Friendship The First Step of Love – TS By ZuZu and Sukanya – Part 2

Friendship – The First Step of Love :-

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Hi gyz!!! So here we are back with the second part of your TS on the occasion of Friendship’s Day! Hope you all like it… Please do leave a comment!!!

Recap : Swasan convo, they are best friends… Swara has a huge crush on Laksh.

Part 2

[Six months later]

[Swara’s room]

Swara was pacing up and down in her room. She was biting her nails in tension…

Swara – Arre Sanskar its not so simple yaar… I mean how will I? Itstough…

Sanskar who was busy working on a file sitting on the bed looked up at her and sighed!

Sanskar – Then whats the solution… I cant give you any other solution, really very sorry!

Swara looked at him and pouted sadly. She was very very confused. It was six months past her andLaksh’s friendship. No, sorry maybe it was more than friendship at least from her side…. But she was worrying what if Laksh did not respond! She was very veryconfused! And here her best friend was also not helping him…

Swara (cutely angry) – How meanSanskar!! Ha ab meri madat kyunkarega!!! Lagti kya hoon main teri…

She sat on the chair beside her study table.

Sanskar nodded his heard listening to her melodrama. He closed the file and got up and. Truly no one could handle this drama queen. He went and sat beside her. She was looking on the other side making funny faces. Sanskar smiled at her cute expressions and gave a small slap on her shoulders.

Sanskar – Chal chal now stop your drama… I will help you! Tomorrow evening be ready…

Swara immediately turned her face and looked at him with wide eyes and a happy smile!

Swara – Sachii!!!

Sanskar nodded smiling…

Swara – Hae mera cutie teddy!!!!

She started pulling his cheeks…Sanskar tried to stop her in an angry face!

Sanskar (angrily) – Enough Swara!!! Once more you call me by that name I promise I will not leave you…

“Cutie Teddy!!!” – she again quickly pulled his cheeks and giggled loudly and ran. Sanskar glared at her and ran behind her…

Sanskar – Swara ki bachhi! Ruk!!!

Swara (while running) – AjaSanskar ke bachhe! Aa aa… Youcant catch me… Hehe!!!

She laughed running around the room, and Sanskar also ran behind her… Suddenly he pulled her in his strong grip and pinned her to the wall. She looked at him still fighting with her giggles which were not stopping. Sanskar tightly held her both hands which were pinned to the wall and looked into her eyes. She was still smiling. He went near her ear and whispered…

Sanskar (in a low voice) – So you think I cant catch you!!

Swara stopped laughing. She looked into his deep brown eyes. First time in her life, she was finding the gaze very very different! A spark went down her spine, it was not the first time they were so close but this was so different from other time. Their faces were just an inch away. Both were breathing heavily because of the continous running and jumping! Sanskar looked at went more closer… Swara was shocked but the point was she was not feeling bad…

Sanskar (huskily) – Accha!!! So you want to know what I can do…

Swara closed her eyes. Meanwhile,Sanskar’s hand reached her waist and suddenly Sanskar started tickling her vigorously. She jumped up laughing and a bit surprised… He laughed loudly and he continued his actions whereas she was jumping trying to stop him…

Swara (trying to control laughter) – Ouch!! Leave Sanskar, leave me….Haha!!!

Sanskar (laughing) – Bol, bol kyabula rahi thi… Bol…

Swara (jumping) – Accha baba Iwont call you that! Achha now leave me…

Sanskar finally left her. Both were panting heavily. They looked at each other and broke into laughter once again!!! “Cutie Teddy!!!” –Swara suddenly whispered in his ears and ran out still laughing leaving him amazed.

“IMPOSSIBLE!!! You are just impossible” – Sanskar shouted giggling.

[Next Day Evening]

[Hotel DreamLand] (Kuch naamnahin sujha to yahi likh diya)

“Arre Dada! No roses should be hung in that order, this is wrong!Kya karrahe ho? Please buck up… It’s already 6 , they would reach anytime… Pls jaldi kijiye!” – Sanskarwas instructing the employees. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. It had been 2 hours since he was working to make the day special.

It was indeed a special day, no not for him but for his Swara. Today she was going to propose to herdreamboy, Laksh. And he was as usual helping her just to see that bright smile on her face! Yes, he was happy for her, wait was he really happy? Well he was not sure about it! But he would go to any extent to see her happy and he was doing it again…

“Sanskar!” – he turned hearing his name and froze. There she was standing looking lovely, no lovely was a small word, looking lovely in a full sleeved knee length red gown,it was a simple gown with little golden floral patterns drawn on it. But it was she who was making the dress look mesmerizing. Sanskarwas lost in her beautiful face, there was no make up, his friend was a natural beauty! Her hair was tied in a ponytail and long danglers were hanging from her ear. She gave the heartwarming smile for which he could anything…

Swara – How am I looking?

Sanskar (dreamily lost in her large eyes) – BEAUTIFUL!!!

Swara (pouting) – Yeh tu bol rahahai… But will he like it?

Sanskar came closer to her. She was telling something but stopped due to the sudden proximity. She looked at the small smile appeared on his face. She was a bit perplexed about what was he going to do but her feets froze, she could not move whenever he came near. Suddenly she felt that the hair she tied in a ponytail went open and her long black hair was falling fully on her shoulder… Sanskar undid her hair.

Sanskar (whispered) – Now he will definitely like it! Am damn sure!!!

Swara smiled. Her friend just knew how to make everything perfect.

