friends are the treasure of life ( part 6) by shama

Guys , a serious request please comment a lot if you like it as I am getting very less comments only 17 now please drop your suggestions and you’re favorite scenes from my ff and plz understand my situation I am greedy for you’re comments nothing else…
And sorry for this maha pakau post
Present Episode.. ( Part 6 )
@ United Kingdom…

Scene 1
In flight
In was morning there , the flight has a safe landing with jerk .. And priya wakes up due to jerk and found herself holding omkara hand tightly and omkara says finally my sleeping beauty woke up
( and adjusted his shoulder and whole body as he was sitting still whole night)

Priya sees this and said sorry omkara.. She felt bad that due to her omkara suffered so much …
( she looks down with sad face).. Omkara saw this and playfully hits her forehead… Knock knock… He hits..
Priya looks at him … And says what?

Yippie I won for the first time from you he said with a victory smile…
Priya asked won what om???
Omkara with wider smile says today’s day would be written in the history as I became you’re “alarm clock”..
Priya smiles and looked at the window that we are in UK now…
OK now you get down first I will catch you later as I forgot something.
Omkara gets up from his seat but cannot move further..
Priya said go na..
Om replied with a smile that if you will leave my hand then only I can go na..
She looked and left his hand ( rapidly)..

@ Shivaay and satvika seats…

Shivaay was in sleep and was dreaming on anika with a smile on his face.. Satvika saw this and thought that ” anika ” must be magical that the great wall of shivaay also failed in front of her .. I must meet her one day..
( she don’t know that anika Ishana didi has a past with shivaay)…
@ Rudy and shaza seats..
Rudra says you know I am very sad 😭 that’s why I am sharing it you dear..
Shaza pats his shoulder.. And says Rudra don’t be a crybaby OK …
Rudra looked at her and said don’t call me that as Somo can only call me ..
Shaza reacts oooooo… I am sorry ( holding her ears) Rudra as somya has only having this right…
Rudra regained his senses and said its not that OK…
You know my o has become paraya dhan… He only remains in Ishana and forgets me and bade bhaiyya..
Shaza smiles and said bade bhaiyya that means someone is missing somya..
Priya goes to other friends seat and hits her forehead.. Uff satvika also joined her eyes popped out all were sleeping nicely… (Hand in hand )..
Satvika says to priya dekha inki jay veeru wali dosti.. Priya smile…
They both started waking them
(Suchi shatashi goms).…

One by one they wake up first suchi ( yawns)..

Oh priya Teri problem kya hai omkara ne tera correct naam rakha hai ” alarm clock” …
Goms ( with half opened eyes)..

Priya tu yaha kya kar rahi duffer.. Yaha Iss plane me Ishana bhi hai bhul gayi kya tujhe tu yaha Nahi hona chahiye na..

Shatakshi says yaa dear … And peeks out from her blanket and said oh satvika tum bhi yaha mujhe toh laga tha ki shivaay the great wall ki boundaries me hi phasee hoti GI … Goms ,shatakshi and suchi did hi5 …

Both satvika and priya said together shut up.. And turned to go and satvika eyes popped out and said…
Oh no and pulled priya and they squatter down priya saw and said khatere ki ganti πŸš”πŸš“ Ishana… Omg ..
Satvika says waaah alarm clock ko bhi daar lagta hai… Nice…
Suchi goms shatakshi hided themselves in the blanket and was fighting … Suchi said arrey yaar chod mujhe de mujhe bhi danger say bachana hai and snatched the blanket and goms and shatakshi were like hell confused and panicked…
Kya kare… Goms took the magazine and opened it and pretended as she is reading and shatakshi bend down as she was searching some things… Ishana crossed them and everyone took sigh… Priya was about to get up when Ishana came back and shatakshi goms who was peeking through magazine satvika hitting her forehead..
Nithu saw this and all others hiding she said ye log plan ki vaat laga kar hi manege and Ishana says excuse me ( to goms).. No reply ..
She said I know you must be busy in reading but you’re magazine is upside down..
Goms looked at it and hits her head and takes off the magazine… And the very moment Ishana turned as nithu called her out… And she goes….

