friends are the treasure of life ( part 7) by shama

Hello guys I don’t know whether you all liked the last part or not but I am back with a new one hope you all love it and if yes so please drop your views ,suggestion, favorite scenes from this part I hope till now means part 1 to part 6 I didn’t bore you that much and if you felt bore so apologizes for that…
Scene 1
@ shivomru Room..

She was mad , she used to keep pet names for her loved ones or belongings , we were totally opposite from each other but there was some spark in our relationship which gimmicked us … I still remember our silly weird but cute meetings.. I first met her at cafe and our wish was we should never meet again but our destiny was written and we met again and again .. Our second meet .. Shivaay stated
@ Flashback
Belgium at temple…
I still remember that it was the time of navrathri and all Indians over there gathered to celebrate we did pooja and all started playing garba…
When I saw her dancing and first I thought that she is mad because she was dancing like crazy and then she spinned and straightly came in my arms and fall I prevented her before she could fall we had the most beautiful eye lock when she was in my arms I felt so different so good my heart started betting hard … I felt her touch when she rested her hands on my shoulder that was the very first time I was having some strange feeling for someone who was completely a stranger to me.. I wish I could hold the moment there itself whenever I think of those days I spent with her I remember my old arrogant behavior which was the reason for our separation ..
Omkara POV..
I can understand shivaay that what you felt because I too have faced it .. When I remember those college days I remember my sweet sour moments with Ishana .. On the first day first sight I fall for her as I saw her dancing her movements, gestures ,expressions reflected her nature straightly .. She was totally dedicated towards her art , her eyes connected me with her pain and I could feel her pain … That time my heart was betting hard like you .. But my story came to a beautiful turn marriage … But destiny … At getting her all love care and concern .. She left me .. ( tears rolled down from eyes)… and I feeling like I was nothing to her that so easily she left me .. At that time I was feeling like our beautiful world came to an end .. Where I was lost I forgot myself … I was broken from inside ..( he was crying literally and Rudra and shivaay both patted his shoulders and hugged him tight).. Why Ishana why you ditched me and my love??
Scene 2
@ ishani Room ( ishani = Ishana + anika)

Ishana and anika was broken their eyes were filled with tears they entered the room and sat on the bed and started crying terribly I front of their sight only one scene was there when omkara holed priya hand and shivaay holded satvika hand.. They were crying like hell when nithu , jara ,ayath entered in and locked the door..
They saw them crying and holded their hands came on their knees and sat..

Ayath and jara both lifted Ishana chin wiped the tears off ayath was gently rubbing Ishana hand and jara got up walked towards the centre table and took jar in her hands and poured water glasses for Ishana and anika nithu picked one glass and offered to both but they denied … But jara ayath and nithu forcefully made them drink..
and nithu dragged ayath and jara to a corner and said I can understand why ishana is crying but why anika di is crying so terribly as if her world has turned suddenly its strange because we all never saw her crying she is so bold na.. She used to guide all of us

Yaa I am thinking same but if she is bold that doesn’t mean that she has no feelings the thing is she the elder sister of Ishana and she has many responsibilities towards her and that might be the reason she forgot herself in protecting her sister and family ..

I guess the same but why I am feeling that she is heartbroken too like our ishu maybe it can happen and we have to find out and support them equally that’s what friends are for..
Jara and nithu nodded their heads in agreement…
Anika saw this and said ( wiping her tears ) that yeh kya phosphosee baate ho rahi hai… Jara ayath nithu surrounded anika and asked in a polite manner that why are you crying di we all friends are like sisters you can share with us if you have any problem..
Anika just nodded her head in yes with tears in her eyes and stated..
She composed herself and started narrating that incident…
7 years ago … I went … ( with a running voice she said).. Bel..bel.. Belgium
There my destiny connected me with him.. ( shivaay).
Our destiny always connected each other … Main kahi aur jaana chahati the per mere raate khud bhar khud usse jodtate the…
First I thought that must be its a coincidence but slowly slowly when time passed I understood that our strange attraction towards each other was love.. And when he said that family lineage ,blood, surname,status and what not matters for him more than our relationship I felt suffocated I not that I didn’t try to make him understand that I was only his… But after several failed attempt I was puzzled … And I back out from that relationship and came to India without a word with him…
The trio asked who is he ?? Who broke your heart ??
Ishana looked at anika stage and replied in one word… Shivaay
The trio cupped their mouths the very moment they heard shivaay…
Scene 3

In hotel corridor..
Priya satvika shaza were walking towards their rooms.
Priya said its OK ke om ne mera support liye but mujhe ab Ishana say dar lagraha hai… Woh toh mera murder kar degi please god batao me kya phasa diya mujhe …???
Satvika says ab weird faces banana bandh kar agar omkara ne ye dekha toh bhag jaaye ga or phir tu ganga jamuna bahati rehna..
Priya gives ??? an angrywala look.. And shaza smiled.. And said..
( looking at the other side) keeping her finger on her mouth om shivaay coming….

