Friendship or Love – Episode 10

Hy my sweet friends over here… How are you all.. Hope I was not late this time… I really can’t believe I am writing 10th update… Its all because of you… Thank you sweethearts….

Now story continues….

Its a fresh morning and all the students were actively ready for the day. Its the second day of tour.
Kavya mam: Ok students. As said vinay sir will join today afternoon soon. We all will be going to the chocolate factory and then to the snake park today. In Snake park, your sir will accompany you.
So lets move to chocolate factory…
All with silence started boarding the bus..
Rithika: Hey.. What we gonna do in chocolate factory. If they give more chocolates then it will be nice…
Ishani: Don’t worry. Whatever we will have it. I was just thinking about her punishment. I can’t be with her. If she pulled me with her then….
Rithika: Don’t worry ishu. Everything till we come from that factory. After,our vinay sir. It’s gonna be more fun. He is so gud na.
Ishani: Yes. We could escape from that devil…
(They started boarding bus)
And sat in their seat. That was the time Ranveer entered the bus and smiled at her. Ishu too smiled seeing him. None noticed them

Bus reaches the factory and all happily started moving..
Kavya mam: Ishani stay back. You can come with me.
Ishani: But mam. I will…
Kavya: No excuse. Stay back..
Ishu was upset and stand with her.
Rithika too was upset and started moving with others in team…
Ranveer saw her and laughed at her teasingly…
Ishani showed crying anger face to him and turned…

After sometime all reached back after learning about the chocolate processing….
Ishani really felt bored since she can’t even enjoy few min…
All reached back hotel and had their lunch.
On lunch, vinay sir joined all starts shouting in joy…
After that all started towards snake park…

In snake park,
All were enjoying a lot. And ishani was relaxed since there was no restriction for her.
All were roaming around the park watching snakes…
Ishani was seeing a snake alone when rithika ,Shaneilla and others moved.
Ranveer(coming near her):Oh, someone seemed so happy in the morning in chocolate factory. (in a teasing tone)
Ishani (turned and saw him with cute anger)..
Ranveer: What… Y are u starring at me. So much fun na there…
Ishani (pinching his hand): Are you making fun of me. She left you na that’s y you are speaking like that. Do you know how bored I was with that devil….
Ranveer (laughing): Kk. Leave me its paining. I was just joking…
Ishani: Anyway, what are you doing here. Where is your gang…
Ranveer: Gang???
Ishani: Always someone will be with you na…
Ranveer: You mean chirag. Is he a gang to you only one…
Ishani: But he is enough for a gang. Doing all the things a gang will
Ranveer: He is my best friend..
Ishu: Oh ya I just said simply.
Ranveer: Its k. That mean you too having a boots always na…
Ishani: Boots???
Ranveer: Ya, dora and boots will always be together so do you and rithika..
Ishani: What… You mean to say her a..
Ranveer: No no. I just mean you both were close friends. All says like that only..
Ishani: Oh but I didn’t heared.
Ranveer: That…
Chirag: Hey ranveer. What are you doing here. That too with this ishani… Is she again started her fight…
Ranveer: No chirag.. That’s actually…
Ishani: Yes. I am. What’s up. Do you think I will leave. He saved him so that I won’t forget all fights…
(Saying this she winked at ranveer)
Ranveer(knowing her idea): hmmm. Comeon chirag now let’s leave..
Aftersometime all were enjoying a lot.
Rithika: Shaneilla, where is ishani… Don’t know what. She is just becoming Mr.India nowatime… Always going somewhere…
There boys gang
Chirag: Hey shiv do you see ranveer.
Shiv: No
Chirag: Ranveer.. He gonna get .. Always going beyond my sight. Hmm

That’s the moment, someone screamed. Its Vaishali… and few others
Rithika: Hey what happened… Why do you run here.
Vaishali: wo ..wo.. I saw a snake over there down…
Shaneilla: What..
Vaishali: Yes.. You ask them too.. Hey vidhu,deepak you too saw na
Them: Yes.. I think some snakes escaped from its glass cage…
Shaneilla: But how will it happen…
Shiv: Lets go tell sir and move..
That’s the moment , a snake flew towards him and all screamed..
Ishani(laughing): haha. Is that a snake…
Ranveer: Its just a toy Snake. How will real snake come out of that… You all are overimaging so well. ( he too laughed well)
Ranveer and Ishani clapped their hands with each other…
Vaishali(anger): What you both did… You just..
Ranveer(laughing):We just played with you all
Chirag: But you just scared us….
Ishani (still laughing): That’s our plan…
Rithika: Ishu, you became so naughty nowadays…
(Realizing) wait… You both joining together made fun of us…
Ranveer and ishani winked at each and smiled at her…
Chirag (bit realizing): Yes… When do you both joined hands. You were like tom and jerry na till now…
Ishani: No.. Its till yesterday….
All saw them shocked.
Rithika: But..
Chirag: How this all happened… That too without…
That’s the moment vinay sir came hearing their sound..
Vinay sir: What’s going on.. Y u all shouted like that
Ranveer: Sir actually that’s nothing… We just played…
Vinay sir: What… But for that(he saw the snake toy down and taking it): What’s it… Now I came to know what happened here.. Who’s this?

All remained silent.. I am asking na. Say Or else you all will be punished…
Vidhu: Sir, Ranveer and Ishani scared us with that…
Ishveer saw her in anger…
Vinay sir: What’s this ranveer..
Ranveer: Sir, actually we just thought to play…
Vinay sir: I thought you as so good and won’t disturb others but you…
And ishani, kavya mam already said about you act yesterday but I just left you to enjoy…
Ishani: Sir, we didn’t disturb.. You always say na it’s always fun and memories that’s gonna be with us. So only We just…
Vinay sir: Ishani and Ranveer, you both come with me now…
Some students: No sir. Leave them. We really enjoyed here. And its gud that they both became friends. They will be always fighting with each other .
Vinay sir: Oh, so many supporters… I am leaving you both this time. But not next time k.. Hmmm. Lets move now it’s already time…
All started towards the bus and the bus travels towards hotel….

Aftersometime in bus,
Chirag: How this all happened.. You both
Ranveer: Became friends
Rithika: But how and when
Ishani: Yesterday night…
Rithika: But I was with you yesterday… And slept together na…
Chirag: Yes. Then
Ranveer: No we didn’t
Ishani:(in a low tone): Actually we felt sleepless and went to terrace
Rithika: What… Terrace in that time…If mam
Ishani: Hmm. without anybody’s notice we went…I regret him and we both became friends
Chirag: Oh no
Ranveer: Hmm? What chirag… Y r u upset now. We are all friends now. Let’s enjoy more…
Ishani: Yes… Ok. Shall we do something interesting. Let’s play something till we reach….
Ranveer: Of course, think something interesting…
Rithika, Chirag(looking each): Oh my god. I think we gonna suffer between their fun and games…
Shaneilla and others(hearing them): We can’t even handle one. Now they both together means we all..
All showed feared faces and ishveer wink and laugh seeing each other…..

Screen freezes on their happy faces….
To be continued….

Precap: Their return journey…. And game…..

So how is this episode… I thought of something but cameup with something. Hope it’s not so bore….
Comment your valuable suggestions in the box dears…..
Keep smiling
Take care….

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    1. Maya-Shelly

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