Friendship or Love – Episode 14

Hy friends. How are you all…
Hope I am not so late..
Coming to the story…..

The week went with revisions..
Rithika was upset all time thinking of leaving school and friends..
Ishani console her since she too has a thought of missing her..
Still ishani felt something strange in Chirag’s friendship now…

A week passed as usual and its their annual exams.. All studied well and were performing exams..
The days ran fast that it was the final exam of the year and its computer science..
All came to their exam hall and completed their exams.. After that all started to disperse to home. Still our gang stood there to send off rithika..
Rithika was crying after exams..
Ishani (seeing her): Rithika please.. Just relax yourself. Don’t cry now
Ranveer: Rithika see. Just few more days.. You will surprised to see new area,friends and you will feel happy.. Just relax. You won’t be alone..
Rithika: But there won’t be you all na..
Shaneilla: Rithika.. It’s just a thought. You will forget us soon.. Don’t cry for that
Chirag: It’s time.. See if you cry then how will you go.. Are you gonna feel dull in the new place
Ishani: Rithika.. Comeon you are so smart na. don’t worry.. This time too pass off.. We will get over this ok..
Rithika (hugging her): Love you ishu and vl miss you..
Ishani(hugging her and crying): Love you and will miss you so much..
Rithika(coming out of hug): Ranveer.. Will miss you too. Though you were with us for not more than a year, You changed us a lot. Really happy to have you as my friend.. But not so long na.. Gonna be away this soon. Will always miss you, your advise, your fyt, your antics to make us smile, your philosophy everything… Gonna miss you too so much…
Ranveer(with tear cum smile): don’t think too much.. Our friendship will remain forever.. It won’t change for this separation and all ok.. Everything is for a reason rithika.. This too.. Time make us whole without our past…
Rithika (bit managing): Hope so.. Take care of my ishu.. She will always do something naughty. But don’t fyt with her ok.. Take care. Bye..
Ranveer and Ishani: Bye rithika..
Shaneilla and Chirag: Bye

All with sad face started moving home..
Disha too saw her and bid bye..
Rithika: Bye dii. take care..
She went off with her dad…

All went to their home expecting for their next std..

The days passed and there came invitation letter for the next std from school..

Falguni: Harshad, bring back our Disha and ishani, their gonna reopen now and we have to get them ready na.. Ishu is going to her 6th. She needs new uniform too..
Harshad: A week more na falguni.. We could call them after2 days.. They will enjoy there na..
Falguni: Do you think like this? It’s not that easy. If gowri’s school didn’t reopen she won’t allow them come here back.. Go and check.. It will be need of more time convincing her..
Harshad: Ok. Tomorrow is Sunday na. I will go and get them
Falguni: Hmm. Ok. Come have your dinner..
Harshad: Did you speak to them
Falguni: No. I called. But were playing in the garden with devarsh and gowri I think. So I just spoke with chaitali..
Harshad: Oh they were enjoying their vacation. But what about sharman.
Falguni: He is in 10th na. So have his school ccontinuously. Special class for them
Harshad: Oh ok. I will go and see tomorrow. Will you come with me. It will be easy for me to get back our ishu first
Falguni: Hmm then ok fyn.

The next day, they went to call back..
Chaitali and mitesh welcomed them..
Disha(seeing them): Maa,papa.. You came.. and she hugged them..
Falguni(with smile ): How are you doing here..
Disha: superb maa..
Falguni: where is ishu
Disha: Maa, she is in sharman bhaiya room I think..
Harshad: Oh, so my daughter is disturbing him uh
Disha: No papa.. He is not studying today.. Bothe were playing video games and not sharing with me. I came here to complain it to chachi. But caught you
Harshad: Oh fyn. Are you ready to
go home..
Disha(with hesitation): This soon uh
Falguni: Disha, its more than a week now here.. Come on. Will have to move
Disha(bit sad): Hmm k mom
Harshad: Don’t hesitate princess. For the next vacation, you can be here..
Disha: Promise papa..
Harshad(with smile): s dr..
Disha: Love you papa..

