Ranveer: Why means? From tomorrow our annual day practice na, that’s why.
Shikar: Oh then you gonna do something
Ranveer: Ofcourse
Shikar: That I know. You will each year. What now
Ranveer: Dance
Shikar (laughing): Ohooo. That’s great.
Ranveer: And you?
Shikar(praising tone): Me. Ofcourse. Will our annual celebration happen without me?
Ranveer (cute look): Haan. What you gonna do?
Shikar: Bhai, I am one of the most important person you know. Our school is organizing this for me. I mean us all.
Ranveer: Oh really
Shikar (laughing rising his shirt): Ofcourse you know. I am one of the audience.
Ranveer(cute anger): Shikar.. You..
He threw a pillow at him.

Shikar(catching it): Bro, what happened? You know what I said is true, without us, for whom the function is for? Also for you? Only our comments and clap encourage you na..
Ranveer: Hmm shiku. Good. Anyways
Shikar: Ok bro. Say me about your dance
Ranveer: What is there to say?
Shikar: Arrey. There’s a lot. First, say me. Who are all gonna dance with you. Then song, choreography,.. There’s a lot bhai.
Ranveer: Oh. That and all I will come to know tomorrow. Me and Ishani and then who else I don’t know..
Shikar: Oh. Wow. Ishani and you..
Ranveer: wwhat? She’s my friend and that’s it.
Shikar(teasing tone): But bro, in our school know, everyone are saying different that..
Ranveer: What?
Shikar: I mean you both love
Ranveer (anger face): Nothing like that. We are friends that’s it. You too don’t join them.
Shikar: But bro
Ranveer: Stop it Shikar. I myself called her to dance with me. I don’t care whatever others think. For us both, we are just best friends. We know that and that’s enough
Shikar: Hey. Cool bhai. Why are getting tensed now. I was just teasing you that’s it. I knew that.

Amba enterring with coffee tray,
Amba: What Shikar? What are you teasing him?
Shikar: Maa
Ranveer: Maa, nothing like that. We are asusual speaking.
Amba: Tk. Both have coffee now and then carryon with your works. (Seeing Shikar): and shiku, first change yourself.
Shikar: Yeah mom. I will
After she went out of the room, they both had their coffee and started their routine work.

Next day,
The class as usual went fast and at 2pm, everyone are assembled in their respective practice halls. Ishani, ranveer too reached the auditorium. Apart from them, 7 others too were there.

Incharge: Ok asper you know. This is your celebration and you itself chose your song and partner. In the higher lever, three teams are allowed for 5min performance each. Ok. You all chose who ever gonna do.
Students: Ok sir.

Ishani: Ranveer, see only I don’t know anything in dance and we gonna do alone. See, all others came as friends.
Ranveer(with cute smile): so what ishani, even shaneilla is there na.
Ishani (immediately): But with Chirag. (She stopped and saw his face changed ): Hmm. See, she is going to do with three others.
Ranveer: Ishani, do you trust me.
Ishani: Ofcourse ranveer. I do.
Ranveer: Then what we will rock.
While they both were speaking, chirag came near them.

Chirag(seeing ishani): What happened ishani? You gonna dance. Do you know what it’s?
Ishani(anger): That’s none of your business.
Chirag(attitude face): Oh yeah. Let me see what you do. You can never dance and now because of you (pointing ranveer): he gonna be loser.
Ranveer (seeing him): Chirag. What’s your problem if I lose? Stop speaking rubbish about ishani. Orelse..
Chirag: Orelse, what? Haan. What will you do?
Shaneilla: Ranveer, chirag? What’s happening? I think we are here to practice and decide.
Chirag: Yeah. Let’s go
Chirag with shaneilla went to the other side.
Ishani (seeing ranveer): Ranveer, if you arr going to fight with him in this dance, please choose any other. Because, I can’t make you win.
Ranveer: Nahi ishani. You will. I don’t care, I will win or not. I just want to participate, that’s it.
Ishani: If chirag won?
Ranveer (with smile): I will be really happy. If he tried hard and perform better than me, I will be happy and if his better performance is to defeat me means, that credit is mine na. I will be very happy.
Ishani (emotional face): How could you ranveer? How could you forgive him and why are you not saying anything against him?
Ranveer: Because, he had been my friend.
Ishani: But not now. He didn’t deserve this from you. He cheated you. Did you forgot that?
Ranveer (cute face): Ishani, I remember. I do remember everything. I remember, his friendship, support, and our memorable days.
Ishani: Oh. Then, his betrayal?
Ranveer: I do. But whenever I see him, not only his betrayal, also my good days with him comes infront. How will I forget those. He was my first friend here and supported me when needed.
Ishani (impossible headshake): Nobody can change you. Be like this itself, everyone will use you. Do whatever.

Ranveer(fun smile): Oh, well, so we both are going to fight here in the name of practice.
Ishani: Hmm. No. Yeah we can start.
Ranveer: Ofcourse. If we start now only we can do. That too with you I have to manage know
Ishani: Oh hello. I haven’t said you to join me. You only insisted.
Ranveer: Hmm okk. Comeon. Do you have any idea for song to perform
Ishani: No. You only called me know. So you itself prepare everything.
Ranveer: Ahaan. Then what’re you for. I just asked do you have any idea. That’s it.
Ishani: Okk. bolo. Now shall we start?
Ranveer: haan

They both smiling to each other started practicing their dance and others too….

Precap: Annual day and a leap…

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    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy dr. Glad you loved their friendship and shikar teasing ranveer. Happy you found these as real life incidents. And yes dr. I already said that this is inspired by a real story. Let’s see how ranveer gonna realize hia love for ishani. I too wish same dr. Yeah, ryt. Love is friendship and let’s see how they realize it. Yeah will try to update soon dr. Keep smiling

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