Friendship the first phase of love ff episode 3


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Episode 3

Kunj’s POV

Twinkle took me took me to her house with her, and without saying anything dragged me upstairs to her room. “Twinkle, mujhe tere iradey saahi nahi lag rahe hai vaise” I said sarcastically, seeing her in fool angry bird wala mood. “Shut up!!” She said. “U know today I’m really angry at u. First of all u bunk classes, second of all u went to park with ur so called gf Alisha and last but not least u put urself in trouble a long with me” she said being full frustrated. Tbh today I really felt that her lectures are right. “Sorry” I said making a baby wala pout on my face, as I know that it always works on my Twinki.

Twinkle’s POV

To my those lectures he made a cute baby wala pout, as he knows that this always works on me, but this time it won’t. “Aise pout kerne se kuch nahi hone wala” I said folding my arms.
“Sorry bola na, ab kyun naraz ho rahi hai?? Uss problem se bahar nikal gaye na hum log, toh abb kya??” He said. ” Tum toh chup hi raho, aur vase bhi rahi baat problem se bahar nikal ne ki toh, remember mr. Sarna woh main thi jisne tumhe iss problem se bahar nikala. Vaise mujhe lagta hai ki tumhara naam Kunj nahi siyappa king hona chahiye tha” I said taunting him ( Thnx for the idea Baby??). To this he said ” O really! Mera naam siyappa King hona chahiye tha?? Toh tera naam bhi Twinkle ke jagah sadu taneja hona chahiye tha”. How dare he call me Sadu. Tell me Guys am I sadu???? ( bechari Twinkle now who will tell u that u r actually sadu???). “Uuuu!!!” I said pointing my fingers at him. “Me what ha??? What will u do? Kya karlegi tu?? Nachegi?? Ya gayegi? Jo bhi karegi pehle se bolde as I love being entertained!!” He said making me more irritated. “Urghh!! I won’t ever talk to u siyappa king” I said. ” I will also not talk to u sadu taneja!!” He said. “Fine!” I said. “Fine” he said copying me. “Don’t copy me!!” I said. “Whatever” he said. We both went the opposite directions.

End of Twinkle’s POV

Third person POV

Here Kunj was waking here and there in his room talking to himself

K- ye tune Kya kardiya Kunj!! tune apni hi Twinkle se jhagda karliya. Agar woh tujhse notes dene se mana kardiya toh?? Arey notes chod agar woh tujhse phir baat hi na kare toh?? Nahi nahi I can’t afford loosing Twinkle. After all who else do I have in this world except Jay bhai and Twinki!!

Next morning. Kunj reached college and found Twinkle there. He went running to her and hugged her, but she didn’t respond. He understood that Twinkle was still angry at him.
K-sorry na yaar Twinkle!! Abb gussa chod bhi de
T-thik hai per ek shart par
K- abb Kaisa shart rani sahiba??
T- u have to attend lectures with me

K- what!! R u out ur mind Twinki, main aur attend classes never
T-think hai jaisi tumhari marzi. Saying this she started walking away smirking. Kunj ran behind her and said
K-Twinki Sunna yaar. Accha thik hai I will attend classes with u. Happy now?? Hearing this Twinkle stopped and turned to look at him and said T- very happy
K-abb chaley? Ya yehi pe grehesti basaney ka irada hai??
They both proceeded towards there class.

Kunj’s POV

Kya yaar shart bhi to kaise kaise iss madam ke. Abb mujhe classes bhi attend kerne parenge. I just hate attending classes, it’s so boring. Ek Tara’s lecturer ki bak bak Sunno aur dusri taraf pet ka gurr gurr uff!! Anyways abb promise Kya hai toh attend toh Karna hi parega na!! While o was busy in my thoughts the lecturer pointed his fingers towards me and told me to stand up. Ai did as he said. “R u new in this college??”(????) He asked. Uff!! Not again. I found Twinkle giggling beside me. I gave her death glares. Finding no answer “yes sir” I said lying to him

Ughh!! Finally the class got over and we went to Twinkle’s house. There we found the whole Taneja family and Jay bhai sitting together in the living room.
K- what’s going on? I asked
L- it’s good that u guys came Leela aunty said noticing us at the gate
T- what happened ma?? Y r u guys sitting together in the living room? Is there something that we should know about?? Twinkle asked. To this Leela aunty said
L- yes beta we want to tell u guys something

End of Kunj’s POV

To be continued

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  1. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh god azreen glad dat u lykd my idea hahhaa
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    n yeah d precap seems soo intresting cnt w8 post nxt asap dear
    luvd it 2 d core siyaapa king and and sadu taneja hahahaa………….

    1. Azreen

      Yaar baby as always ur the first one to coment. And thnx for the compliment

    2. Azreen

      Yaar baby as always ur the first one to coment. And thnx for the compliment . Hynix a lot yaar

    3. Azreen

      I mean thnx*

  2. Ranabulbul

    Yr azu so cute epi
    Sadu taneja and siyappa king
    So funny yr
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  3. Awesome epi..

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    Wow azu amazing awesome epi yaar
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    Hey Azu! This name suits u!! Ur entertainment kandhamaka yaar…i guess shaadi vaadi ki baat hone wali hai?
    The epi was fab dear!! I loved it??

  6. SidMin

    Awesome pet names swapped Loved it I think they would be talk about Twinj marriage (I guess)
    waiting for the next episode Please post soon 🙂

  7. Aamu

    See aazi…(hope u don’t mind)..I jav xams den also cmnt… ??
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  8. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode… awesome…
    loved it to the core….
    For the first time I read ur ff nd really yrr it’s so interesting nd worth reading…..

  9. Lovely….:):):):):)

  10. azreen…name exchanged…
    it was good 2 hear siyappa king n sadu taneja…loved it n post asap

  11. Awesome epi.. loved the exchange of nick names?? sadu taneja n siyappa king.. hehe.. do cont soon ?

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    Lovely episode…

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