Friendship The first Step Of Love – TS by ZuZu n Sukanya (Epilogue)


Link of part 3(b) – Part 3b

Recap of part 3(b) -“Swara’s mu clear.. Sanskaar angry.. Swara trying to convince him.. Swara seeing ragini close to Sanskaar.. SWASAN mu clear.. SwaSan marriage proposal.. SwaSan Ahem Ahem ”


He too responded to her kiss.. Both were kissing each other forgetting the world.. After all they realised their love for each other.. And was going to get married soon..

They broke when they felt lack of air..

Both were panting heavily.. Swara was feeling shy now.. The act that she did few movements before..

When she turned to go.. He held his hand and pulled him.. She landed on his well built 6 abs chest..

Sanskaar -“Tu itni forward Kabse ho gai ?? ” (he said breathing heavily )

Both were still breathing heavily.. It was first feel for them…

Swara lowered her gaze -“Jab Se muje Tere Py…”

She stopped in middle and came face to face..

Swara -“V se tune Abi tak muje propose nahi kia ?? Tu mujsy Pyaar nahi krta na ? ”

She turns.. He goes to her side

-“Kisne ne kaha… I do yaar. ” said he..

She turned again.. And smiled -“Pr tune muje propose NAI kia ” She teases him.

Sanskaar again comes to her side.. -“Arey ye kya baat hui tym hi nai mila na yaar.. ”

Swara again turns.. -“Tu mujsy Pyaar hi NAI krna 🙁 vrna ese bahane nai banata.. Ja NAI krni muje tujsy shadi.. ”

Now he makes her turns -“Shadi toh Tu mujsy hi karegi.. Abb NAI Jane dunga tuje.. ”

Swara -“Mai tujsy baat hi NAI krti jaa :/ ”

She ran away..

Sanskaar -“Arey sun toh yaar !! ”

Swara was smiling.. Actually she wanted him to confess..

Sanskaar to himself -“Shadi hui nahi nakhre dikhana shuru.. Not bad .. Well if u want me to propose then I’ll do definitely.. ”

He thought something and smiled..
At evening swara’s phone beeped..
She jumped in excitement and looked it..

A msg from Sanskaar flashed..

-“Be ready by 8 pm.. I’ll pick u.. ” was the text..

Swara jumped in excitement.. Shomi came -“What happened y are u doing monkey dance.. “Smiled

Swara in excitement holds shomi’s hand.. And swirled round.. -” Mom Sanskaar is coming to pick me at 8″

Shomi -“Acha.. Am so happy Swara that u got such a loving husband.. (Her eyes soon reached to clock ) oho it’s 7 go get ready.. he will be here.. ”

Swara smiled and went to her cupboard.

Shomi -“Do a NYC makeover.. OK :p ” (she winked)

Swara -“Mom ” (Shy)

Shomi -“Kk go now.. ”

Shomi left.. Swara began to get ready..

An hour later..

Sanskaar came..

Sanskaar -“Namastey Aunty ”

Shomi -“(smiled) Namastey !! Aao baitho ”

He took blessings (Aashirwad)

Sanskaar’s eyes scrolled to scan where is Swara..

Shomi -“Beta Swara room me h.. ”

Sanskaar felt embarrassed..

Shomi -“If you want go .. Am going to kitchen (she smiled and left) ”

Sanskaar smiled and marched to her room..

She was facing her back to him.. Actually she was struggling with the strings of her gawn.. She felt the presence ..

Swara without Turing -“Mom pls help me na.. Sanskaar kabi b aata hoga.. (struggling) Aur yehh.. Aarrhh… ”

He marched to her and slowly moved her hairs.. Touching her back.. She felt difference in touch.
He tied the strings.. Soon she turned cz now she was sure it is non other than Sanskaar..

He was stunned seeing her.. She was looking not less than an Angle in marum coloured long frock.. With full sleeves.. Her hairs were in loose curls.. With mimal makeup.. Golden eye shades.. Without even lipstick her lips looked cute pink.. Her big doe like eyes.. Which were beautifully linked with black Kohl..
And most important her Breathtaking smile..

She was spellbound at the Same time.. He was looking so hot in black jeans… White shirt.. And black jeans jacket.. She felt herself blessed to have such a charming.. Handsome.. Caring person as her husband… Well she was more lucky.. As Sanskaar knew every thing about her.. He was her best friend.. This she was luckiest..

They were lost in each other.. Sanskaar Step forward and cupped her face with one hand..

