Friendship or Love – Episode 12

Hy my dearies… I am so sorry for not updating the ff for so many days. Was held up with my exams and record works..
Also happy ayudha pooja friends…
Continuing the story….

The days passed…. All were happily enjoying their school life. Its the last term of 5th std. Everyone completed their term exams and was waiting for the annual…
The friendship between ranveer and ishani grow stronger in these days…

Chirag: Hey friends. Do you all know one thing. Actually, our next year will be exciting. We are moving to the new block.
Ishani: New block?
Rithika: Hey you mean that ikeda block uh. Its newly built.
Chirag: S dude. There. Since we are moving to higher class we are going there. 6-8th students gonna move there.
Rithika: Oh wow…
Ranveer: But what’s there in it..
Ishani: Ranveer… You are such a idiot. Can’t you enjoy something..
Ranveer: But what’s there to enjoy anyway..
Rithika: Ranveer… There’s nothing but we could enjoy being first in the block ryt. And that’s what make special
Ishani: Oh rithu… No dr. Y r u saying this to him. He never knows to enjoy such silly things…
Ranveer: Oh really, is that me who won’t or you…
Ishani: Exactly you
Ranveer: You
Chirag: Hey hey.. Pls don’t start your fyt. Come on its time.
Let’s move to the class.

A week passed….

Ishani: Hey rithu, ranvee you both came this early today…
Ranveer: Hy ishu..
Ishani: What happened.. you both seems upset…
Ranveer: wo..that’s nothing ishani.
Ishani: Rithika, what happened to you.. Y r u silent…
Rithika saw her with silence. Few tear drops start coming from her eyes…
Ishani: Rithika, what happened to you? Y r u crying?
Ishani: Ranveer bolo. What happened? Say something.. Y s she crying..
Ranveer: Ishani, wo..actually…
Ishani… Haan bolo ranveer…
Ranveer: Ishu, rithika won’t be with us next year…
Ishani(not understanding): What? But why?
Ranveer: Ishu… Wo
Rithika(with tears): Ishani.. My dad got transfer to Kolkata.. We are moving there…
Ishani(shocked) :what?? But y suddenly…
Rithika: Ishu.. My dad was requesting for tthis for nearly 3 yrs since my granny was there. Now he got that..
Ishani: but you never said before..
Rithika: I never thought this would happen ishani..
Ishani (she could never react to it)
Ranveer: I too came to know this now only ishani.. When I came to cclass itself, she is upset And was crying.
Ishani(becoming ok): Rithika, relax for this you are crying uh…
Rithika(still crying): But we gonna get seperated na. We can’t see again..
Ishani: As though it gonna happen now..
Ranveer: TThat’s what I am saying from start. Stop crying rithu. Relax… We still have days na..
Rithika: Only few..
Ishani: so you gonna cry tthose few days too uh..
Rithika: Vl miss you all
Ishveer: We ttoo will. But now.. Comeon smile karo..
Ranveer(pointingi ishu):You look like this devil when you are crying. Come up smile. You will be cute…
Ishani (with anger): What you say.. Am I devil uh? You…
You are tthe monster… See vampire.. You are..
Ranveer: Ahaan.. See now too you just look like those devil…
Ishani(anger coming towards him): Ranveer… You na..
Rithika (smiling seeing them): hey just stop guys.. Both look like tom and jerry when you fyt now..
Ranveer: Ofcourse rithu.. She is absolutely jerry.. Short jerry…
Ishani: What… I am short uh.. As though you are llike a tower..
Ranveer: But better..
Rithika: Hey no. Stop.. I said with mistake.. Pls don’t fyt now..
Ishveer (smiled) : hmmm. You smiled na.. Come on… Cheer up…

The day passed.. Eve…
Disha: Hey ishu y r u upset.. Seems silent today…
Ishani: Disha… Rithika you know na..
Disha: Haan. your bestie na..
Ishani: hmmm.
Disha: what happened to her..
Ishani: Disha, she is moving to Kolkata.
Disha: So…
Ishani: So.. What you mean so? She is going from this school… How I will be without her…
Disha: Oh that’s y my princess is upset uh…
Ishu, when time passes everything will. This day too will move on…
Ishani: But I will miss her na..
Disha: hmm you will get used to it soon. Everything happens for rreason. You start living with it. K . come on smile karo. This face didn’t ever suits you…
Ishani smiles hearing her words and starts her routine work.

