friends are the treasure of life ( part 8) by shama


Hello guys shama is signed in and is back with Part 8 of my OS hope you are happy with it and thanks for the comments and if you really liked my os so do comment on it doesn’t matter long short positive or negative what matters is your view upon my article I know your life is hectic but take just 2 minutes of it and comment in one word its enough… Please I don’t know whether I have silent readers or not but if I have so do comment its request as in next two parts I am willing to end the story should I or not ? I am still confused …
Thanks for reading it…. Coming to OS …

Part – 8 Present Episode

Scene 1
@ Anshi …

After the mind bobbling dance satvika went to room to collect mobile and shivaay got an urgent business call he walked to the corridor and anika followed him she kept hand on his shoulder he turned and she holded his collar and pinned to the wall shivaay was shocked he could see clearly that her eyes was filled with tears he silent actually scared for the first time as he knew that due to his ego and taadibaaz nature he has broken something in anika.. They both were slient … Anika just asked one question that Shivaay ( in anger) shivaay was trying to free himself when his focus diverted to the bleeding hand from which she was holding his collar he took her hand in his and saw glass piece struck in her hand he forgot everything and dragged her to her room … In the midway anika was successful to free herself and said shivaay stop showing your fake concern I don’t need it..
Shivaay was like fake?? He pinned her to the wall and cupped her mouth by his hand and said I can do anything with you because you are still mine ..right??
Anika was silent actually speechless
He made her walk to room and they entered the room and the first question after stepping in shivaay asked where is first aid anika pointed together cupboard shivaay opened it and took the first aid box and forcefully made her sit on bed…
Scene 2
@ Ishkara..

Ishana was filled with secrets and pain which she could not share with her life omkara due to circumstances whenever she was closing her eyes prikara close dance and that love forever act would come in front of her sight … With tears she was walking mindlessly or senselessly on the road all the scenes of ishkara was flashing in her mind… First college meet … When omkara came and sat beside her in college… That cute proposal…
( love letter made by friends gang)..
When omkara proposed her … Their marriage and that small sweet naught gestures of friends gang after marriage… Their unconditional love and concern towards each other…

Ishana POV
Lamho ko jeene ki tamana thi khone ka iraada Nahi na jeene kab kese woh lamhe joh zine ki wajah the ab zine ka sahara ho gaye kab woh yaado me tafdil ho gaye…

Omkara POV
Ishu Kash hum un yaado ko phirse jee pate.. Ek baar per dekho taqdir ka khel aaj past aapne aapko dubara repeat kar raha hai ek waqt tha jab tumne mera dil ki tookde kiye the aur aaj wahi Sab dobara per Iss baar meri place per tumho.. Jese tumhe Iss waqt samjh Nahi aa raha ki tumhara pyaar tumhe hurt kyu kar raha hai usi tarah mujhe bhi Nahi aaya tha …
( Note – sorry for so much Hindi actually I think that emotions can be expressed better in Hindi )

Omkara was walking and watching her from distance and in no time Ishana sensed his presence and turned they were face to face… Their eyes reflected that they were in same pain and suddenly omkara screamed Ishana….. Ishana … And towards towards her she was on the road a truck passed and dashed her her head was bleeding the only thing she wanted was ” omkara ” she opened her eyes and stretched her hand and omkara rested Ishana head on his lap and crowd gathered… His eyes was full of fear that I will lose my love … Yes I am angry from you and I have the right to be I wanted to return you the same pain which you gifted but not this way
( tears were rolling down continuously and he gently touched her face holded her face from both the hands).. Ishana said in a painful low voice… Zakhm dogi toh wahi milege na omi..
People offered help… And she was in the car and was rushed towards hospital and in no time first aid was done doctor told that wound is not so deep but the accident could take a dangerous turn other thing could happened but by gods Grace and good fortune she was bought here on time which saved her from danger omkara was relieved…
Scene 3
@ Rumya..