Satvika and Priya turned and the very moment from other room Ishana and anika came out to attend a very personal call and saw
( SHIVIKA = shivaay + satvika ) and anika face turned redder …

Ishana saw priyara ( priya+ omkara )
( note – sorry for these names if you all didn’t like and priya why your name is this difficult to make couple name)..

Ishana was like killed from in and was feeling like killing priya when omkara holded her hands and asked her for party intensionally to show Ishana that he has move on and there is no memories left in his life with her …
Ishana with ishkad eye thought waaah ab mera pyaar bhi mujhe saza dega main tumhe kya batao omi … Tum bhale hi meri zindagi me ab nahi ho per ab bhi meri zindagi tumhi ho…

Shivaay saw anika reflection and holded satvika hand and said thanks for supporting me always even though I was sometimes rude arrogant and what not …
Satvika thanks for not leaving me in the midway like others
( looking @ anika he said this)… Anika felt like slapping him tightly but controlled… Both sisters went in the room with mixed emotions…
Everyone gets ready for the party…

Scene 4

All friends gathered in priya room and first scolded her for hurting ishu…
Priya was like agar main ishana ke haath aai toh.. ( she swallowed saliva) woh toh mujhe dhokla samjhke kha jayegi…. O maa…????

All say together priya ….. Stop it now tune raita phela hai tuhi saaf kar hum sab jaante hai woh reason jisski wajah se ishkara separate hua te aur ishana ne humse promise liya tha ki om ya Rana Family ko is secret ke baare me paata na chale per ab secret reveal karna hoga …
Aur woh aap karegi miss.aachi dost ( all pointed their fingers at priya )..
And priya was like bacche ki jaan loge kya…
Everyone planned something..
Scene 5
@ Party..

In anika’s language everyone arrived in dinchek attires… Satvika and shivaay entered the party like hand in hand anika gave a deadly to shivaay that I should punish him for hurting me and he is again showing his taadibaaz attitude …. thoughts and shivaay walked towards their table and shivaay made her comfortable … Anika murmurs ab bus karo shivaay aur kitna comfortable karoge …
Shivaay chose a seat from where he could see anika and they had an long distance eyelock its wrong to say it eyelock really because was thinking waaah ab Mr sadu Singh oberoi apne personal kanchi aankho say mujhe shot karege …
Shivaay thinks louder panika stop giving me names otherwise.. Anika also replied in thought otherwise ?? Kya billu ji… He replied panika stop it Mann toh kar raha hai tumhe .,….
Tumhe what..? Oh hello control your thoughts ya woh bhi apki pero ki tarah break fail mode per gaye chutti per… Panika…. Billu their faces where like???… They were shooting each other
From eyes…
Ishkara saw each other and had an distance eyelock if was broke by priya entry… Omkara straightly neglected ishu because of ( past incidents) in anger and made priya sit… He complimented priya she smiled and her smile vanished when she saw Ishana reflection … She was like ab mari … Ab Mari .. Omkara offered his hand dance…she looked at him and thought omi aaj phehli baar kyu meri waat lagagene per tule ho and she got up and did a close dance with omkara and seeing them satvika and shivaay too danced on
” Pyaar manga hai tumhi say “..
Ishana was broken tears were streaming out which omkara saw but Ishana wiped it out so that media doesn’t capture it ..
Anika was so jealous by satvika that she broke glass on her hand which she was holding…. Shivaay was like oh no … Blood..
Priya leaves omkara and Ishana alone and all gang presented…
Ishq forever act…. Priya was dressed like Ishana and a guy like omkara…

Everyone was looking at them…
Music played..

Ishq labon pe,ishq duaa mein
Jism mein rooh me ishq rawaan rawaan rawaan , ishq nazar me..

Priya looked at ishkara and danced…

Ishq bashar me ( now looking @ anshi)
Ak mein ,raks me ishq e nishaan nishaan nishaan dum Malang ,Malang dum dum Malang…..
Song continued and the act played ishkara first meeting and all their moments….
Ishana literally cried badly missing those days… And can’t see more she went out and Om followed him…

Anshi cute fight shivaay did first aid.. Ishana accident…. Somo punished Rudra for hurting her and started ignoring him with a handsome bf …. Rudra jealous…

Note = Guys sorry for late update actually I am sick too oh stomach ache would kill me and if not tu private message box would kill me… Sorry for bakwaas update ….
When I will get nice response then I will disclose the next update ( part 8) date …
Thanks … Pragya ,ayeshu ,ayath for including me in your story…

Love you all a lot …

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  1. Sat

    Wow shama di, really loved it. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing

    My favourite scene
    Annika burning in anger looking at me with shivaay. Their couple looks so cute when they are jealous.
    And myself , Priya and shama Convo was awesome.
    Me dancing with shivaay was a great dream of mine
    Eye to eye Convo between the couples was awesome.
    And precap just dying for it, especially ishana’s accident. And anshi first aid. Also looking for soumya making rudra jealous.
    Finally, I love the spice in your ff di.
    Please update ASAP

    1. Thanks dear hope now there is some love spice in it and thanks for commenting your comments always mean a lot and do you know where is om shadow I mean priya??
      And yaa in your comment shama instead of shaza … Auto correction

      1. Priya15

        Om shadow??? Awwwww?????