Sanskaar -“(Huskily) Beautiful.. ”

Swara smiled.. And blushed..

Sanskaar -“Abb Cale ? ”

Swara -“Haa chal..”

Swara began to talk.. Sanskaar stopped her..

Sanskaar -“Ese nahi (she gave a confused look.. While he slides his hand in hers ) ese ”

They walked together..

Shomi -“Kisi ki buri nazar na lage.. ”

Before she can complete a voice comes from back -“Bht Pyaari jodi lag rahi h na ?? ”

There she was Sanskaar’s Mom Annapurna.. SwaSan smiled..

They got indulged in talk..

Sanskaar -“Maa Hum jaaye ”

Ap and shomi looks each other..

Shomi -“deka Abb humara sath b acha NAI lagta inhe.. ”

Ap -“Haa akele rehna cahte h.. Ek dusre k sath.. (Seeing Sanskaar) h na?? ”

Sanskaar -“No mom its not Like that.. ”

Shomi and Ap laughs -“Haha hum mazak kr rahe the.. Jao tum dono..”

Sanskaar -“(to shomi) Ma actually late hoga thoda sa..”

Shomi -“Ha beta koi baat.. Abb Swara tumhare sath hi toh rehne wali h puri life.. U both can go.. ”

Sanskaar and Swara left..


Swara -“kaha le aaya h muje Sanskaar I cannot see anything.. Pls open this fold.. ”

Sanskaar -“bass two minutes ”

They enter in a small hut decorated with all flowers.. Scents.. Candles.. There was a table on one side and other side a projector..

Swara eyes filled with tears.. Tears of happiness..

Swara -“Sanskaar ye toh vahi… ”

Sanskaar -“Ha vahi ghr h jahan hum Phle rehte the.. We met here for the first time.. ”

Swara engulfed him in a tight hug.. While he smiled and hugged back..

Swara -“This Is the best place Sanskaar.. ” she said while hugging..

Sanskaar -“Abi toh Aur surprise baki h.. Itne me hi aansu nikal aaye meri jhansi ki raani k..?? ”

Swara hit him playfully..

Sanskaar -“Acha.. Now come here ”

He took her and made her sit on a sofa.. Soon room became dark..

Swara lil scared -“Ye kya kr raha h Tu.. U know na am scared of darkness.. ”

Sanskaar -“Bass do minutes ..”

He too sat beside her..

Giving her chips and coke..

Swara -“Par lights q off ki tune..? ”

Soon swara’s attention was catched by lights which flickered on her face… She turned straight to see they source of light..

To her excitement it was series of clips which were playing on the cloth screen via projector..

Swara’s whole attention was caught by it.. Tears flowed from her eyes.. As it wasn’t any romantic or action movie.. But it was thier story.. Story of Friendship.. Story of trust.. Story which became a cute and perfect love story.. It was a whole video from thier childhood movements which reflected thier pure friendship.. Later on to teenage.. Which had silly fights with lots of smiles.. And finally when they are young.. Where their Friendship turned to love.. All Happy.. And sad movements.. Filled tears in her eyes.. It made her realise no one can love her more than her best friend.. It made her feel love in every movement when they were together..

To her utter happiness at last Sanskaar made her stand.. And came to his knees taking her hand in his.. -“Swara u are my only friend.. Cum best friend.. I dunno how when and where I falled for u.. Was it our childhood.. ?? Was it our teenage ?? Or in when we grew up.. ?? I dunno when but thing I know is… I love u.. I realised it when I saw u with laksh.. It squeezed my heart.. Pierced it in pieces.. I dint knew what it was.. I then realised u are my smile Swara… U are my life without whom I can’t live.. I love u Swara .. Will u marry me.. And make my life colourful with UR smile and charm !? ”

He said looking in her eyes.. Taking out a small box..

Swara was no more on the land.. She was flying somewhere.. The person in front of her she was wondering how can anyone love someone so much.. Well she nodded in yes as her voice choked due to tears of happiness..

Sanskaar made her wear the ring..
Soon she too sat on knees in front of him and hugged him..

-“I love u too Sanskaar.. I love u more than anything.. ” said she in heavy tone..

