Friendship or Love – Episode 1


Hy friends…

I m maya.. I know most of the one here don’t know me.. I was a silent reader before and just now started to comment.. But read all your ffs and miss many tooo…
Now I wish to start a ff on Ishveer but this will be different… The story will be based on a true real life incident and something by my own assumptions…
I was new in writing and also not familiar with this and I have a poor English skills… So please forgive me if I do write something wrong… So now coming to the story.. Now I will just give you a character sketch and an outline of the story…

This will be from childhood… Then turns to adult…

Ranveer: A happy fun enjoying boy with innocence. Loves his parents especially his mom. Enjoys fighting with his brother. Becomes friend of Ishani. Loves irritating her.

Ishani: A sensitive lovely girl. Innocent but mature in facing people and society. Loves her parents and sister. Friendly nature,bit adamant.. Loves Ranveer. Loves making fun of him.

Kailash and Amba: Parents of Ranveer and Shikar.

Shikar: Younger brother of Ranveer. Follows his brother always.

Harshad and Falguni: Parents of Ishani and Disha.

Disha: Elder sister of Ishani. A biggest support of Ishani. Also fights with her.

Rithika: Ishani’s best friend. Silent and smart. So good.

Chirag: Friend turned enemy of Ranveer

Rishi: Friend of Ranveer

Shaneilla: Friend of Ranveer and Ishani

Will introduce more characters at time as per story…

The story starts with a girl hurrying for her school with her sister. Her mom scolds ‘ Don’t move without having breakfast both of you’
Sisters: ‘ Mom we are already late’
Mom: ‘ That’s not my problem. You both were lazy becoming ready’.
They had their breakfast in hurry and started to school. Its already 8.40 and their first bell rang. As they ran towards their school they reached at their second bell on 8.50. Prayer started and they stood in their class line.
Ishani on class 5 and Disha in class 8.
Its the new year of school- Their friends teases ‘late on first day itself’. They said ‘shut up’ and started to pray.

Reached class room on 9.00am, Ishani sat with her friend Rithika in the second bench waiting for new class teacher.
More new students were in the class. New mam ‘Vardhini’ came everyone stood and wishes back.
Ishani murmurs’ Don’t know how she gonna be. Hope not like that devil Priya( Their 4th std miss)’
Vardhini miss announced that this is the first day and so you all will be dismissed on afternoon itself today.

she introduced herself and asked the students to do so. As there were some new students, the class was somewhat silent. They introduce to each other.
Mam gives some interesting stories and talks well with the students. All the students become attached to her in the very first day. But our Ishani and Rithika though they feel fresh were bit sad as their friends were shifted to Class4A. And they were in B sec.
Mam: Okay students its 12pm now you can dismiss after our national anthem. Tomorrow onwards the class will be started and some more new students join tomorrow.
They all stood up for anthem and after they bid bye and ‘thankyou miss’ and they depart towards home.

Precap: Cute fight of Ishani and Disha while walking home. New students arrival on next day….

Thank you guys. If you wish I can I will continue with the story..
I will post it whenever I gets time. But for sure three updates per week.
So give me your valuable comments and suggestions dr..
Keep smiling and Take care

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  1. Turn them into adult n the story will be awesome

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks dr…
      They will soon turn adults. But have to wait for it for some more episode.
      Keep smiling

  2. hi i am also new here..
    big big big fan of ishveeer..
    nice start…
    please continue..

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Hi dr
      Welcome to tu.
      Thank you so much dr..
      Will post next soon

  3. Hiiii dhi loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking…how r u eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank u dr.
      I m fine and how r u…
      Will update next soon dr
      Keep smiling

    2. Maya-Shelly

      Thank u dr.
      I m fine and how r u…
      Will update next soon dr
      Take care

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked it and u must continue this and waiting for the next episode dear

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much dearie…and I WILL UPDATE next soon…

  5. Sparkels

    woah Di !!!!!!!! U also started to write ff…….nice one……I’m happy to see in pos. role…….I’m thinking who will be new students ????? Villians or fiends ???

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thanks chotti.
      Ofcourse inspired by you all, I wish to start writing…
      Friends or villains..
      U will get to know in next chapter dr…
      Keep smiling
      Take care

  6. Hi Maya nice starting you should continue it I think it gonna be great story ?

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much dr. Gonna post next now. Take care

  7. RADHU

    Nice Maya dhii it’s a very nice Start… I loved it dhii. Idk u know me or no but I’m Radhika.. n I hope that u read my ff (MATSH forever)???

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you so much chotti… S dr. I read urs. Its really too niz dr… Missing the ff too now. U r so sweet dr in writing. Keep smiling
      Take care

  8. RADHU

    Thanks maya dhii for reading my ff n liking it.

    1. Maya-Shelly

      Thank you to you too dr

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