Friendship or Love – Episode 17


Hy friends..
I know I am so late.. Was busy with my exams.. Sorry for that..
Now coming to the story..


5years passed…

It’s a pleasant morning, gang of students were standing here and there and was chatting something..
There shown a gang..
Shaneilla: What’s going on still this ishani and neethu didn’t came..
Lisa: Hey no one came from there.. Let’s wait. I think they will come to class directly today..
Other: Oh ,then let’s go to class then. What we gonna do now..
Lisa: Yes. She’s ryt. Come on

All the girls entered 12A class room. As soon as they enter, there were already few sitting.. They went and sat in their place and were chatting. After sometime..
Shaneilla: Hey neethu,ishu.. You too came..
Lisa: why are you late today?
Ishani(sitting with them): Hey chill guys. We wake up late today and that’s why? Chill
Shaneilla: Oh. But why you are saying us to chill. We aren’t tensed. That’s probably have to be you?
Lisa: What? Who are you saying shaneilla.. I can’t get what you are saying
Shaneilla: Nothing lisa. This is for someone and they would’ve understood it
Neethu: Haan ryt. Someone would be missing someone
Ishani: What stupidity is this. What are you all talking about? Why is this riddle talks now?
Neethu: Oh you didn’t understand what we are speaking as and about whom we are speaking about?
Ishani(showing irritated face): Hmm? Just shut up both of you
Saying she turned to her side
Girls: Ok k. we are sorry. Leave
Ishani: hmm

As time passed all started coming to class and the time was flying were it’s afternoon and everyone had their lunch..
Ishani: Ok guys. I have a work now. Will come soon
Lisa and shaneilla(fun making tone): ooo work uh.. We know what it is.
Ishani(with attitude): Haan Yeah I have an important work and that too with ranveer. Do you guys get cleared now. Bye.
Saying she walked out of the class.

In Library,
Ishani: Always here..
Ranveer(with smile): Hy ishani. Yeah actually I need some notes that’s why
Ishani: Oh yeah I know that. That’s why I came here.
Ranveer: Then you came to see me. Is anything Ishani?
Ishani( with a broad smile): Yes. I came to wish you(showing her hands to him): All the best for your volleyball match.
Ranveer: (giving his hand ):Oh thank you so much ishu. I thought you wouldn’t have remember about it
Ishani: How will I ranveer? I should be the first to wish you and I know you will win it for sure. Noone could beat you in that too ryt.
Ranveer (smiling well shaking his head): Hmm thanks and you will come for the match know eve.
Ishani: Yes ofcourse.. How will I miss it. Also I will be the one to congrats you after you win the match.
Ranveer: Oh let’s see. Ok ishani. Let’s see in eve then. Bye
Ishani: Hmm bye..
Saying he started moving out of the library.
Ishani (in thoughts): You will win for sure ranveer. And I won’t let any other before me to congratulate you..
With smile she too went back to her class.
The day passed where it’s eve.
Ranveer and all the players were practicing for the match.
Rithik: Ranveer, comeon let’s fresh up before our match. I feel really hungry now
Ranveer: But I didn’t…
Rithik: Hey, I didn’t ask do you feel hungry. Just come with me.
Ranveer: But rithik
Rithik: Now.
Saying he dragged him with him towards canteen. As they were eating some chats.
Rithik: Ranveer, when we go, we should..
Ranveer (before he could complete seeing the entrance of school): Rithik ek minute. I will be back.
Saying he went to the entrance..
Rithik: He said he won’t even come here before match.But now where is he running. (Thinking he went back to ground).

At the entrance,
Ranveer (With surprised tone): Disha di. You here.
Disha(seeing him with smile): Hy ranveer how are you?
Ranveer (with cute smile): hmm great. And first of all. (Shaking her hand): Very very happy birthday.
Disha(with dull smile): Thank you so much ranveer.
Ranveer (seeing her upset): What happened di? You are so dull.
Disha: No. nothing like that.
Ranveer: Oh so now you start hiding from me. If you don’t wish to say,that’s ok. Let me go then
Disha(with fade smile): No ranveer. How will I hide with you. Ranveer actually.. I came here to.. to see Ishani.
Ranveer:What happened di? Didn’t she speak with you today?
Disha: No. She didn’t even wish.
Ranveer: Di.. don’t feel
Disha(with tears): How won’t I ranveer. You very well know everything. But what did I do? She is angry on papa, but what did I do? And mumma, she is feeling so sad. I always thought to be with her. But she left me. She is not even ready to be with us. Even papa tried to talk to her. But she is not ready to listen.
Ranveer: Di.. Everything will solve soon
Disha: But when. nearly 3and half years passed like this itself. She came to hostel too. How could I talk to her. She is not even ready to be with us during holidays too. Always she gives not minding look whatever I do.
Ranveer: Is she talking to aunty.
Disha: Hmm. Only with mom now. She didn’t even wish me you know. She forget it’s my birthday today..
Ranveer: No di. She won’t. I think she would have thought to call you evening.
Disha(with a fade smile wiping her tears): Hmm. She didn’t. That’s why I myself came to see her straight from college. But still..
Ranveer: No di. She will. Wait. I will call her. She must be in ground only. Wait. (He was about to go )
Disha(stopping him): Do you think she will come for me. No. She saw me ranveer. She saw when I entered itself. But she didn’t mind me. She just steal a look and went.
Ranveer: No she can’t.
Disha(with feeling face): It’s ok ranveer. I get used to this now. But I miss her a lot. I miss my chotti’s cute naughtiness, her antics with me. I miss her a lot. I miss her innocence a lot.
Ranveer: Di. I will..
Disha(with smile): I know.. I know what you are going to say. Don’t worry I am ok now. May be I have not get my wish from my sister. But I have got it from you..from my sweet brother know. I am really happy for that..
Ranveer: Di.. I promise. I will try to make her understand.
Disha (with smile): Its ok. But leave. You just be with her. You are so meant for her. You are her best friend. You are with her means that’s enough for me. She will be happy..
Ranveer: I always will.
Disha: Hmm. But. Why are you still here.
Ranveer: Oh yeah.. I have a match
Disha: wo. I am sorry. I disturbed you now
Ranveer: No di. Not like that.
Disha (smiling to him): All the Best and I know your team will win for sure.
Ranveer: Thank you.
Disha: Ok. You go now. We will see later.
Ranveer: Haan di. Bye.
Disha: bye.
Saying ranveer went back to the ground and disha watching ishani from there started to go back to home.