Days passed…
All were enjoying their std. Its their last week before annual exams..
Mam: Students. Be alert this week. Note ddown all important things.. If you do your exams well only you will promoted to 6 th ok..
Students: S mam.
Saying miss starts writing important notes on board..
Ranveer (was searching something): Oh no
Ishani: What happen ranveer. What r u searching for..
Ranveer: Ishu, actually I forgot to bring my pencil box. What will I do now. Do you have any extra pen..
Ishu: S ranveer. Don’t worry. Wait.
She took a pen from her box and gave him.
Ishani: Here. Take this..
Ranveer (with smile): TThank you ishani..
Ishani: Hmm its k

The day passed and all dispersed to home
The next day, ishu forgot to ask about her pen and she tthought on 1st period since mam is there she didn’t speak..
Ishu saw ranveer using his own pen today..

On break..
Ishani: Ranveer, where is my pen
Ranveer: Ishu don’t you took it yesterday
Ishani: No ranvee. I gave it to you only na
Ranveer: Ishani.. Wo.. I thought you took it already. Its not with me
Ishani: Not with you means? Where is it then?
Ranveer: Ishani I don’t know. I thought..
IIshani(with anger): You thought what ranveer.. I need my pen now
Ranveer (feeling sorry face): I m.. I am really sorry ishani.. I lost the pen… But.. But.. I will give you a new pen don’t worry..
Ishani(shouting): new pen? What you mean new pen. I want the same pen
You know what that pen is my sister’s gift.. Do you know what it mean that’s precious.. My sister gave it to me as a token of live. I need the same pen got it.. I trust you. But you….
(Saying she left in search of the pen)
Ranveer’s eyes welled up hearing her words. He was crying and was thinking and searching where would he kept the pen..

Chirag: what hhappened. Again you start fighting uh. Why she shouted
Ranveer: I lost her pen chirag
Rithika: Which pen. For that and all she won’t get anger
Ranveer: No rithu. Its her sister’s gift..
Rithika: Oh no..

The time passes.
Its tthe last period.. It’s free period and all were doing their own works..

IIshani was upset and was anger searching her pen whole day
Ranveer was crying and upset
They both didn’t speak a single word.. Ishu was shocked seeing him crying but since she is angry she didn’t speak..

Ishani saw around the class.. She saw right side row boy,venu using her pen. She was shocked and called him
Ishani: venu.. Is tthat pen yours
Venu: No ishu. I brought it to write from chirag
Ishani: Chirag?
Venu:: haan
Ranveer who saw them watched the pen in venu’s hands..
Ranveer: venu. This pen is hers. I lost it yesterday..
Venu: That and all I don’t know. Chirag gave me to write
Chirag(was shocked to hear his name): what happened
IIshani(thinking face): Chirag.. How you got this pen. Its mine..
Chirag(sstammering): Ishani.. Wo.. actually.. This..
Ranveer: I think i might have kept this pen in his place being with him and forgot..
IIshani(hearing him): but chirag.. You know na We were searching for this pen only from morning
Chirag(managing): wo Ishani.. S but I didn’t thought it as yours. I got it and thought someone’s and gave to help vinu
Ranveer: S. He might have done without knowing its yours..
Ishani(thinking): But
All went from there with chirag to their place
Ranveer (sorry face): I am.. I am really sorry ishani.. I was so careless na so only lost your pen really sorry. Won’t do this mistake again.
Few tear drop were still on his face
Ishani : Its k ranveer. I myself too sorry. I scolded you in anger. Really sorry. Got my pen bback now
Ranveer: Its k ishani..
Ishani: but ranveer I am sry I made you cry na..
Ranveer: IIts k ishu. I too made you cry..
Ishani: Ranveer you won’t cry fir this and all na. But today you..
Ranveer was silent and tears starts ffrom his eyes..
IIshani: Ranveer…
Ranveer: I am sry. I was about to lose your precious valuable thing na. I am sry. Wo…
saying he started to cry..
Ishani was shocked to see him crying first time..
Screen freezes on their faces…

Precap: The revelation of secret..
Ishani consoling ranveer…

Thank you friends and sissies..
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Happy ayudha pooja..
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Take care…

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  1. Hi Maya thanks for your wishes same to you dear the episode was good keep it up waiting for the next episode ?

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  2. Really superb

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  4. Nandana

    Nice episode di I really liked it and update the next soon . I really liked the consolling part and very excited for tomorrow’s episode 🙂

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  6. Sparkels

    Hey Di……..really an fabulous ff……….and i loved the part of ishveer making Ritz calm but they only started to fight XD what to do ???? but yah i loved it………and really want to know the real reason behind Ranveer’s sadness……..please update next soon……….cause one of ur silent reader is waiting like anything ( its me only ;p ;p)
    Take care
    And how is ur hand ????

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy chotti
      Glad to find you liked this ff
      Happy you loved ishveer consoling rithika
      S dr. They do fyt and thats what make them close na.
      Glad you love the epi
      You will get to know the reason of ranveer’s sadnesa in next epi
      And I updated it dr.. Do read and comment
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