Friendship or Love – Episode 11


Hy sweeties… I am so sorry. I know I was so late this time. But please forgive your dii. I met with an accident and couldn’t type more with my arms. And that’s why late… Now without much coming back to the story…

The day passes with tthe flower park and games. Its time for their departure. All were ready in the evening for their return journey towards home… All reached bus and starts. They will be reached by next day morning to Mumbai.

All the students starts playing anthakshri and some dance for the music. All enjoyed their journey a lot. Its about 9pm when the bus stops at the hotel for their dinner. And after their respective dinner, all started to sleep and some chitchat with each for sometime. The tour was really a memorable for our students. They were waiting to see their family.
The time passed and its aaround 6am when the bus reaches their school in Mumbai. All parents were waiting for them. Students with happy smile came and hugged their mom or dad..

Ishani(coming down the bus): Bye rithika. See you tomorrow.
They too went. Harshad was Waiting for her and she ran towards him with a happy smile.
They were about to move, she searched for ranveer. But didn’t find him. When she was about to out of tthe school, she saw him with his dad. She smiled at him. He too noticed her. And smiled and waved bye to each other.

At Ishu’s home,
Ishani: Mumma… She went and hugged Falguni who is waiting for her in tthe entrance. She kissed her daughter lovely and welcomed back.
Falguni: How was your tour dr.
Ishu: Mom, its too gud. I enjoyed so well. We went to so many places_snake park,flowers,chocolate company.. More….I am so happy but I missed you all.
She was smiling to her ears narrating all about her tour there. Harshad and Falguni too was so happy seeing their daughter.
Ishu:Maa, where is disha. I missed her so much. Where is sshe.. She still not came to see me.
Falguni: Oh dr. I forgot she is in your room. She was waiting for yyou to find her.
Ishani: (confused face): Find her??
Falguni: Yes dr. She was hiding in your room. Ishu(with smile): Oh… K I vl find her. She ran towards her room and starts searching her sister..
Ishani: Disha…disha… Where are you…
She searched below tthe bed, near cupboard almost everywhere..
Disha:( Jumping from the upper slab suddenly): Boooom!!!!? welcome back sissy…
Ishani (didn’t expect her like tthis shocked): Oh my… I won’t leave you now… You scared me…
Disha (laughing well): That’s what I need… She continue laughing
Ishu(with funny cute anger): You…
She started chasing her and both were running around the hall now.
Harshad: (seeing them with smile to Falguni): They are so happy na now. These two days went in silence… Disha too was so sad missing her sister. See now she is happy playing with Ishani. This is what we want na, our both daughters should remain happy like this forever..
Falguni:(smiling): S harshad. I am too was happy now. Really felt bad seeing disha silent bored without ishu. Now they were happy and so do us…
Harshad: Hmmm. K kids. Are you both gonna fight and play like this now. Come on. Ishu drlng, you must be tired na. Come have your breakfast and sleep for sometime..
Falguni: S. They you can play with disha. She too was missing you badly…
Ishani: Oh really disha..
Disha(showing cute puppy anger face to Falguni): What… No you know whay Ishu, I didn’t even missed you a second. I was so happy without your torture… (Saying she was laughing)
Ishani: Oh you was so happy without me uh. Don’t worry now hereafter, you can’t escape from me… (Saying she again ran after her)
Falguni (seeing their children childishness stopping them): K it’s enough now come on both its 7.30 now have your breakfast first.
She served them and harshad their breakfast and she too started having it… All were having their breakfast after these days…

