Friendship the first phase of love ff episode 1


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Girl’s POV

I was walking on the road when I saw a boy running towards with flowers in his hand. First I was shocked but then became extremely happy about it, as that boy was the love of my life. He cam towards me and said, “Twinkle I wanted to say this to u long before but I couldn’t, as I never had the courage to even bring this topic in front of u. But today I gathered all my courage and came to u. To day I wanna confess my feelings to u. I wanna say that Twinkle……..


I was shocked, coz first of all his voice sound like mom and second of, y would anybody propose by saying, “get up or else ur gonna get late for college ??” (Silly Twinkle??) . All of a sudden I felt something splashed on my face, so I sat on the bed with a thud full wet. Then I understood that all the things that I saw was nothing but my stupid minds stupid fantasy. I looked up only to find mom sitting infront of me with a jug. So then I understood the situation. “U woke up my princess. But so early how come!!” she exclaimed taunting me. I just smiled at her?. She gave a peck on my forehead and said, “Jhalli bachchi meri, now go and get ready or else U’ll get late for college, it’s already 7:45am”. I widened my eyes, “what!”. O god I’m late now all because of that Kunj. Ya that Kunj only this all is his fault only. What was the need for him to come in my dreams!!? ( yes guys u were r8, the man was none other then our hottie Kunj??).

I quickly got ready, had my bf and made my way towards college. As soon as I entered a boy came and hugged me. I was not at all shocked as I knew who could it be other than my Kunj. He broke the hug and, “Remember the girl I told u about yesterday, she and I had a breakup” he said in a crying manner. I was not shocked, coz he changes his gfs like cloths. I don’t when will he understand my feelings. I brushed my thoughts away and looked at him with a TELL ME SOMETHING NEW face. He asked me, “don’t u wanna know how?”. “How?” I asked, sounding least interested. But tbh I was actually curious to know what was the reason.

Flash back is shown

A girl came and back hugged Kunj. Kunj turned and hugged her back.
G:- how r u baby?
K: never been better. By the way happy birthday cheesecake(I know I know it sounds a bit cheesy ??) the girl quetioned with a surprised look
G: u remember?
K: of course I remember how can I forget my baby’s birthday
K thinks:- Akhir kar face book kam aa hi gaya(Finally face book came in handy)
G: but this is not fare, at least u can wish me birthday in a proper way.
K: anything for my baby. Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to dear Sonya. The girl gave a WHAT THE HELL look to Kunj
K: ooo sorry sorry not Sonya, Tanya r8?? The girl was standing folding her hands again with the same look
K: not that also. Now I get it ur name is Ritika. Yup ur name is Ritika. Saying this Kunj was going to hug her. But she backed of and slapped Kunj and said
G: it’s Shanaya( Lol?? ) . And walked away in with attitude
On the other hand our Kunj was standing with his right on his cheek making a puppy face, while facing to the camera( ooo just imagine how cute Sid may look????)

Flash back ends.

Heating this I started laughing holding my belly like a mad. I couldn’t stop my laughter. While laughing I could see Kunj giving me dead glares. “Okay sorry sorry won’t laugh at u again” I said. Unable to control my laughter I started laughing again, but this time Kunj also started laughing with me. I was so happy to see him laughing, my heart filled with joy.

After a while I told that going for lectures and asked him if he was coming with me or not. “Twinkle plz I don’t wanna come, u know na I never attend lectures. Plz can u give me notes plz Twinki plz!!” He said. First I was angry at him as he never a attends lectures or classes, but seeing his cute face I melted and said a yes to him. So in excitement he ran towards me and gave me a peck on my left cheek. I was shocked cum happy. I was on the cloud nine. I started blushing very badly but tried to hide it from him. When he realized what he did, he quickly apologized and went off with his new gf.

I entered my class and sat on my regular seat. I was busy with the thoughts of Kunj as I was missing him very much. He never attended any lecture or any class. Some of the teachers even don’t know his name. If by mistake he attends the class teacher asks him,”R u new here?” Hahah??? I mean to me it’s really lol

End of Twinkle’s POV

I was walking on the park with my recent gf Alisha, as Twinkle always says I change my gfs like cloths. My body was present over here but my sole was some where else. Was it with Twinkle?? As since the time I’m with Alisha, she keeps blabbering and I keep thinking about Twinkle. No no how can that be I don’t believe in these stupid kind of stuff. But is it really true is my sole with Twinkle?? No no Kunj Sarna u r thinking too much. And besides I don’t believe in his stupid term called love.

As I was thinking all this, my eyes got captured by a person. I was shocked to see that person in front of me. I didn’t know what to do. O god I so wish that Twinkle was here with me r8 now

To be continued………

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  1. Baby

    azreen amazing yr luvd it
    srsly fnny he didnt rmmbrd d name n slap hehehhehehehahahaha still m also laughin
    luvd it 2 d core
    osmyr post nxt asap cnt w8 ufff……..kunj ko ye toh lga ki uska soul twinkle ke pas hai
    n y did he wished dat kaash twinkle uske sath hoti kya hua yr w8ing eagerly
    post nxt asap dear luvd it

    1. Azreen

      Thnx a lot. U know I always wait for ur comments??. And about Kunj wish to be with Twinkle will be revealed later. U know na “Sabar ka phal meetha, hota hai”??

      1. Baby

        hmmmm i no thnks a lot dear it means alot to me

  2. Amazing epi azeeen.. aNd poor twinkles dream proposal was splashed with water????.. eagerly waiting for the next.. do cont soon ?

  3. Paavu

    Arzeen amazing storyline pls carry on nic ..

  4. Its amazingly nice..dear

  5. Ayu

    ??? Azreen i am laughing my head out. Bechara…actually bechara nahin….agar casanova banega to yahi hoga…n twinkle is soo cute. Pls post soon?

  6. SidMin

    Azores Loved it especially the part in the flashback where Kunj forgets the name of his girlfriend and the part when in excitement he kisses Twinkle and Twinkle is so cute
    Kunj missing Twinkle (something something)
    Loved it Please continue soon 🙂

  7. Amazing

  8. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Omg azreen amazing dear …..
    Interesting plot
    Keep writing like this dear…?

  9. Shreya098

    Amazing azreen…

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi….loved it……

  11. azreen..loved tws cute dream…kunj getting slap…tw hiding her blush…n kunj soul taken by tw nxt asap

  12. Romaisha

    Heyy!!! ???
    Awesome episode today!! Too good?? u have an interesting story here yaar!! I’ll enjoy this!! ?
    Love you! Post soon 🙂

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