Falguni: ok lets call ishani now
Mitesh: Do you think it’s easy bhabhi. She gonna make a drama here. But too cute. We were happy with her naughtiness
Falguni: Hope she didn’t mess anything
Mithesh: No no bhabhi. She is so sweet
Harshad: Hmm. Ok. Let’s go up

In sharman’s room,

Ishani: Bhaiya, it’s me this time
Sharman: Ishu, no. You were playing for fourth time now.
Its me now. Ok
Ishani: Pls bhaiya
Sharman(with strict look): It’s no..
(Seeing harshad and falguni outside): Wow.. Ishu see there..
Ishu(seeing them knowing for what they ccame was shocked and start making faces): Papa,maa..
Falguni: Ishu drlng. Come to me
Ishani: No maa. You came to get us back na. No maa.. I will be here
Harshad: No look ishu.. You have to go to school and it’s time na. For next vacation you can enjoy here..
Ishani: No papa.. I feel happy here..
Falguni: see ishu. Sharman bhai is going to school na he is a good boy and your gowri di and devarsh will too go to school next week. You too should
Ishani(starts crying): Oh no..
Harshad: Ishu be a good girl. You will get new dress now with your uniform if you come without struggling and then only we too will get you here next time na..
Ishani (feeling hard to go home): Hmm ok papa..

Falguni: Good girl.. Come to maa.
Ok sharman. How are you doing..
Sharman: Hmm ya good kaki..
Harshad: study well ok. All the best..
Sharman: Thank you kaka
Harshad: ok then we leave seeing deva and gowri.
Mithesh: they wont allow you to take Disha and ishani then. Hope you take them before they start searching..
Chaitali: s deva is still sleeping and gowri would be busy in drawing now in morning..
Falguni: But we brought gifts for them tooo.
Harshad: It’s k falguni. Hope we can’t able to convince them too. Let’s call them afterwards and speak.. Now lets leave giving those to sharman..
Chaitali: wait jiju. Have your lunch and go..
Falguni: Now only we had breakfast na. It’s ok. Let’s see soon. Bye
Mithesh: Bye bhai and bhabi
Chaitali: Bye..
Mithesh: Bye ishu and disha
Ishani and disha(with sad face):bye chacha.. Bye chachi and bhaiya
Sharman: Bye

