Hello friends welcome to a Sidmin world of friendship…..
Now one more think….in advance sorry for being rude again on such a beautiful day….the best day in the world i.e.

Friends I really want to reveal one truth…..after boards I started writing stories….the story of TASHAN E DEEWANGI was not firstly about Twinj….it was about another imaginary character which I wrote on mine notebook….I just wrote few chapters somewhere 8 chapters on mine notebook….but one day I missed the TEI episode so wanted to read written update and that way I came across PALI’S FF…frankly speaking firstly I was very angry that what it is written….how can this be possible as there was no link between the previous epi and the written update….after few day I again came to this page and didn’t find her story and I was desperate to read that episode once again because though the story was not true but somewhere I got attracted to it…one day I searched on google explaining one of the scene which I remembered but still unable to find it so I just went on checking all the page and finally I saw that episode and at that time I came across the word fan fiction….and I read her whole story in one day…and the no of episodes were vast…after following her story…I came to know that the story can be written by anyone so I just gave a try…and to my surprise I got 6 or seven comments appreciating me…though the no of comment was less but still I was not dishearten and I had a hope that one day I’ll receive more no. of comments but still the nos. were stagnant….but one day when Twinkle said I LOVE YOU TO KUNJ at time no. of comments went up and I was so obliged and at that time I realized that many people were reading my stories but they were not commenting on it…SO THE POINT OF WRITING THIS KATHA IS THAT I’VE NEVER FORCED MY READER TO COMMENT ON MY FF….I’VE JUST REQUESTED THEM TO COMMENT ON IT….GUYS earlier I used to write stories for 8 – 10 hrs a day….my whole day and night was busy in writing story as that time I was free but now my college had started as well as I’m writing a novel so it’s really difficult for me to do so many things at the same time after all I’m a human being and not robot…and mine college had the longest hours….every college had 35mins classes but not mine….My IRREGULARITY IS NOT A WAY TO GATHER MORE NUMBER OF COMMENTS FROM U ALL INFACT WHEN I WAS REGULAR I USED TO GET MORE NO OF COMMENTS….IT’S JUST A LACK OF TIME….I’VE NEVER HAD A GREED OF COMMENT BUT YES I DO LOVE IF PEOPLE RECOGNIZE MY HARDWORK AND GIFT ME WITH THEIR LOVELY WORDS….FRIENDS I’M NOT PAID TO WRITE HERE I WRITE HERE IS JUST BECAUSE OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE YOU GUYS GAVE TO ME…BEING A NEW MEMBER TO THIS SOCIETY THE LOVE YOU GUYS GAVE TO ME MADE ME CONNECTED TO YOU ALL….I NEVER SAW THE TIME WHEN I WAS WRITING BUT STILL I WROTE….MY SLEEPING TIMING HAD ALSO DISTURBED DUE TO MINE HABBIT OF WRITING LATE NIGHT…NOWADAYS I DON’T GET SLEEP TILL 5 IN THE MORNING….so guys don’t bash me saying that I’m purposely doing late just to gain more comments as the one who had known me personally may know how I’m and what kind of person I’m….It’s really disheartening for me….and plz don’t let me seep into depression again…I BEG YOU ALL….plz don’t say this to me again….I really had a good time with you all guys…please don’t ruin it that I really have to take drastic step to stop the serial in the middle and leave this page forever….
MAIN APNI BAATON SE NAHI MUKARTI…..If I say I’ll do then by hook or by crook I do it…whether I had to hurt myself also…

SORRY FOR A LONG CONVERSATION but it was necessary to tell you all….after all, today is a friendship day and for me this day is to reveal the truth to mine friends so that we could start a new friendship year with a peace and beautiful memories…………
This story is about friendship not only of the character but also about fan fiction writers….So thanks Telly Updates who had united us in this beautiful relation….HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO OUR DEAR READERS…..This is just a small token of friendship towards you all….I would request everyone whoever are going to read please do comment on our relations…on friendship….
So let’s start the OS with a beautiful smile…..

First let’s introduce the characters ——
Twinkle Taneja – Female Protagonist
Kunj Sarna – Male Protagonist
Yuvraj Luthra , Chinki Khanna, Alisha Kapoor, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Mahi Walia are TWINJ’S FRIEND AND BEST BUDDY OF LIFE….

