Friendship the first phase of love ff episode 2

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Kunj’s POV

I was thinking all this, when my eyes got captured by a person, I was shocked to see that person in front of me. God I so wish that Twinkle was here with me r8 now. As only she could save me from this problem.

I was so scared that I started bitting my nails and thinking what to do. I know Jay bhai loves me a lot but he’s really strict about my studies, and if he got to know that I was bunking my classes and lectures, then toh I’m all gone. ( yes guys Jay was on his way towards Kunj. But he didn’t see Kunj yet??).

I was shivering out of fear when an idea came to my genius mind. I excused myself from my recent irritating new gf and went behind a tree. After that I dialed a number.

Twinkle’s POV

I was engrossed in my lectures when suddenly my phone started vibrating, as I kept it on silent. I took my phone out of my bag and it flashed Kunj on it. He is surely in a problem again, ugh!! this boy!!??. I picked it up and he started crying again, god knows what’s up with him??. He said
K- Twinkle pls… Before he said further I interrupted him and said
T- Shut up Kunj and tell me the location, and I know ur reason
K-but how… I again interrupted him again and said
T-KUNJ!!! Tell me the location fast or else I won’t come to save u
K- ok ok and blah, blah, blah. He told me the location and I ran out of the class

Reached at the place where Kunj told me, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. “Kunj! Kunj!” I shouted trying to find him. But of no use. Suddenly I heard a sort of whisper, then I found Kunj behind the trees whispering “God plz save me today, I swear I will put 100rupee on ur feet, but what will God do with money??”(haha???). I was giggling listen to him, o God he is so damn cute.

After sometimes he notice me and pulled me behind the tree with a jerk. For that sudden action my hands landed on his chest and his hands were on my waists. I would feel the stupid butterflies flying inside my stomach. We shared an eye lock. But it was broken by me as I realized our position and our surrounding. It was really awkward for me. So to break the awkwardness
T- now in what new trouble r u into?? I questioned putting my right on my waiste. To this he gave me a cute wala smile.
K- Jay bhai!! he exclaimed again in a crying manner, pointing his finger on Jay bhai who was busy with his phone.
T- Kunj how do u manage to get in trouble all the time? I mean how? how? Tell me honestly today. I said sounding a bit angry, as I was angry on him as he always gets into a new problem And always I am the one to save him.
K- Sorry na yaar, ab bachche ki jaan logi kya?? (Sorry na dude, now would u take a Kid’s life for it??) he said sarcastically.
K-now plz help me na Twinkle!! what will I do? u know na how Jay bhai is, if he gets to know about me bunking classes, then he will surely kill me. He said
T- ok u wait I will think of something. I said relaxing him. This Kunj na always gets into trouble and puts me in trouble also. Now look because of him I also had to miss my lectures. Stop blaming him Twinkle and think of something to get rid of this Siyappa. IDEA!!!

I went to a kid and told him something. The kid went to Jay bhai and threw the muddy foot ball on him, because of which his coat got dirty and he went to the stinky public toilet to clean it being annoyed with the kid as he doesn’t like kids. He’s always like this, I don’t know y does he have allergies with Kid’s and fun. Anyways, I ran to Kunj and took him from there to home with me.

Kunj’s POV

I was telling Twinkle all my problems, when suddenly she exclaimed, “Idea!!”. Befor I could ask her anything she ran away. O god this silly girl, now what is she up to?? Anyways , I brushed all my thoughts away and started peeping on Jay bhai, as I trusted Twinkle more than anyone else in this world. I knew she would save me anyhow.

I was continuously staring at Jay bhai when I saw a Kid throwing a muddy ball on him. Before I could do something he threw it making Jay bhai’s coat all dirty. He being annoyed went to the stinky and disgusting public toilet, poor Jay bhai, I pity for him??. I was thanking the Kid in mind when Twinkle came running to me and took me home with her. I didn’t ask anything as I knew this was all her plan. I must say she is intelligent, after all whose bff is she, I yhought proudly???, as u know na company matters???(Kanjoos Kunj p, ek credit bhi dens nahi ata???)

To be continued….

Sorry guys for short episode

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  1. Chiku

    Hey arzeen i loved ur ff.
    It’s amazing.
    But i wanaa say one thing if ur taking pictures for ur ff then plz give credit. The picture u used as ur dp ff is my edit. My edits are totally unique because its according to my ff. So plz give credit or take permission then use them. I know i am rude but thats true. ??
    I hope ull understand.

    1. Chiku

      Plz dont use this or any my edit for next episode if urs?❤️
      Hope ull understand

    2. Chiku

      Every ff has different identy and pictures. So plz use different pictures for ur ff. I hope ull take care about this. ?

    3. Azreen

      O I didn’t know that it was ur edit. I’m really very sorry if u felt bad. And ur not at all rude Chiku, coz if I did something wrong u have the right to correct me. No hard feelings for u from my side???. And once again really very sorry if u felt bad.

      1. Chiku

        Plz be careful next tym dear?? nd if u wana use smones edit then plz ask and use

      2. Chiku

        Plz dont use my edits next tym?

  2. Ayu

    Aazu!!! Muaah! Kya likha hai yaar! I was laughing my head out. Ladke hote hai idiot type ke…khud siyappe karte hai aur phir phas jaate hai…phir humari yaad aati hai?
    Anyways aazu!! Awesome??

  3. SidMin

    Loved your ff and the Twinkle always being the saviour part is too good I love it 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  4. Hahaha azeeen, superb epi dear.. this kunj is soooo cutee ???.. loved kunj’s dialogue when he was behind the tree praying to god??.. do cont soon ?

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

  6. Sameera

    Hey azreen so nice epi yaar ??
    I read all ur epis now n all r amazing yaar
    Loving it so much

  7. Baby

    azreen oh god amazing luvd it 2 d core srsly
    amazing fabulous n cute episode or idhar toh
    siyappa queen ki jagah siyaapa prince hai hhhehehehehe
    he is always doing a new siyappa n lands twinkle in it bechari bholi hone ke chakar me hehehehehehehe……………………yr luvd it 2 d core post nxt asap

    1. Azreen

      Sorry baby I’m a bit late but belated happy birthday to u??

      1. Baby

        thnks sooooooo mch dear azreen ……………….luv u…… 😀

  8. Hahaha!!!!! damm cute episode … Loved it……

  9. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Azreen ????? amazing yaar
    Mazaa hi agaya…….
    Ladkein toh hote hi pagal hain ….half knowledge le k ghoomte hain jabki jaante hote hain ki half knowledge is a dangerous thing ???
    Really u nailed it dear…….

  10. Aamu

    hey aazreen first of all its amazing…n second thing i had cmntd on ur previous n intro..too…i think it doent posted ….
    ur ff is interesting n different too…
    carry on

    1. Azreen

      I’m really sorry if I didn’t mentioned ur name. Plz don’t be sad and secondly thnx a lot. And I promise next time I won’t forget

  11. Loved the epi

  12. Romaisha

    Oh God!! ??????????
    Awesome and hilarious yaar! Seriously! Just too good 🙂

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