Friendship or Love – Episode 16

Hy friends
How are you all?

Now back to story…


All students after the vacation were happily came to the school..
Ishani felt sad since rithika won’t be with her from now. But she was now ok with that and asusual was enjoying.. The class starts and there were new students too

A week passed asusual school days.. A fever passed in the 9th std and disha too got fever..
She was at home with her medicines. Falguni was worried..
Falguni: Harshad, I think we could stop Ishani too from going to school..
Harshad: Why? That’s not needed
Falguni: But the fever is spreading na,If she too gets..
Harshad: Even it could come when she in home by disha so lev. No need to leave and all. Nothing will happen..
Ishani was sad since she couldn’t cut school.
It’s nearly 3 days and disha recovered to bit ok..
Ishani felt a bit headache but she went school..

In class,
Mam started her class and lecture the notes.. All were listening..
Ranveer (in a low tone): Ishani, what happened to you? You are so silent..
Ishani (dull tone): Feeling headache ranveer.. It’s becoming unbearable now
Ranveer: Are you ok?
Ishani: hope so
They too start listening the class..
But as soon in middle ishani felt vomiting sensation and ran towards the wash room.
Mam(as she returned): Are you fine Ishani.. You feel so dull
Ishani: S mam. But my head and body is paining a lot
Mam(touching her): You got to be fever. Wish I have to inform your parents to get you back home
Ishani: hmm
Mam called a vinisha to inform this in office room
Mam: Ishani, till your parents come. You go and rest in last row
Students you four come and occupy in the front..
Since that’s her row,

All from the last row joined in the previous benches and adjusted.. Ishani came to last…
Ranveer too came to front but since only 5 could sit he stood that no place.
Mam(seeing him): You sit in your place itself.. She is comfortable only na. Just you sit there.
Ranveer sat in his place. Ishani laid in the bench for sometime. water too started to flow from her eyes due to heat.
Mam started her class.. Ishani felt pain and was uncomfortable laying in the bench..
Ranveer (seeing her uncomfortable): Ishani, Are you ok or you can lay down in the bench.
Ishani: It’s ok ranveer. I could manage.

But still she felt restless…
Ranveer (seeing her struggling): Ishani, We are friends ok. Don’t lie to me. I think this fever got you from disha di. But hope your mom will come and pick you up soon. Till that lay down..
Ishani laid herself in the bench. Since he too was there, she laid her head in ranveer’s lap. Ranveer smiled at her and signalled it’s ok.
Ishani felt comfortable and due to her fever she starts to sleep..
The time passed.. It’s break..

Ranveer (touching her shoulder and calling her): Ishani.. Ishani.. Wake up
Ishani:(disturbed): Kya ranveer?
Ranveer: Ishani get up. You have some fruits na for break eat that and sleep, you will feel better. Mam too said your mom is coming to pick you
Ishani: But I don’t feel like eating ranveer.. I feel tired. let me sleep
Ranveer: No.. Wait.
(He took her bag and took her snackbox that having fruits and showed it to her): have it now. No more argument ok. Quick. He took a piece and kept near her mouth. She finally had it.

That’s time were falguni came and saw her
Falguni: Ishani are you ok dr? What happened to you?
Ranveer: Aunty,don’t worry she is better now. See.. I think she got fever..
Falguni: ya. Ishu,come dr. Let’s go
Saying she went to home..

In home,
Falguni: Ishani, now sleep. I will call your papa too
Disha was okay by now but she didn’t go to school for her complete recovery.
Disha(seeing Ishani and giving an impossible headshake to her): That’s y I said you to be away from me. See now for your naughtiness only, you got suffered..
Ishani: Don’t comply me go
Harshad (after he returned): Ishu drlng, are you ok.
Fulguni: Harshad, I gave her some light food and gave her Disha’s tablet itself. She is bit ok now.. Shall we go to doctor.
Harshad: No need falguni.. Give those tablets itself she will be fine soon
Falguni: But will it be gud
Harshad: Ya. Don’t worry she will be fine soon
Ishani felt week and was in home..

4 days passed and she bit was coming to normal
Disha(returned home from school): Hey ishu, how are you now
Ishani: ya better
Disha: Ranveer asked about you today..
Ishani: What’s
Disha: Ya I said you are fyn now and will return un next 2 days..
Ishani: Oh you saw him?

Disha: Yes. We together only were returning home. What you thought, if you are not there means we will not be together uh..
Ishani: No not like that.. I just asked
Disha:(smiled): He was bored without you. He said you to come soon.
Ishani (was happy hearing that): He is such a stupid you know. He cares for me a lot. My best friend
Disha: Ok ok you sleep now. If mom sees me chatting with you that’s it
Ishani: Ok ok go..

After 2 days she became normal and retuned school
Ranveer (seeing her after a week): Oh wow. Welcome ishu how are you
Ishani (smiling): Gud. I got some news that you enjoyed a lot without me
Ranveer: Oh ya. Don’t you know that. I was free from you na. And there is none to fight with me. So I enjoyed so much
Ishani: Oh really then fine. You enjoy. I will go alone right from now way
Ranveer: What? No ishani I was just kidding you.. I missed you so much..
Ishani: Ahaan. Then you said na you were so happy without me..
Ranveer: Wo..

Ishani (smile): I know you miss me. I too. And thank you. You helped me on that day
Ranveer: Oh now I think I should move alone now.
Ishani: But why? what did I do
Ranveer: Then what? I said you before that there should be no sorry and thanks between us
Ishu: Oh I am sorry.. Wo again. OK I won’t say after..
Ranveer (with smile): hmm ok. Come llet’s go to our place. You have so much to do since your works arw pending. I will help you out.
Ishani(smiling): hmm

They both went to their place and class was resuming to normal
They were so happy and now their bond was growing amd growing strong each day…
The time passed….. And so life…


Precap: The impossible change with a different tale….

So how is this friends, put up your suggestions and comments below..
Keep smiling
Take care…

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  1. Duva

    Loved it Akka how r u I missed this ff a lot

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy duva sissy
      Ya. I am fyn and nee epdi irka
      Thanks a lot dr

      1. Duva

        Fine ….. Akka one help post ur epi and do u have what’s app

    2. Oh will post soon and s dr

  2. Nandana

    Nice episode di I really liked it . the part were ranveer cared for ishaani was so nice and waiting for the leap update the next soon

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy chottichotti
      Happy you liked it
      Glad you likedliked ranveer’s care for ishaniishani
      Ya will update next soon dr
      Take care

  3. Hi Maya the episode was so nice I loved it waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy neelam
      Thanks for your comment dr
      Glad you loved itit
      Will update nexr soon dr.
      Take care

  4. Sparkels

    WOAH !!!!!! What and episode………I really loved it !!!! And most lovely scene was when Ishani slept on Ranveer’s lap/….. can’t wait to see the immpossible and different tale……..and please this time update soon 😉 😉 cause I’m eagerly waiting for it !!!!

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy chotti
      Happy you loved it
      Glad you loved that scene.
      Ya will update soon dr
      But that’s according to my exams. Sry dr I will update on weekend
      Take care

  5. epi was so goooood…..loved ranveers caring nature…n ishveers scenes were cute….waiting for the 5 yr leap…pls update d next epi soon…take care sis…

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy arya
      Thanks for the comment dr
      Glad you loved ranveer’s caring nature
      Happy you liked ishveer scenes
      Ya will update soon dr
      Take care

  6. Lovely ishveer

    Hmm the story is bocoming interesting day by day eagerly waiting for ur update

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks for your lovely comment dr
      Glad you found the story interestinginteresting
      Will update next soon dr
      Take care

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