Friendship is like a ray of sun in someone’s gloomy life….it brings new hope and most important it gives you love of your life…yes my bestie is now my hubby…I never knew that I love him but that incident made me realize that he is more than my friend…I’m addicted to him…and the best part of it is that he is still my bestie cum hubby…I love him till infinity…I was thinking about him when someone knocked my room.
“Come in”, I said.
The sweet little girl enters my room. Yes she is my daughter or should I say our daughter Jasmin Sarna….
“Happy friendship day mumma”, she said.
“Happy friendship day????”, I questioned.
“Yes mom. My teacher told us that parent are our first friends so Happy Friendship Day.” She said smilingly and quickly plants a peck on my cheek.
I smiled and said, “Happy friendship day.”
She went away so I went to my balcony and stood near the railing when someone came from back and hugged me tightly and said, “Happy Friendship Day my Love.”
“Same to you my hubby cum bestie Kunj Sarna.” and I smiled.
“No my dear lovely wife Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna you cannot say so dryly…you have to do something special for me…after all we’re going to complete our 20yrs of friendship….”, he said.
I turned to him and wraps my hand around him and asked, “So what do you want from me???”
“Not so easily…you have to think about it and not me”, he said with doing his one eyebrow up.
I looked at him with surprise as I’ve never planned anything because he was always the one who surprised me…but no worry this time I’ll plan for him and I’ll make sure that he gets surprise…and a smile crept on my pink lips. He then left for office. Yes I know today is Sunday but due to immense pressure in work he had to supervise his employees. In a way it’s good if he goes out then I can plan it properly. So I quickly clutched my hairs in pin and went to store room to gather things required for the party….I went inside the room and started to search all the things after seven years we are going to invite so many guests at our place….actually Kunj used to book a hall for parties….as he wanted me to enjoy rather being tensed…is everything is done properly or not….I know he is cute…I love him till the infinity….I stood on the stool to take utensils from the cupboard…I stretched my hand but mine hand caught hold of some book….I took it and wiped off the dust…and sat down over there only….I had a big smile on my face…this diary had a sea of memories of our tashan…our love and most importantly our FRIENDSHIP…..
I opened it….the first page of it contains a picture of our MACKYTT MASCOT group….the name had our initials…..starting from MAHI..ALISHA..CHINKI..KUNJ..YUVRAJ..TWINKLE..TAHIR…the besties….our friendship were the idol for others…..

I flipped the page and saw a picture of YUVRAJ and ME holding mike and saying something….and below the pic it was written in bold….
Reading this my smile had a 440volt smile…yes YUVRAJ LUTHRA is mine best friend…my childhood friend….partner in crime….we were family friend as well as we used to study in same school and we were neighbor also….so our friendship was just not limited to our school….we used to hang out at each other place since childhood…it seems like we both had two home…two moms and dads…in short everything was double for us….my childhood was spent with him only….and we used to share a great bond….after all we’re chuddy buddies….lol…sometimes people used to tease us that we’re more than friends but we never paid heed to them as we knew that we’re BEST FRIENDS FOREVER EVER till our last breathe….Yuvi had one habit…sometimes it looks cute at the same time I used to be irritated by him….actually he was fascinated by clicking beautiful photographs and had a habit to capture all the moments we had spend till date….he was such a rascal that he used to click all the nonsense and even embarrassing moments in his handy cam…..but now I think because of him only I was able to restore all the memories over here…..
I further flipped the page and land in the past as if I used time machine to return back to my past….
It was my seventeenth birthday….and I was very sad as no one wished me…becoz every year they used to wish me at sharp 12 o’clock so I kept on crying resting mine face on the pillow…my eyes became red and bulgy….it was 1:00am in the morning when everyone dash into my room and roaring word I’ll use….HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART….I looked up and was surprised to see all my friends and family member wearing clown costume and face painted with different colors…as soon as I saw them….my snivel turned into laughter…I could not control my laughter….tears were still coming out of mine eyes but of sheer happiness….He clicked my picture like that only….I was trying to hide myself from camera but he knew very well how to click after all he was Twinkle Taneja’s friend and best photographer….we had many pics together…of our family picnics….some photos where we’re enacting like JAI and VEERU….he was such a scalawag that he even clicked my picture when I fell on the mud and painted myself with muds….
“Hehehehe Twinkle you are looking superb….hehehe” said Yuvraj.
“You ass….just wait and watch” I said with a smirk.
I just ran near him and gave a big hug…and rubbed mine cheeks with his…and moved apart…
“What the hell Twinkle??” Yuvraj said angrily.
But I was no less…as soon as he approached towards me I just forwarded my leg and he too felt down and had a good face pack….

“Don’t you try to ever take PANGA with TWINKLE TANEJA” I said raising my head high and folding my arms as a proudest person on the earth….
I heard the knock making me coming back to present my day…I turned back to look at the person….
“Jasmin…my baby”, I said.
Jasmin ran towards me and gave tight hug…actually whenever she wants something from she does like this…..
“What do you want my baby??”
“Mumma…I want to go to Pinky’s house…you know na we’re chuddy buddy…so I want to share today’s with her…”
She said in one go as she was frighten….I looked at him and gave a smile and gave a peck on her forehead which gave her green signal to her. She opened her eyes and kissed me back and went from there….
I again turned the page…..


I’m sorry guys for incomplete stories as I really wanted to complete at one go but due to something I was unable to complete it….and Yah friends the part of flashback was joint effort with my dear friend MEETA…..

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