Ranveer’s home,
Ranveer: papa, I was so happy there. Thank you so much for allowing.
Kailash: It’s k beta. You are happy na that’s what we want. No go soon. Your mom and bro are waiting for you
Ranveer: Yes papa. He ran happily went inside…
When he entered tthe house he saw amba standing and welcoming with smile
Amba(hugging him): How was ur trip dr? Do you enjoyed well.
Ranveer : Ya maa. I was so happy there. We went to lots of places…
Before he could say about his tour, suddenly hearing his voice, Shikar came out of the room and hugged him crying..
Ranveer (without understanding): Shiku, why are you crying now… What happened da.. Do mom scold you…
Shikar (still crying): You only
Ranveer: Me… Uh I was just entering na..
Shikar: But you left me na. Do you know how bored I felt? I missed you so much… Without your talk, games, fights,scoldings…(he was still crying)
Ranveer(making him out of the hug and with fun making smile):Oh my dr little champ. You missed me uh but I thought you would be so happy without me…(he was laughing at him)
Shikar: You are laughing at me uh. Do you know how I felt without you alone… I was missing you and you are happy na there…
Ranveer: Oh my dr. No.. I too was missing you more…
Shikar: No you’re not. Don’t lie…
Ranveer: (with smile) : No shiku. Will I lie to you. Come on smile now. My cute little champ’s sweet and cute smile I want now.
Ranveer: Ok. You still be here crying.I am going back again.
Shikar: No… Don’t go leaving me. I too will come with you hereafter wherever you go… (He smiled)
Ranveer: That’s my boy
Shikar: But promise me you won’t let me leave alone hereafter
Ranveer (with sudden change expression): Shikar.. I can’t… You know na I won’t’t promise often
Shikar: But when you promise only you will keep up na
Ranveer: No I won’t’t leave you. But don’t ask for promise and all ok…
Kailash and Amba(watching their sons still now had tear cum smile in their faces)
Amba: How cute you both. Ok comeon shikar, let you bhai have something he ccame just na. Hereafter there is no need of you to cry… (Seeing ranveer): ranvee, you go fresh up and come fast for your breakfast dr.
Ranveer: Hmmmm( saying he went inside) Shikar too went behind him. They both were chatting and laughing…
Kailash(Seeing them leaves): Amba, it’s happy to see them like this na. I wish their bond should always like this.
Amba: S kkailashji. They were not like other brothers who fights often. Ranveer is so caring towards shikar. And shikar,he won’t leave him a single minute alone.
kailash: Ya, that only we saw na. He was just crying like mad saying us to bring ranveer soon…
Amba: S kailashji. we felt really hard to manage him na. But I was just thinking about ranveer. He was hesitating to show his love towards his own brother…
Kailash: Amba, you know na. Its still difficult for us to forget the past. Then how could he. You know na he is too small. When that happens he was just like shikar. It’s not easy to let go that happens in that age. Just give him time. When time passes, the memories too.
Amba: I can understand kailashji. Even for that only we changed our place too na. We thought new atmosphere and new place and contact could change him But he was even afraid to get attached to his own brother.
Kailash: No Amba. I can see him. He is changing. He was becoming our old ranveer now. See he was so happy in tour… New school, friends everything is changing him and he is happy now
Amba: Yes. I too wish the same. They both should always happy. And that will be my wish for lifetime….

After sometime, ranveer and shikar reached dining table and all were having their breakfast happily chatting about tour…

Precap: A new gang…..

So, how was this chapter friends. It could be little bored too. I was writing on the way to my college. So my mind was blank and couldn’t think beyond this…
Suggest me with your valuable comments dearies….. And I know there will be more silent readers. Please comment. Your comment will motivate me to write more… I thank all the friends, bros and sissies commenting here. Silent readers too…
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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode di i really liked sisters and brothers bond in ur writing and plz add more ishveer scene . And plz take care of ur hand di. What fid u say the episode was been bore ? It was been awesome . And update the next soon di 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ….

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy my cute little sissy… Glad that you liked the brothers and sisters bonding… And don’t worry dr. Will add more soon. Its just ishveer story na, there will be lot for sure. Ya dr. My hand is bit okay now. That’s why I started writing again. Happy that you liked the episode dr. Will try to update next soon dr

  2. Hi Maya how r u? How is ur arm?take care dear and episode was nice

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy navigyanavigya. I am fyn dr. How about you?my arms are bit okay now drdr. Glad you likes the episode
      Take care dr

  3. Hi Maya your episode was good not boring at all and how you met with an accident how is your hand now

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy neelam dr.. Glad you liliked the episode… ride my scooty after long days dr. But its break failed and I dash it in the wall. But I am ok dr. Its not a big accident and all.. Take care

  4. Duva

    Loved it didi keep it up keep rocking how r u

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hy duva sissy, happy that you loved the epi. I m fyn dr. How are you…

  5. Monesha

    OMG…… you meet with an accident. Why you are doing like this di. You will never take care your self. Can’t you see the break wire correctly. Why you are doing like this di. Go i am not going to talk with you. Dutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……. by the way episode was awesome……. my dear rocking talented di. Keep rocking…….. i am taking my statement with me itself. Bcoz i can’t live without talking to my dear princess di. But promise me you will not do this mistake again. Take care di. Eat well. If you not then confirm i will become devil so take care. If you are happy means only i can also be happy. Love you a lot loads of hugs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaa……… ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Maya-Shelly

    Hy my dr cute little princess… I am sorry dr. I didn’t expect the break will fail. Thank you so much for your care chotti. And please talk to me always. I can’t be without you na. I promise dr. I won’t do this again. And glad that you liked the update. Love you so much chotti. And I will take care of myself but you take care dr. Be smiling always. If you smile that makes me more happyhappy… Lots and lots of love,hugs to you sweetie. Be happy forever

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