Friendship or Love – Episode 13

Hy friends. Hope I am not so late this time. Without much lets get to the story..

As ranveer was crying,ishani was worried and confused..
Ishani: Ranveer.. Pls. What happened to you suddenly
Ranveer (making himself normal): Kuch nahi..
Ishani:Lying to me. I am sorry I only scolded you badly that’s why you are crying na.( She starts weeping..)
Ranveer (seeing her about to cry): Oh no ishani.. You didn’t do anything.. Pls don’t cry ok.
Ishani: Then you.. You too crying na why ranvee..
Ranveer(wiping his tears): See I am not
Ishani: Lier. You cried. I am nnot your friend na that’s y you are hiding from me..
Ranveer: No.. That’s
Ishani: Do you remember. We made a promise last month friendship day na that we won’t hide anything and be besties forever. Even we fyt. But I think we are not. That’s y you..
Ranveer: Ishani. No you are my bf.
Ishani: Then bolo. Y were u upset. I know after I scolded you only you were like tthis thinking something within you..
Ranveer: wo ishani… I felt bad losing your pen. That’s your sister’s gift na that’s y.. I…
Ishu: I am sry. I shouldn’t have said those words to you. I didn’t even think before scolding like that. I am really sry.
Ranveer: Its k ishu. I jjust remember something…
Ishani: About?
Ranveer: (teary):Myself.. My past.. when you say I lost your precious thing, I thought I was not capable of having anything good with me.
Ishani: Ranveer…see
Ranveer: I too had a sister ishani..
Ishani: What? You have a bro only na. You didn’t say it before.. where is she
Ranveer(with tear cum smile): Long away from me..
Ishu: I hope she is
Ranveer: In heaven so sooner.
Ishani (bit shocked): what.. Wo
Ranveer: Ishani, before I came here to Mumbai. We were in Gujarat. Myself, maa, baba, my sister. She is so sweet. 5 yrs elder than me. Mihira. You know what ishu, she named me when I born. She loves me more. I can’t be away from her. When she goes to school na, I will just cry to go with her.
Ishani: Wha.. What happened to her?
Ranveer: I was in 1st std and she 5th we used to do our home work and play in school campus till my mom comes to get back home. On that day too we played happily..

Mihira: Come on ranvee catch me
Ranveer: Behan stop you’re so fast
Mihira: That’s what the game is
As they were playing.
Amba: Mihira..
Mihira; Mom.. come ranveer maa came. Lets go..
Ranveer (near her): Mumma
Amba: Ok come lets move. Mihira take your bag.. Chalo
(They came out and started to walk crossing the road)
Vimala: Hey Amba.. how are you? So many days before I saw you..
Amba: ya vimala. How are you.. You here..
Vimala: came for go to that shop. You?
Amba: These are my children..
Vimala: Oh so cute. but I think school disperses long before..
Amba: s vimala.. I went for medical check up today since I was late..
Vimala: What? Are you ok
Amba: S s vimala. I am pregnant. So usual check up onlu
Vimala: Oh wow. So happy for you
Mihira(running around): Lets go mom. Hmm. Ranveer lets play now
Ranvee: Go. I am not coming. My legs are paining running with you
Mihira: Oh my chotu. Whay happened. Don’t worry. I will pick you up walking home ok.
Ranveer: hmm
Mihira(making cute pout face): ok you stand but I feel bore. Mom was still chatting uh
Ranveer laughed seeing her
Mihira: You are llaughing uh wait see what I will do hmhm. Ranveer, do you hear someone callin my name..
Ranveer: Kya
Mihira ( sseeing around and getting the voice near school gate): Hey kavya, kya. Y are you shouting..
Kavya: Shouting uh. Don’t you want your box. You just left it in the ground
Mihira: Oh no I forgot to take it
(Seeing amba chatting still): wait I will come there. Ranveer. Hold mom ok. I will get back the box and come.. stand here itself. Don’t run after me ok.
Ranveer: hmm tk
Mihira(smile): Gud
(She herself crossed and came to kavya and got the box)
Ranveer(showing her to amba): Mumma, behan there..
Amba: (seeing him and mmihira shocked): Mihira.. How you went there
Mihira: maa, to get this box wait I will come..
Amba: No wait there I will come and bring you. Don’t cross alone.
Mihira: Mom, relax. I grown up. I will cross myself
Amba: No dr
( she starts crossing road herself since its two way, she crossed one)
Mihira: See ranveer. I crossed na you too should learn to ccross soon ok
Ranveer (saw her silent)
Amba: mihira wait. Careful
Mihira: relax maa
As she was crossing seeing them and laughing , a truck came that road and in a nanosec, it with force hit her.
Amba: Mihiraa…
She ran to her.
Mihira (on blood pool): Ma..maa
My he..head paii..paining maa..
Ranveer (shocked to see his sister with blood around the place)
Amba(shouting amd crying): Mihira.. Y do you cross alone
Mihira(feeling hard to breath): Maa ,I.. i am so..sorry.. Ra..ranveer.. Its..its.. So..
Amba(seeing her no movement): Mihira.. Mihiraaa
(All started to surround them and called for ambulance)
Ranveer (seeing them not understanding): Mumma, mihi sissy come.. Y s she laying here maa. Let’s go home..
Amba(seeing him): She won’t ranveer.. (She start crying heavily).
Fb ends