Rudra dragged shaza in a corner and made her understand the situation that his testing Somo and making her jealous… And Somo was trying to hear there convo but failed … Shaza looked at her an made her more jealous by hugging him and saying that Rudra your so handsome… And blinked her eye and Rudra understood and hugged her back and said shaza your intelligent more than that Somo…
Somo cupped her mouth and thought Rudra agar mujhse zaada shaza intelligent hai toh tumse zaada sahil intelligent hai.. Anika di kya bolti the ha… Mr.. Taadibaaz oberoi..
And turned to go… Rudra and shaza was dancing….
Thanks shaza for help now I will handle
Shaza goes …. And called friends gang ki ishkara ke reunion ki planning kesi chal rahi hai…
Jara and ayath said …
Paata Nahi.. Ayesa lagta hai ki satvika Mr India ban gayi hai or yeh priya ( hitting her forehead ) ayesa lag raha hai ki kisi ne tap khola chod diya…

Uff priya ki kaaran kisi din tsunami na aaye .. In reply priya said shaza shut up ek toh tum sab ne mujhe Bali ka bakra bana kar ishkara ke samne rakh diya ki aao mujhe maro types or ab mera mazak udarahe ho … Shaza beta rukja tu bhi phasee hui hai kahi aasa na ho ki Somo tujhe udda de tum bhi toh Rudra ke saath hai…
Ayath and jara laughed … Nithu was on the entrance she said…
Aaj ki taaza khabar Somo wrestler ko aaya gussa ishqbaazi ke jakar me chadi Bali India ki No .1 nutritionist ….
Shatakshi goms ayath jara priya laughed loud… Goms said nice one nithu … Now my turn … Drama Queen with dumbbell ….. Can’t imagine somya tumhe kha jaayegi..
Shaza was silent she just looked at somya and said …. Omg tum log dost ho ya dushman pehle Nahi baata sakte the ki main Rumya ke bich me haathi the … Ab stop it otherwise pehle tum sab ki dunai or phir double dieting … Paata hai kese mujhe lagta hai … Ki jara or ayath ka weight thoda put on hoga hai ( in room jara and ayath looking at their abdomen and touched it )

Shaza said I have an idea … My special recipe..
Shatakshi and goms said idea…… And smiled..
Nithu and priya looked at ayath said special..
Jara and ayath said looking at each other recipe… Mar gaye..???
Shaza said hello …hello …yes guys my special juice in which 2 cups bitter gourd juice..
Everyone in the room ?????
6 tablespoon of ginger juice.. 4 neem leaves lemon.etc…
Everyone said ????????
Yeh juice hai yaa zehr ( poison ) yack…
Somya phone rings… And she smiled seeing the call it was our chota packet bada dhamaka…

Rudra saw her wide smile and was confused?? kiss ka phone hai??
Hi baby how are you ? Free ho mujhe kar rahe ho babu … Hostel say kab aa rahe ho missing u..

Rudra face was like yeh ho kya raha hai somo kisko baby babu bol rahi missing u MATLAB…. ( boyfriend toh nahi)??? yeh bhagwan isse pehle main gandhari( a person in blindfold) kyun nahi bana …..
Hi somya ,main thik hu.. Aur abhi free bhi hu hostel say aane ka abhi kuch paata nahi… I am missing u too… Sahil stated ( anika brother)..
OK I will wait for you and did you watch that awesome video which I sent u … Did you liked it shona…
Rudra was like OK .. Somo keep cute pet names for him baby babu shona and for me dumbbell … Crybaby.. Duffer.. That’s bad karma somo… After awhile he was like EU I am showing like that ladybaba..
Yes somya I liked those videos but here no one allow me to talk long on phone and so that from now onwards I will text you OK…
Somo was like OK sweetheart… For sahil music was playing in background and he was on cloud9…
Rudy starches his head and counts .. Baby …babu..shona .. Sweetheart …????
Somo wrestler ki bacchi tu toh gayi
Scene 4
@ Anshi
Shivaay sat beside her with first aid box opened it and took her hand in his and took the pieces of glass and was wiping the blood off and said anika tum aapna khayal Nahi rakh sakti dekho kitna pain kar raha hogana…
Shivaay yeh aacha hai zakhm bhi khud do aur malahm bhi khud lagao shivaay phirse kah rahi hu aapna yeh fake concern mat dikhao because I know at the end … Status surname matters for you more than me..
Gave a deadly glance to her and she was quiet he did first aid and got up to go suddenly lights went and anika from back hugged him in fear.. He turned and tried to console her but failed and at end.. He reciprocal the hug…
Scene 5
Ishkara at road …

Walking actually was in search of transport Ishana was weak but was happy that her omkara was with her.. And omkara was relieved that she is safe with me .. And suddenly Ishana was about to fall due to heels… Omkara picked her up in his arms and said.. 5 saal me kitni moti ho gayi ho Ishana ..
Ishana said o hello main bilkul moti Nahi ..
Omkara says paata Nahi tum ladkiyo ko Iss Baat say itni problem kyu hoti hai and smiled…
Ishana said OK what Rudra said was correct..
Omkara looked at her and asked what?

