TWO shots ~~~Epilogue

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swasan nd raglak wedding
grand venue fullly decorated like a heaven
Marriage rituals started and after the pooja by the grooms
now its time for the varmala (garlanding) ceremony
Sanlak are standing on the stage, waiting anxiously for their brides
Sanskaar is wearing a grey and golden sherwani
Laksh is dressed in a royal blue sherwani while
Both are looking e handsome…
Just then Swaragini enter the mandap along with their friends
Ragini dressed in blue n golden lehenga… n Swara in red lehenga with golden thread work throughout… their dresses completely
a veil is placed on there faces so they cant see there respective patners
Now both the couples are standing face to face with each other
First, SanLak put the garlands on Swaragini respectively…
Now it’s the Swaragin’s turn Ragini puts the garland on Laksh
nd next swara placed the garland on sanskar
Swara adorns Sanskaar’s neck with the garland…
Everyone present there claps and cheers for them…
Swasan and Raglak are sitting next to each other in the mandap with their hands onto the other’s Sharmishtha and Ap does the gathbandhan for Raglak and Swasan
Panditji: Now, all of u please stand up for the pheras
Both swasan and raglak took seven round of perhaps….. Holding their partner hands
panditji gave sindoor to sanlak
sanskar lifted veil with a smile
sanskar ; (whispered ) swaraaaa
swara heard his voice she raised her eyes
I love you ? swara
Then Sanlak fill Swaragini’s hairline with the sindoor and adorn their necks with the Mangalsutra
and the panditji declares them husband n wife
Sanskar : Finally ur my wife Mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari
Swara blushed ?
Sumi ND Shekhar nd rp nd suji with happiness gave a sendoff traditionally
All four left to their mansion
( guys lucky family lives in abroad so lucky is alone in India so both sanlak leave in same mansion as they are frnd since childhood )
All the rituals are done by sujatha
They welcomed swaragini
And after pooja they took them to respective rooms
ND sanlak are waiting to gain opportunity
swasan room
swara got changed to normal nighties before sanskar arrival only
sanskar was surprised to see her in nighties
sanskar; u changed i thought u will be waiting for me
swara; waiting for wat …. lifelong u will be with me na here after
sanskar; yes princess i am always with you
i love this
swara; go u too change
sanskar with naughty smirk ” noo y time waste now ”
swara; (confused look ) wt time waste
Sanskar:( naughty smirk) Oh really then lets start
Swara: Wt start
Sanskar: Woh we need to start manufacturing na
Swara: Wttt
Sanskar 🙁 naughty smile) I will say you ( he stated taking steps towards while removing his sherwani buttons one by one her swara understood his meaning ND moved back
Sanskar: Holded her
Swara: No sanskar not now Plz I am feeling tried due this marriage nd all
Sanskar: Lets try Plz its first time
Swara: Ho really but not now
Sanskar: Y should we waste this moment swara
Sanskar pulled her close
sanskar roamed his palm around her face making her closing her eyes and biting her underlip more …sanskar stopped on her lips nd started rubbing his thumb over her lips .. feeling him she shoot her eyes open and looked at sanskar ..
swara; (blushing ) sansk…..
her words remained incomplete as her lips were being smacked by sanskar ’s who just pulled her in a kiss
she held his both arms tightly while pulling herself close to him she took out a gasp as she took out sanskar grab the oppurtinity and enter her mouth and started exploring her every corner’s of the mouth passionately
sanskar; i love you so much swara
he said pulling back from the kiss nad again in no time pulled her in a long kiss and swara also responded him with equal passion the kissed eachother as there was no tomorrow …
while sanskar pulled her down making her lay on the bed …while kissing her ….. and he lend over her on the top of her
.. they both kissed for eachother till they both were out of breathe .. Sanskar looked at swara who was highly panting and was looking at him .. Swara instantly turned her face on the other side while clutching the bed sheet on her fist …. Swara felt blush on her cheeks as sanskar roamed his palm through up her shoulder … while swaras breathe stared going heavy and her heavy ..
he removed her shirt is just one go which made swara shock she just turned down to cover herself in shy
swara clutched the bedsheet in shy
more tightly .. sanskar moved toward her shoulder placing kisses all over shoulder .. nad then kissed all over her arms
he travelled down while kissing her all over her body
while her nails were digging his arms
(not more then this u know that next so close ur eyes let them have privacy 😉 )
they covered ourselves with a bedsheet and continued our rest of the work…
Moon and stars witnessed our love…it was the best day of my life…
otherside raglak room
rags got changed to t-shirt nd jump suit she started working on her laptop
she got busy in work lucky entered the room he seen rags who is busy in work
lucky; ahem ahem …(rags gave a look at him)
lucky ; wt ur doing
rags; work mr.mehra
lucky; wt i am ur hubby yar
rags; u impressed my dad so ur my hubby its for him
lucky; then wt should i do
rags; first u impress me then will think wt I should call you
Lucky shocked” wtt
Rags: Yes did u remembered wt u said on our engagement day
Lucky: Wt I said
Rags: U said that ur marrying me bcoz u got dad permission but I don’t love you
Lucky: Wt do u mean
Rags: I dont love ❤ u first impress me
Lucky: what..
Rags: Yes I accepted you for dad.. So try ur level best to impress me mr.mehra
Now go ND sleep
tomorrow we had office
Lucky: Office then suhgrat
Rags: Cancel we had board meeting tomorrow so be ready sharp at 11
Lucky: Offoo this girl is to much I expected more about my first night but she spoiled it ?
Rags: Say sorry ND go
Lucky: Y should I say sorry
Rags: Ur scolding me in ur mind so
Lucky: U can read my mind but not my heart ?
Rags : ( laughing but controlling) I forgived now go sleep gud ngt
Lucky left to washroom with disappointed face ?
Rags pov
He loves me all i love it alot
Bcoz he loves me more then I do
I am so lucky to get my lucky ?
So u played a prank on me so I planned same