Ranveer (with tears running): Ishani, you know I didn’t even get what happened in a sec. We were so happy a min before. But in a sec, everything changed. You know what she is so sweet and lovely. Everyone loves her. She is so naughty. Will always do something but won’t sit idle even a sec. But now… She is(he starts crying more)
Ishani (seeing him with tears): Ranveer.. Relax…
Ranveer: You know what ishani.. She promised me that she will always be with me no matter what.. When shikar was on mom’s womb na, mom won’t feed me or took more care of me. I felt like I was avoided. But she only says she won’t lev me even when another comes. But now no, she left me forever..
Ishani: No rranvee.. She isn’t. She is always with you only..
Ranveer ( with painful smile): It’s not that easy as we say.. I miss her so much thay’s I like yyour sissy and used to talk with her. She too is lovely. You are so lucky.
Ishani: Ranveer.. You are so.. You are having a cute bro now na. See you are so gud enough. You will soon be okay
Ranveer: since to change only, we came here to Mumbai. But still can’t forget her. she is so intelligent. Always top in everything. Her smile makes everyone smile. She won’t cry even always with a smile she loves all with care. Always play with me, smile with me, teach me, console me. The Best sister she is. Still that accident get flash when I sleep. I miss her so much.. I do have bro and I love him. But too I miss her.
Ishani: See, she will always be with you and seeing you grow. She taught you so much na. She will always show your path always.. Don’t worry.
Ranveer: I hope… (wiping his tears): I am sry ishani. I made you upset saying my past
Ishani (wiping her tears): no ranveer. I am your ffriend. I will always be there for you. Your pain is mine too. Don’t worry. Come on smile. You look so smart when you smile..
Ranveer (with smile): oho.. Kidding uh
Ishani: Hey s. you too look like a monkey sometimes but when you smile look good
Ranveer: Ok miss.vampire
They both laugh at each other.

The class gets over and all disperses..

Precap: The new std…

So.. How is it. Hope iit’s not that bore and all. I know I drag in this chapter but will make fast story from next…
So do comment me about this dearies and about that accident, it really happened in front of our school. Still most of our schoolmates can’t forget that..
Put on your valuable comments now
Keep smiling
Take care…..

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    Hey DI,……really felt sad for Ranveer…and really what an emotional epi……..I almost cried…….. 🙁 but yah Ishu will help him to forget that sad past of him…………and yah u didn’t dragged it at all……..but want to see Ishveer again with their cute nok-jhoks…………….till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling ( i know it’s ur dialogue )

    1. Maya-Shelly

      I replied for you down dr

  2. Duva

    Loved it Akka keep it up keep rocking how r u

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy duva. Glad you loved it. And my cute chotti. I am fyn. What about you?
      R u tamil dr?

      1. Duva

        I am not fine and ya I am a Tamil

      2. Maya-Shelly

        Y r u not fyn chotti
        What happened

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Hy dhruva
    Happy to see your comment dr
    How are you?
    Glaf that you find the epi emotional and felt pity for ranveer..
    S ofcourse ishu will help him forget his sad past.
    Happy to know I didn’t dragg as well. Ishveer nok-jok will be back dr..
    S. It may be my dialogue but you made me smile with that. Thank you dearie..
    Keep smiling and take care

    1. Sparkels

      Ooooo DI u also made me smile with ur cute comment……..and about me ??? Yesterday only came home from hospital !

      1. Maya-Shelly

        Thanks dearie… And what happened? Y u went to hospital and you say that’s gud for you. Don’t be so careless chotti
        And take care

  4. Hi Maya I loved today’s episode very much it too good and emotional keep it up waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy neelam
      Glad you loved today’s epi and found it emotional
      Thanks sweetie and I will try update the next one soon
      Keep smiling and take care

  5. Nandana

    nice episode di and finally known the reason behind the ranveer sadness and i really liked all the part and update the next soon ? ?? ? .

    1. Nandana

      and feeling sad to know that the incident really happened before ur school

      1. Maya-Shelly

        S dr
        And ththat incident before our school scared me for years

    2. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks chottichotti
      Glad that you liked the epiepi
      Happy you liked all the part and will try update soon dr, if my college permits. Its really hectic nowadays

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