Yeh lambe baalo wala prani… Ishana smiled and omkara was like don’t behave like Rudra…
And they both saw their farmhouse where they came for honeymoon earlier … And went in…
Omish ………. Rudra angry with Somo bf (unknowingly sahil) Anshi happy…

Hope you all liked it and do comments please …and if possible so share your favorite scenes and if not so its OK…
2 more parts and I guess than good bye..

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  1. Sat

    Oh my god di,i can understand the next omish, really,???. And today shivika rocked the scenes and sumo bf is Sahil. Rally rudra getting jealous is very nice. And shaza, recipe, Really bursting out of laughter. Bahaha.??????? And di,dont end it, if you end it I won’t talk to you.???

  2. Whole ishkara part is awsomeee….m speechless about that part ….superbbb…
    Shivaye’s concern towards anika soooo sweeet….
    Rudra jealous OMG….its also gonna in the show….shona ,baby,sweetheart….soo good d…

    U know what d don’t know why when i read about priya’s role a sudden smile comes on my face imagining that how priya will react about….thnxxxx d for making our priya happy ….bcz she is sooo sad due to gul…

    did u saw my comment on 7th part…??if not then plz check it …plz its request n reply me on this page…
    N plz don’t end it soo soon…

  3. It was outstanding,fab..,awesumm and what not i mean i donn’t have words to describe it…And i loved it yarr and i am a shivika fan so i always loveddddd….!!! their scenes and pls don’t end it so early i will die without this ff as i said i am a big fan of ur ff ??? but still if u feel to end it then its ok? but dear i will miss it badly…???

  4. Nithu

    Di….no words di..when evr I read ua ff I’ll get big curve of my face….?n di…to tell Im also chubby like Sumo…but not completely like her….Di are u in insta

    1. No I am not but my bro is there and we use that account equally dear… Why??
      Thanks for commenting on my parts

  5. Shaza

    Diiiiiii, it was awesome…
    Shivika scenes ???..Shiaveye concern for Anika ..and ishkara ♥️♥️..ishkara was beyond awesome…the last sce was also cute
    And roumya ???..can’t stop laughing ….Roudra jealous of Sahil ❓????..Rofl
    And that Juice ??..oh di , ur really awesome….
    PLEASE Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please don’t end this one ????? Pls ….this one is like my one of the fav ff on ishkara ..pls don’t end pls ??? .requesting you diii
    Requesting you di ??????

    1. Shaza omg so many plz at least 30 u have a lot of patience dear did u like the juice part ??
      Thanks for commenting on my parts

  6. Jazz1

    It was fabulous. Rudra was jeolus ?. Shivika and ishkata was good too. REALLY A BIG SORRY ? FOR NOT COMMENTING ON THE LAST EPISODES AS I WAS BUSY But finally got time and I read the other ones they were good too

  7. It was outstanding and fabulous and really funny,?I really enjoyed to alot. Ishkara and Shivika scenes were rocking. If end this os, I’m also not going to talk to u.??

  8. Priya15

    Ishkara scenes were emotional…. Di…

    And my frndly gang scenes… Wow..shaza dear..tum kud phaz gayi..leking mujhe dekhar haa rahi ho..

    My dialogues i was laughing like a mad now di…

    Dont end this os di..,…pls……

    Luv u di..sry for small cmnt actually i m having stomach ache..which is killing me right now…..big big hugs to u di..

    1. I am too facing the same situation dear tc…
      And thanks for commenting in this condition also …

  9. Pragya

    Hi shama sorry for late…….and coming to iskara……its totally fabulous …..for the time I am in love with ishkara……and ishkara……over poued Shiva……..cute cute……
    Shivika was so cute…..hope you are fine………???

    1. Some what fine pragya thanks for concern dear…
      Next 2 parts ur character will rule dear wait for it…
      Thanks for commenting ur comments means a lot

  10. Goms

    As usual choco rocks…

    1. Thanks gg humor Queen from ur side this comment means a lot thanks

  11. Goms

    As usual choco rocks…?

  12. Tulasi

    Shivika scenes r tooo gd dear…..i njyd it a lott…anika being jealous..tht was d best part

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