  2. I actually felt jitters inside me while reading it….ur amazing and ur ff…I literally have no words for it….plzz update it asap cz I just leaves me wanting for more and more….

    1. Omg ….??? readers wait for my ff or OS … Thanks for commenting and I will try my best to update soon.. As I am sick… I hope u understand dear sorry for keeping u waiting

  3. Naaginfanforever

    Awesome Shama. I today read all the episodes of your ff (friends are the treasure of life by shama) and I must say. You are an amzing writer. Please continue?

    1. Thanks for commenting dear happy that everyone is happy to read my articles.. This mean a lot to me

  4. Awesummmmm….i am a big fan of ur ff. U r fantastic….!!!! I loved it….yarr…and ps update soon…..?

    1. Thanks for commenting dear and fan that’s a really big surprise to me that I too have fans who wait for my article so sweet.,.

  5. R u Arman fan

    1. Dear I didn’t understand are u talking about karan Singh grover and if yes so reply comes in positive

  6. Very cute soultalk I loved shivika scene

    1. Thanks dear I will try my best to entertain you all like this…

  7. Priya15

    Omg….di…yeh bacchi ko mar denge yeh log…sach mei….

    Co ka matlab kya hai???

    1.priya – sat – shaza ka scene

    It is sooo cute.
    Sat dear..ganga yamuna wah???kud tum phas gayi ho leking mujhe tease kar rahi ho???? is cmng and priya is in fear seeing ishu…yeh om ko abhi aanatha kya???

    Di..make is PRIKARA.. Dekhiye kitna accha suit hua hai???

    3.this scene was sooo hillarious…?????

    Bechari ko kitna daandoge yr…mei toh jaan boochkar nahi ki thi..yeh tho destiny ka kel hai..wt to do….?

    And the secret???? Miss..acche dosth (i like this name??)???omkara se????

    Yeh khahan phasa diya???

    4.close dance???..ishkara immitation..luved it…

    Precap ????…ishu acci???

    Luv u di..loads of hugs to u…

    1. Thanks dear I will make it prikara and co means comedy dear…and yaa wait for the next

  8. Ishqkum

    O nice episode .plz update next soon.they are becoming jealous it is marvelous

  9. Renimarenju

    Bshama ….Really this one is awesome…omkara’s pov…part ….i loved it yaar…and priyaara….scene …..was so natural….just a glance..but lot to say….i felt like that….And anika feelng jealous to see shivaay with satvika scene ……was really lovable…..This one is really extra-ordinary…..Good Job….And u have conveyed emotions of all characters in this part so well……..
    Very very very nice ff……Mindblowing

    1. Di aapne fix kiya hai kya ki aap mujhe aapne comments compliment say cloud 9 pe hi rakhogi seriously thanks for commenting and for these sweet words

      1. Renimarenju

        This one is really good bshama…..and iss baar utna long bhi nahi….so i was able to read it fully..and it was easy for me 2 point out also…..keep it up…yaar…and maine fix nahi kiya hai….tumhari ff…..really this one i felt as wonderful….

    2. Priya15

      U luved ishkara glance ryt?? Di..

  10. Nice episode but ishana’s accident then how they can see the act

    1. After watching the act Ishana went out and om followed her hope now ur clear with track dear thanks for commenting

  11. awesome dear.waiting for next

  12. Soo cute…. it’s awesome Shama Di. Sorry for not commenting on the previous posts…

  13. Nithu

    I’m soo sry di…..for late comments….I loved epi…to the core…Di…I was busy di that’s the reason ..I dint comment..Di I’m sry….I loved it di….??????

    1. Its OK dear thanks for commenting after the hectic schedule dear did u get selected in nature and where is ur mail I’d dear

      1. Nithu

        Di i Dint send them…my mom not dad are not supporting me..?but this year..I’ll surely make them to understand me…so that if the world is against me…they’ll be beside me di…n di I have sent you might via hangouts di…

      2. Nithu

        That is msg nt might

  14. Cuteprincess

    I am sorry for commenting late…sorry didi sorry..
    the precap was sooo good.. soumya with bf ..hahahah..rudra will break his dam of tears..
    shivaay and anika are cute even when they are angry..
    I liked the way you included your friends in the episode ..its too cute..

    1. Ur comment is as cute as u dear thanks for compliment dear

  15. Shama d how r u n hows ur mother d ..??
    @Sorry d for not commenting on some partss of this os….d i was busy n few hours ago i read all the parts….i lve ur os to the core….always m waiting for ur os…d ….

    @ur new os on anshi is alsoo really really very awsome d……

    M loving ur both os ….u know ur os’s are one of fvrt so when i see next episode always a biggg smile comes on my face….love u d…u r rocking……

    Hope u forgive me ….hoping that i’ll never repeat this next time…sorry once again d ..

    1. Its OK dear it happens and u no in real IB Somo ex bf is coming for priyanka alliance let’s see how Rudra will react thanks for commenting dear

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