Sanskaar hugged her back in same position.. -“Am sorry I couldn’t buy a precious diamond ring.. ”

Swara -“Shhh.. I don’t need any diamond ring.. Am so happy that god gave me a real diamond that is u.. Am really very lucky Sanskaar.. That God gave u to me.. I am sorry.. For hurting u.. Not believing u.. U were in front of me.. My love was in front of me and I .. I was searching for someone else.. How stupid I was.. Am sorry Sanskaar.. ”

Sanskaar broke the hug and wipped her tears.. By cupping her face.. -“Shhh now no sories OK ?? I know it was just a MU.. Now we are together.. OK.. Now smile my princess..”

Swara smiled.. They got up.. Sanskaar made her eat the food.. While Swara kept on chatting with him and munching.. They feed each other..

Sanskaar -“Can I have the pleasure to dance with my to be wife ”

Swara -” I’ll think !! ” (to tease him)

She smiles.. But he was hasty.. He pulled her… And started to move with music.. -“U are all mine now.”

Swara smiled at the way he showed his rights on her and smiled..

They danced closely.. On the song -“Tere sang yaara ”

He kissed her cheeks.. She feels his touch.. While he moves her hairs on one side and gave soft pecks on her neck.. And whispered -“I love u”
Swara smiled and giggled as she feels his hot breath on her earlobe..

He was holding her from waist.. And her hands were snaked round his neck.. His eyes catches her pink petels.. He looks in her eyes.. She downed her gaze as she knew what were his eyes asking her..

He took it as her permission and leaned further.. He kept his hard lips on her soft once.. She dint open the them.. He pressed his tounge on her partition of petals.. She parted them accepting the defeat.. He took the opportunity and slide his tongue in her mouth..

Thier tongues fought with each other.. Intertwined with each other.. Exploring the juices of one’s.. Their tongues fought with each other for dominance..

They broke even they dint want to cz of lack of oxygen..


SwaSan were not allowed to meet each other.. After thier haldi.. To marriage.  But they used to talk on phone… They were happy.. Why wouldn’t they.. It was a perfect story of love..

Finally it was time for thier pheras and 7 holy vows.. Swara was looking elegant in red ghaghra and choli.. With bridal ornaments.. Sanskaar completed her beauty by applying vermilion on the partition.. And made her wear the mangal sutra.. Which made her feel complete..

Swara was taken to Sanskaar’s room after all Rituals..

Swara was sitting in veil on bed decorated with rose and jasmine.. The room had a pleasant smell of scents.. The door opened and thier come Sanskaar..

He came and side in front of her.. She waited for him to open the veil..

Soon he removed it..

Swara took a deep breath -“Thank God u opened it.. Saans nai le paarahi thi me.. ”

Sanskaar looked at her and smiled..

Sanskaar -“Tu change krle then we will sleep.. It was a tiering day for u na.. ”

Swara -“But Sanskaar aaj humari suhaagraat h.. Mene socha ki Tu…”

Sanskaar -“Mere lie first Tu important h.. U are tired.. We have a long life together for this all things.. ”

Swara was overwhelmed by his gesture.. She hugged him.. -“Am so lucky to have u.. I love u..”

Sanskaar -“I love u too ”

Soon they changes to night wears and sleeps in each others embrace..


Sanskaar -“What was need of these moms.. ” (said Sanskaar to shomi and Ap )

Ap and shomi -“tum hi ho humare bache.. Aur ha ye Hum logo ki taraf se gift he tumlog ko.. So keep calm and take it.. ”

Swara -“Pr maa aap logo ne bht mehnat ki thi.. AUr saare paise isme daal die ? ” said Swara holding the honeymoon tickets which her mom and MIL gifted them..

Ap and shomi -“V dunno anything u ppl are going that’s it”

SwaSan finally agreed..


SwaSan were enjoying thier honeymoon trip in shimla..

They were eeating chocolates.. Walking on roads.. Admiring the beauty of city..

Swara -“Wow such a beautiful place.. ” said lost in the place..

Sanskaar while staring her -“Not more than u.. ”

Swara smiled.. Both walked hand in hand…

(I don’t have much time.. So directly to the point :p )

  Read at UR own risk..

In hotel . they reached thier honeymoon suite ..

Swara was combing her hairs which were wet.. Sanskaar who was staring her came near her.. And made her turn to him..

Swara looked confused..
He handles a package to her..

She looks at him to find answer.

He slowly whispered in her ears..

Sanskaar -“Swara I wanna make u mine.. In every sense today.. If u give me to use my husbandry rights on u then wear this and come ”

Swara’s faced turned to crimson red due to shyness.. She whispered.. U have all rights…no need to take permission .. Saying this she ran to bathroom.. While Sanskaar stood there smilingly..

