Friendship the first phase of love ff (intro)


Hey guys I’m Azreen. U all may not know me, but I know u all. I’ve been reading all ur ffs. And trust me love them all. I am nothing compared to u all Ff writers but just for a Try I’m writing an os on Twinj.

Kunj Sarna- a fun loving and carefree chocolate boy, about 20. A big flirt and doesn’t believe in love. Emotions r just a game for him. He’s an orphan lives with his big brother jay. Loves his brother a lot. And also best friend of Twinkle

Twinkle Taneja- a quite and preserved type of girl. Lives with her mother Leela. Best friend of Kunj and also loves him. For her love is everything. She loves kunj but doesn’t show it to him. A book worm 1st girl of her college, second year. She is also about 20.

Yuvraj Luthra- just the opposite of Kunj and exactly like Twinkle. His entry will take place later. He is a very kind hearted person and loving nature. He is also with Twinj in xy college in the same year. About 20

Jay Sarna- Elder brother of Kunj. A business Tycoon and self made man. After their parents’ death he was the one who took care of Kunj. Kunj is his life and can do anything for his brother. A rude and cruel type of person. Does not talk much because….. (It will be revealed later)

And rest of the characters r exactly like on TEI.

Plz tell me guys if I would continue with this ff. And do gibberish me suggestions as I’m a learned r8 now. Post ur suggestions and decisions via comment.


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  1. with a good thought u hv cm…. All the best ??….I luv Intro….. I hope all luv ur FF…

    1. Azreen

      Thnx supriya. I also hope for the same

  2. RiyaDcruz

    Nice yaar I think so dis will be different……….

    1. Azreen

      Ya I will try to make the ff as u like. And thnx a lot for commenting

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing interesting……eagerly waiting for next part….

    1. Azreen

      I think u complimented me more than my capability ??? anyways just joking. I’m just glad to know that u guys liked it

  4. Mitali

    Awesome intro. it seems to be very interesting. do cont soon.

    1. Azreen

      Thnx a lot??

  5. Amazyn….lukin forward for ur updt

    1. Azreen

      Thnx Maggi, I’m also looking forward to see more comments of urs

  6. Ayu

    Hey Azreen! Glad to read from u. Pls post next one soon so that i could read more n more??

    1. Azreen

      Thnx Ayu. I hope that I can stand up to ur hopes and make u more entertained with my ff??

      1. Ayu

        Of course u will…really looking forward to it

  7. Sunehri

    It’s nice azreen

    Keep going

    Sunehri Mehta

    1. Azreen

      Thnx a lot. I just hope that my ff can bring a smile to ur face

  8. Baby

    yr azreen wow
    cool very cute is it twinj?
    post nxt asap

    1. Azreen

      Yes di it is a Twinj ff only

  9. Hey azeeen, it seems interesting.. looking forward to read the first part 🙂

  10. Romaisha

    Hello Azreen 🙂
    I found this intro extremely very interesting! I really wnt to keep reading so post ASAP nah ..
    Love u 🙂
    And good luck 🙂 ❤

  11. It seems to be interesting

  12. SidMin

    Interesting pls start soon 🙂

  13. Ria

    Hey Azreen,
    The story seems to be quite different. Looking forward to it. Do post soon.?

  14. Shreya098

    Looking forward to it

  15. Aamu

    ohhh sos soooo sorry azreen dea…..
    i m late on ur 1 piece of writing…so sorry…
    i was busy…sorry again…
    about d ff…..

    i loved it….seriously…seems intersting n different….
    do cont.soonnnnnnn…
    toooooo much eager to know……..

  16. Awesome azreen…..
    Continue it……

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