He came out I had closed my files ND left to other side of bed
I seen his face
He is so dull I know it may be disappointment
I felt bad but he need to pay for fooling me ?
I lied on bed ND grabbed the bed sheet on me
He gave a angry look by seeing my sleep
I could feel his gaze on me
I yelled” stop watching ND sleep on ur side ”
He got seated on his side of bed
I placed a chocolate on his pillow
He stated at me by holding the chocolate
Rags pov end
Rags: I wanna share this with my hubby on my first night nd it is my only dream ?
Lucky : Means
Rags : Means i love you ?
Lucky hugged her in excitement” really u love me ah sach
Rags ‘( hugged back ) ha muchi ? i love you
Lucky i am very happy today i got everything
Rags oh really lets have this chocolate to then
They both had chocolate
Happy starting” lucky whispered
Rags: Achaaa sweet starting then ?
Lucky : Soo can I kiss u
Rags starrd him in shock
Lucky : plz dont get angry I just asked
If you don’t like ok
Rags: Laughed out aloud) its ok ur my hubby na ( she pulls him into a deep kiss ?????)
Soon lucky was over her.. And both started making love to eachother marking each others as theirs. After that. Both drifted to sleep. ….
Moons and stars witnesses the joining of four souls into two.. ( swasan raglak)

Next morning…
Swasan raglak are sleeping peacefully in each others embrace…… Soon both swara and ragini woke up as they are used to getting up soon… And went to freshnup……
After getting ready.. Both came out of their room at the same time.. And smiled to each other as their rooms are just opposite. Then both head towards down.. To see sujatha going into kitchen…
Swa: aunty you take rest.. We will cook… ( saying this both took her blessing.)
Suj: its ok beta.. You just make sweets… Y to stress on first day.. And you both stop calling me aunty.. Call me ma..
Swa: Hehe ma. Looks usual… I’ll call you Momsie… ( and hugs her..) Suj gets happy seeing her behavior. Rags too smiled as it was swara’s dream to make her mother in law her mother plus friend…
Rags: then even I’ll follow my shadow. I’ll also call you Momsie…
Sujatha laughs hearing this. Even swara smiled..
Suju :beta what was that shadow…..
Swa: haha Momsie we will say. But before that come.. You and janu talk I’ll cook.. And Pls janu don’t know Cooking…. ( she told last sentence closing her eye)
Suj laughs hearing this.. And blesses both. Rags in excitement hugs swara tightly..
Rags: love you champ.
Swa: ( smile) love you more janu.
Rag: Ha I agree..
Suj smiles seeing them
Soon Suj and rags sat in kitchen.. And rags started cutting vegetables.. Swara is cooking… Trio are chatting….
Suj was amused to see thier friendship and blesses them…
After sometime swarag went to set dining table….
Soon sanlak and rp came down. And sujatha with them went to pooja hall… Swarag follow them..
Suj: swarag beta.. You both do aarti.
Swarag looked at eachother… Sujatha was seeing them..
Rags signed swara OK..
So both went.. Swara took the aarti plate…. Raga and swara both stated signing aarti together when swara is showing aarti..
All are hearing them.. ( seriously guys they are not singing that good.. But ok)
After aarti all had food… And rp praised swarag. Swara didn’t allow anyone to know that only she did everything.. And also gave a glare to janu to stop her from saying.. Being know about consequences.. Janu kept quite……
Days passed like these all four continued working together.. They even tied maheshwari, cj and, Dp ‘s company.. So now they have established a big empire… Rp and sujatha.. Started living with laksh parents.. And they all are enjoying their old age together… By visiting temple.. Even Dp, Ap shemish also.. It’s like..
All younger as a family.. And oldies together…
One fine day..
It’s a Sunday.. Swalak came back from jogging.. While Ragsan are still sleeping… In thier rooms..
Swara went and woke up sanskar.. And lucky did same with ragini.. Those lazy heads went to freshnup.. While swara went to prepare food and lucky joined her and was helping her….
Soon Ragsan shouted from garden..
Ragsan: Champ / shona coffee…
Swalak smiled and swara went with the tray of four coffee and kept in garden bench.. Ragan stopped playing shuttle and joined them for coffee….
( In these time period Ragsan ans swalak developed the good friendship bonding.. It’s their routine.. Swalak will be jogging and Ragsan will be sleeping.. ??)
After coffee all four joined and started playing shuttle… Obviously you know the team.. It’s swarag vs sanlak..
Swalak and Ragsan can develop friendship.. But it can’t over come swarag.. As they are not only friends. They are soul sisters….
Screen blurs….
Leap of 5 years..
We can see two 3 years old boys playing… Together.. In a mountain top.. It looks like they have came for picnic…
We can hear a voice..
Swara: sid.. .. Sunny ( sid son of swasan.. Sunny son of Raglak)
Boys: mom we will come after sometime..
Swa: these boys na.. They don’t need anything.. When they are together.. Hey na janu.
Rags: Yes champ…
Sanlak: ( together) like their mom…
All four smile.. And watch sunny and sid flying kite..
It’s their cute family now..
They are the symbol.. Of
They made their friendship into a family.. Now they are a happy family.

——————The End ———————


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