Soon she came out wearing a black netted saree.. Which perfectly suited her.. With deep neck.. Exposing her cleavages.. Her perfectly toned belly was visible from saree.. She was looking extremely hot and beautiful in her husband’s choice..

Sanskaar came towards her.. Swara became shy sensing his gaze..

He lifted her chin..

Sanskaar -“Swara if u are not ready u can take time.. I’ve no problem.. ”

He said not forcing her..

When he was about to turn she holds his hand.. -“Am ready Sanskaar.. I want to be urs.. Pls make me urs I can’t wait any longer.. ”

Sanskaar feels immense happiness by her words..

Soon he turns and looks at her with eyes filled with love and spark..

Sanskaar cupped her face and kissed his forehead followed by cheeks.. And finally locks her lips with his.. A spark ran down through her spine..

It was a sweet kiss which no more remained a sweet as desire for each other raised high.. It turned into a passionate one.. They bit each other lips.. Tongue.. Taking each others juices.. Taking a chance.. He closed his tongue by taking it between his lips.. And Began to suck it.. Making Swara moan in pleasure..

After a long kiss he scooped her in his arms and took her to bed to shower his love more on her..

He smiled.. And hide his face in her neck.. Smelling the sweet rosy smell of her wife.. He began to give open mouth kisses on her neck.. Collar bone.. Soon he replaced the pin of pallu with his kisses.. She felt a bit shy when he removed the pallu.. Her cleavages now clearly visible to him.. He Gave her wet kisses down her throat.. She moaned in pleasure.. Her hands were brushing in his hairs.. Pushing him on to her..

He bite her to tease.. She hissed in pain.. And her body arched.. Suddenly touching her bosoms on his hard chess.. He felt soft.. And his eyes were occupied with a unique spark..

He was desperate.. Soon he undid her blouse… She hide her face in her palms.. As he was giving kisses and love bites to her soft curves above from the last barrier.. He undid the last barrier which covered her upper body..

A current passed through her body… Soon he Nuzzled in her bosoms and Began to lick and kiss them.. She loved the way her husband was loving her.. While his other hand was squeezing her other bosom Feeling its softness.. He sucked them one by one..

He slowly went down and placed a lingering kiss in her belly button.. And kissed her perfectly shaped belly..

He opened the plates of her saree.. Soon saree was down the bed.. He loosened the strings of her peticoat..

He came up.. She kissed his lips and took him beneath her.. Rolling down.. She was totally turned on..

She undid his shirts button.. While kissing him.. She licked his hard chest.. Sanskaar took her beneath him again..

He slowly unzipped his bottom.. While looking straight in her eyes.. She too was looking in his eyes.. Both had fire of desire in eyes..

Soon he thrown her petticoat down.. And pushed himself.. She yelled in pain.. But he took her lips in his and soothed her pain.. Now she was always enjoying the pleasure with pain..

They climaxed.. Sanskaar falled in her arms due to exhaustion..
They slept in each others embrance..


1 month later..

-“Swara kya hua beta “,shouted Ap to Swara who was puking for the 5th time from morning..

-” Kuch NAI maa just vomiting ” said she

Shomi gets suspicious -“Do u wanna eat something spicy ”

Swara -“ha vo b khatte k sath.. ”

Shomi gestures Ap.. Ap understands..


Sanskaar comes at night after office..

Swara -“Sanskaar I wanna eat something sour.. ”

Sanskaar -“Tell mom she will give..”

Swara -“Sanskaar baby ”

Sanskaar still stupid -“Haa baby bolo.. ”

Swara -“Not me.. Real baby.. ”

Sanskaar -“Ha u are only my babu and baby.. ”

Swara now feels irritated and takes his hand and puts it on her belly.. -“Our Baby.. ”

Sanskaar was unable to utter a word cz of happiness.. Tears of happiness began to flow from his eyes..

Sanskaar -“Our baby.. Means am gonna be a dad.. My god.. ”

He engulfed Swara in a hug.. -“Thank u so much for giving me this happiness.. I love u Swara.. ”

Swara -“I love u too.. ”

Shomi and Ap came -“And we.. ”

They came and made Sanskaar eat the sweets..

After 8 months Swara gave birth to 2 baby girls ..

Named -“Sukku n ZuZu :p ”

And they lived as a perfect family ever after !!!

   *******The End******

So guys done this.. Hope u liked this TS of us.. If u love like our work.. We will come back together again to entertain u..

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