The match started and all started to play. Ishani and some other from hostel was too watching..
The time passed and the match too went well. Ranveer ‘s team and the another team won among six teams
Instructor: Ok so already a team selected so the three teams will play the next match for semi finals the next week. Congrats for all the players. The final winning team goes for the next level. Now dispose.
After the match all started to go back to home.
Ishani (coming near him): I said know, you will win. You played great. See, your team too selected.
Ranveer: hmm yes. Thanks.
Ishani: What happened. Why are you so formal now.
Ranveer (seeing her): Don’t you know really Ishani?
Ishani (shooking her head as no): No. Why?
Ranveer: Oh so you don’t know. Why don’t you wish disha di. Not a wish you didn’t even saw her. Why are you doing like this ishani?You know, she is so hurt
Ishani: Then what about me ranveer. Am I not hurt?
Ranveer: You misunderstood them
Ishani: No. I understand well enough. You know what, papa just needs her not me. He cares only for her not me. Won’t I get hurt ranveer. But you too supporting her..
Ranveer: Ishani. Never. Please think your family loves you a lot. Why don’t you understand.
Ishani: No. Everyone leaves me and that’s the truth.
Ranveer: No ishani. You only left them.
Ishani: please ranveer. I am your friend only na, Y don’t you understand me then. At least you be with me ranveer. Everyone only leaves me.
Ranveer(giving impossible headshake): Let me leave ishani. It’s time. You too go to your room.
Saying he started out of school
Ishani(in thoughts seeing him): Everyone left me ranveer.. Rithika, papa,Disha almost everyone. But please you don’t leave me. I love you a lot. I can’t live if you too leave me. Please ranveer. I am sorry if I hurt you. If you are with me by my side, then I need nothing or no one. Love you forever..
Thinking she wiped her tears and started moving towards her room..
The screen freezes…

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  1. Lovely episode sis……. I’m very much happy after reading this ff becoz I loves ishani’s character a lotttt in ur ff…..really love this ff. Waiting for the next……..

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks for your lovely comment honey.. Glad thay you are so happy after reading the ff. Happy you loved ishani’s character. Glad you love this ff. Thanks a lot dr and will update next soon. Keep smiling

  2. Nandana

    Nice episode diafter a long time happy to read this and what happened to our ishu ? Why she is feeling lonely and why our ranveer became so formal not as that old ranveer and I think she loves as she said it but what about him. Any way update the next soon di. .

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy nandana dr. Thanks for your comment dr. And about Ishu and the change you will get to know about it in the upcoming episodes dr. Yeah will update soon dr. Take care

  3. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hii maya the epi was superbb so ishani realised that she loves ranveer but what happened to her why she is saying that all left her. Is she not staying with her family? Eagerly waiting for next update soon dear

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy dr. Thanks for your lovely comment dr.Glad you like the epi. S dr. Ishabi realized her love for ranveer and about her changes you will get to know in upcoming episodes dr. Yeah, eill update next soon dr. Keep smiling

  4. Hi Maya the episode was sooo nice I loved it I eager to know what was happen in past which created these situations waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy Thanks for your comment dr. Gkad you liked the epi. Happy to know you eager to know about the situations dr. Yeah you will come to know in the upcoming epis. Will update soon dr. Take care

  5. Duva

    Extremely sry akka my internet was not working so couldn’t comment ?? loved it no words please post the next epi soon ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks a lot chotti
      Its k dr. I understand and no sry needed
      And I am so happy you loved it.
      Yeah, will update next soon
      Take care and keep smiling dr.

  6. Sis pls update soon

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Oh I am sry dr. Held up with exams. Will update tomorrow

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