now this is time for thier 8th class final exams but worst day of boths life bcuz kunj is going from scol when kunj tell her this news twi’s heart is crying but she compose herself and say
t: its ok it matter of your study and future i am not stoping you but i have a demand
k: tera liya tu kuch bhi bol na kia demand ha
t: we will talk on phone daily
k: ok
they gave thier exams and kunj left the scol but they talk daily now twi does not feel his absence life is again going smoothly but again twi life take a turn one day twi msg kunj but he did not rply like this 15 days pass twi always try to contect him but no use

guys this is my own story but it has some changings i just wanted to share bcuz i think by sharing sadness and pain decrease am i right guys i am feeling so lonely i am missing my bff and mera brain or heart main na bura bura khayal araha hain kahi bff ko kuch hogaya tu no no noo this can’t happen and and and we are only bff nothing else buht bakbak hogayi na onward it will be my imaginations part


twi pov
it has been 10 years i always try to contect him but nooo use and he never try to talk to me but one thing got change i start loving him yeah i am in love with him MADLY and DEEPLY i complete my studies now guys i am going for my job interview i goes to my new boss cabin i took permission and goes inside he is facing his back i greet him and he turn and i am in OMG situation
( yeah you all guess it right) he is infront of me my bff and sadu but twi you have to strong you have give him punishment what he did 10 years before
pov end

t: hi mr.k
k: twi…twinkle wh..what are say i am ku..kunj yo..your ku..nj
t: no mr.k i don’t know you
k: twi try to remember
t: oh.. yeah i remember i have a BFF name kunj but our frndship die 10 year before and he is nothing for me now
k: twi plz try to understand i have some problems
t: ohh.. yeah aik dafa agar keh dia hota tu main khabi bat nahi krti but you…
k: twi i am so sorry but i have to go london at any cost and papa also did not allowed me to use phone
t: yeah you are right but you can send msg by your mother cell
k: yeah i but..
t: its ok kunj ab fark nahi padta
k: kasa twi you are one who say that its effect (in letter)
t: yeah wo wo na
k: kia twi and he start coming toward her
she feel nervous
k: twi you know in 10 years aik din bhi asa nahi ha jab main na tujha yad na kia ho
t: main na bhi
k: mujha maaf kia
t: on one demand that we will again become bffs
k: ofcrs siyyapa queen
t: haww.. sadu kahin ka
k: btw we can become more than frnds and he sit on his knees

twi mujha nahi pata kab sa kasa but i fell in love with you i know its a vry vry simple porposel but i know meri siyyapa queen ko simple thing achi lagti han twi will you become my betterhalf and my BFF FOREVER

t: …..
k: twi plz say something my legs are paining
twi make him stand and hug him she whisper
t: i love you sadu
k: i love you too siyyapa queen

after that they got married and live their whole life like bffs and sometime lovers



so keep smiling and make frnds as much as you can and i will try to post epi asap

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