They came out and started to drove home…

At ranveer’s house…

Ranveer: Stop shikar.. Give it to me. That’s mine..
Shikar(with naughtiness): No bhai.. I will wear today..
Ranveer: shikar no. Give me back
Shikar: No
Saying he started running around the house.. ranveer too followed him shouting.. They hit amba coming out of kitchen..
Shikar (cutely went back to her and hided): Mumma, see bhai is running behind me to fyt and beat me..
Ranveer: Maa, he is lieing.. see he has taken my new shirt and was not giving back
Amba(seeing them): You both pls stop. Y are you always running around.. Can’t you both be quite..
That’s the time kailash came back after meeting his friend
Kailash: What happened amba. y are you angry and scolding my sons..
Ranveer (coming to him): see baba. Shikar only is disturbing all. Me and maa. He took my dress get it from him..
Amba: See kailash ji.. They both are always fighting and complaining like this silly things.
The summer vacation is for them to enjoy. But I only is getting the trouble of controlling them all time. I said you na, you itself take care of them.. I am just waiting when a week will end and they go back to school.. Or else our home will turn into some weird place with their activities…
Kailash: Amba, only a week na again they will start to school.. In this one month you are feeling difficult to manage them.
Amba(with anger): Oh then you be here in home and be with them. Then you can yourself know what they both do… This one month is like a year to me.
Kailash (seeing her with light smile): ok ok what did I ddo. Why are you angry with me.. Let me handle them..
Amba: Haan
Saying she start doing her own house works
Kailash (seeing ranveer): Ranvi, You’re the elder one and you have to sacrifice for your bro.
Ranveer: baba, but what’s the logic that I have to sacrifice everytime for him. See he is not at all in his sense even
Shikar(with pout face): Papa, see like this only he is always scolding me..
Ranveer: Shiku,don’t lie you lier. Papa, see. For what he is fighting even. That shirt won’t even fit him..
Shikar: It’s ok. I will make it fit.
Ranveer: Hey chottu. You are too small for this shirt ok. First grow up.
Shikar (with cute anger): I have grown. See now I am going to 2nd std. I am that big.
Ranveer: But I am going to 6th std ok. Give me. It’s mine.
He start to snatch it from him..
Shikar(cutely start crying):….
Kailash (seeing their fight): Hey hey just leave both of you. Y are you both fighting now.. (Seeing shikar): Shikar dr. It’s ranveer’s shirt only na. Give it to him
Shikar: Baba, but i like it
Ranveer: You have more than enough dresses shikar
Shikar: But iit’s what I want
Kailash(seeing them): ranveer leave him. He is young and don’t know. He itself will give you when he wears and confirms it unfits him.
Ranveer: Y should I do that
Amba(seeing them still arguing with anger): You have to. Don’t argue ranvi. Nowadays you too start arguing much. Listen our words aand be quite
Ranveer (frustrated): why don’t you say that to him maa
Amba: Ranveer you are elder than him and you have to listen us. He is small. Let him do whatever
Ranveer: maa, always you support him only na. Y are you doing like this. He only is doing wrong but all time you are scolding me
Amba:shut up ranveer
Ranveer became anger and moved to his room leaving them
Amba(seeing shikar): shikar, that’s his. But you are fighting with him. Don’t come to me crying again saying he is not talking with you okay. I won’t care for you that time..
Shikar: When I came to you crying. I won’t maa.
Saying he laughed went to his room and wore the shirt.
Since its big, he undressed the shirt after sometime and came to ranveer. But ranveer was still angry with him
Shikar(going near him in a singing tone): Bhaaiii
Ranveer saw him with a anger look
Shikar(sorry face): have it. This shirt is not fitting me
Ranveer (with anger): I don’t want. You have it with yourself. But ddon’t come to me
Shikar: I am sorry bhai. I won’t fight with you again..
Saying he kept the shirt near him
Ranveer still saw him with anger
Shikar: Bhai let’s play now
Ranveer: Shikar. Go away. Don’t come to me or talk to me. Move
Saying he start draw something
Shikar(came to amba crying): mumma, Bhai is not talking with me
Amba: I already told you shouldn’t come to me for this. Go convince and solve yourself..
Shikar starts crying heavily
Ranveer was watching him.
Kailash (to ranveer): ranvi beta. Forgive him. He is your chotu na
Ranveer: Baba, no. I won’t
Shikar(coming to him and hugging): Sorry bhaiya. I love you and that’s y wish to wear your dress and be like you.. I am sorry. pls speak to me..
Ranveer(feeling for him): But shiku. You will always melt me after doing something na
Shikar(with cute wink): sorry bro..
Ranveer (with smile): But this is the last time. Don’t irritate me again ok..
Shikar: Promise bro
Saying they both laughed and started playing together
Kailash (coming to call them for lunch was shocked seeing them playing together): Amba, see them both now they are playing like nothing happened
Amba(with smile): Kailash ji. That’s what they are. They will always fight and they become normal and play like nothing happened. We will only become mad seeing them..
Kailash: That ‘s so sweet.. ok now call them..
Amba: Haan..

They had their lunch and routine goes..
The days ran in it’s speed were the day for school reopen came..
All started coming to school with sad, joy and some excited..

Ranveer and shikar went to school sooner.. They searched the classroom and went to their respective classes. The new block and class for 6th. When ranveer reached his class, he saw some already came and chatting about their holidays.. He too joined them. After some time, ishu came and saw ranveer chatting. He too saw her and they both smile and sat in the last bench as before.
They start sharing about their vacation.. and were excited for the new std…
Screen freezes on ttheir happy and excited face..

Precap: mysteries and fever….

So how is it guys.. Hope this is somewhat long.. Put up your comments in the box down now.
Keep smiling and take care…

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