Sanskar – Okk so now you are here, every arrangement is done! I will take a leave…

Swara (surprised) – Tu kahan jaraha hai?

Sanskar (smiling) – Its your daymaam, enjoy… And I have an important assignment to complete!

He turned to leave when suddenlySwara held his hand!!! He looked at her turning back. Swara was feeling sad listening that he was leaving, why even she didn’t know!

Swara (murmured unknowingly) – Please stay here…

Sanskar smiled and held her cheek affectionately – All the best Swara, make it your day! I am sure you can…

Saying this he left. A drop of tear trickled down his left eye which he wiped as he was went towards the auto stand…

[2hours later]

[Sanskar’s house]

Sanskar was busy working engrossed in files. Rather he was engaging himself in work to avoid his thoughts, thoughts regardingSwara. He was sure she was happy and that’s all he needed. He was busy in work when suddenly someone took the file from his hand and threw it on one corner.Sanskar was disgusted and looked up.

Yes, it was Swara who had stormed in the room a few moments back.Sanskar sprang up in surprise. Before he could say anything Swaraengulfed him in a bone crushing hug!!! He was taken aback… Did he refuse! No no this cant be possible!

He broke the hug immediately and cupped her face in concern.

Sanskar – Kya hua Swara? What happened? Is everything okk?Batao…

Swara (smiled) – Sshh sshhSanskar! Chill… breath a little…

Sanskar (worried) – Arre tell na…

Swara (widened her large eyes and keeping her hand on his which were on her cheek) – He accepted meSanskar!!! He also loves me… He said me that he will always be with me.

Sanskar sighed and relieved. Oh God he was so so worried! But finally he could see the gleaming smile on his Swara’s face while she was giving him the details of her entire date. The glow and happiness on her face reflected that his sacrifice did not go in vain.

He smiled a bit. But the corner of his heart would always be occupied by the thought that he was not the cause of this smile!

[A month later]

It had been a month that Laksh andSwara were seeing each other. They would always hang out together.Now Sanskar also remained deep down work. They did not spend as much time they used to before! Butya, Sanskar would go to her house in the evenings to chat… Afterall, she was his bestie and would always be that!

But many more things had changed and Swara was unaware of it…

[Night Out Pub]


Swara was sitting on a couch at the corner of the pub where Laksh had thrown his birthday pub. She was looking pretty in a white short sleeved top and pink long skirt, her hair was done in loose curls and eyes highlited with light make up on face! Really like an angel but she was surprised that Laksh did not like it! He always preferred short dresses and wanted her to wear those! He also loved pubs and partying which she hated!!! It was her first visit to such a place. Lakshwas busy with his gang on the other end and she was getting bored!Srutee also did not accompany her as she had some assignment to complete…

Swara (yawning) – Kya yaar, so boring… And yeh Sanskar ka bacha ,I requested him to come along but his goddamn work! Kitna kam kartahai, khatam hi nahin hota!!!

Swara looked at the watch. It was 9:30 and she had to leave… It was late… “Kaash Sanskar hota… We would have gone back together, but no mister has no time for me.. He has changed a lot! Isski to khabarlagani padhegi…” – she was blabbering to herself.

It was really surprising that even though she was with Laksh, her dream man her thoughts were fully occupied with Sanskar, her best friend! It was really ajeeb but it was the truth…

“Hey beauty! Wanna dance with me..” – her thoughts were interrupted by a voice. She looked up to find a guy who was looking at her uncomfortably!

She immediately sprang up and tried to move towards the corner where Laksh was standing. But before that the guy held her hand, she was frightened…

Swara – Ouch ! How dare you? Leave me…

Guy – One dance baby, just one dance…

Swara tried to call Laksh, but as there was loud music playing she was inaudible. She waved her hand trying to free the other but Lakshseemed to be lost in his world with friends. She was trying to free her hand when suddenly someone grasped her hand freeing it from the guy’s hand… She looked up..

Yes, you all guessed it right… It wasSanskar!

Swara (surprised) – Tu yahaaan?

Sanskar (to the guy) – Yes, any problem? You wanna dance or something?

He looked at him with sharp eyes. The guy looked at his biceps (hae!!! Main marr gayi.. hehe!!!)understood that it was safe to move from there… He went without uttering a word…

Sanskar then turned at Swara and winked. Swara was looking at him from top to bottom! She could not believe her eyes… He was looking just so handsome in a white T-shirt, blue jeans and blue jacket! She had never seen him like this in her life.

Whole life, she had seen him in formals but today it was very verydifferent… Well actually hot! Yes, hot… No no, what she was thinking.Sanskar was her best friend! How could she address him as hot! It was wrong. She jerked her thoughtsand asked again…

Swara (shocked) – Kya kar raha haiyahan pe?

Before Sanskar could answer anything another voice came from his behind!

“He came with me!” – a girl arrived behind him… Swara looked at the girl and got the shock of her life. It was her college mate! Yes, the girl standing beautiful in a light yellow dress was her batchmate… She came and stood holding Sanskar’sarm to Swara’s utter dismay…

Sanskar – Swara meet Ragini,Ragini Malhotra! My…

Ragini (interrupted) – Girlfriend, I am his girlfriend!

Swara was standing there numb!!! She did not know how to react!!!

Precap : Misunderstandings to crop up, will friendship win and put it’sstep forward to love?

So gyz done with the second part of the TS. Hope you all like it. Next part is the last part and depends entirely on your response! Hope you all liked this part… Please do leave a comment… Criticism most welcome!

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