@ airport terminal…
Luggage receiving process was going on…
Rudra took his luggage and helped shaza too .. Somo was like killing Mr. Lady killer.. And took her bag angrily and by mistaken kept it on Rudra foot and Rudra screams…
And somya gets worried and made him sit nearby and squatters down and holded his feet and rested in on her lap… And opened her luggage and applied ointment on it and shaza saw this and smiles..
Shivaay and omkara both saw Rumya and said yeh ho kya raha hai… And they were smiling and thinking humara Rudy kissiko Nahi chodta…
and shivaay luggage goes to anika ( same colour luggage bags).. So their luggage exchange..
Rudra looks at shivom and then at luggage bag……
( anika took shivaay bag and went and left her bag which was assumed as shivaay bag from Rudra)
Rudra said bhaiyya woh jaa rahi hai pointed at bag … And ( anika was also walking )..
Kyon jaa rahi hai Rudra ??
Teri koi ex- girlfriend kya om stated
Somya gave a deadly glance and our darpok baby got scared and said…
Kya Bhai … Meri koi gf Nahi jaa rahi balki Aapka luggage jaa raha hai dekho …
Shivaay and omkara turned and shivaay ran to grab his bag because we don’t want to wait more… He grabbed it … ( anika bag)..
Rudra said haash ….. Luggage mila…
Anika and Ishana walked out… And friends gang followed them … And suddenly puts a break on their legs and stops..
Suchi said omg they are so handsome.. Pointing towards some Indian tourist…
Yaar I am in love please hold me if I fall shatakshi said….
Somya also from far was looking at him …
Omg… So handsome…
Rudra thinks that he was complimented and started playing with his hair… And then looked at her to say thanks when he saw her starring at others boys..
He boils in anger and took his leg back from her lock and said.. Somo chale ..
She said starring at the boys nooooo…
Please na..
Rudra dragged her out in anger and warned her… Then a boy from that group comes and complicated somya that she is cute….
Somo blushed and said so sweet…
So sweet …. Yack ha itna sweet ki mujhe diabetes ho rahi hai…
He dragged her and gave a deadly glance to the boy…
The boy waved his hand in bye.. Somo also lifted her hand but Rudra pulled it back…
Shivaay crosses anika and Ishana and reminisces the perfume which was filled in air and apart from this anika to sensed his presence …
And they all came out..
Nithu took selfies with anika Ishana and took some beautiful pics of airport garden and pretty flowers… Due clicking pictures she was unknowingly heading towards omkara and suchi saw this and became wall in between and started talking…
Omkara saw this but ignored and ayath came to pick Ishana anika nithu in car ..
Ananya in other car picked friends gang … Omrushiv shaza Somo priya in one car organized by Vikram…
They all reached hotel Paradise..

Ishana entered in and omkara too then Ishana and omkara picked their room keys from different receptionists … And SHIVIKA and ishkara walked towards lift and they didn’t saw the board wet floor and Ishana slipped and omkara was behind her he holded her and the moment she turned the scene freezes and oh saathiya plays….
Anika also slipped into shivaay arms straightly and hugged him

o jaana..
Khoya khoya raheta hai dil tarap ke kehta hai tu hi hai jeene ki wajah
O jaane ….

Omkara gave an angry wala look and wanted to shout but it was a public place so shivom kept quite and entered the lift with satvika and priya hand in hand…
Ishaani ( Ishana & anika) was heart broken.
And entered the other lift with super sad face…
Omkara opened his room in haste and went in shivru also came…

Omru said shivaay in room that you can’t understand the means was love and its because you don’t love someone from the core… He breaks the vase and throws his coat on bed and sat on bed holding his head…
Shivaay said to Omkara and Rudra that I know the meaning of love because I too had a love story with someone whom I loved to the core and tear droplets roll down his eyes…
You loved someone shivaay whom omkara questioned ??
Ha.. Bhaiyya whom do you love and that too the core..
Shivaay turned towards them and sat without uttering a word that tears were streaming out… He took deep breathe and with great difficulty started narrating ….
” everyone and everything changes according to time…
My life also changed when she made entry and after falling for her she made sudden exit …
Our first weird meeting…
@ 7 years ago in Belgium..

Shivaay was in a cafe nearby and was busy with his phone surfing email… Shivaay was here to meet a client and was sitting his mom called him and on
phone convo she started giving options for alliances he got irritated and disconnected the call and broke the phone.
The phone was thrown out on road … A girl came running actually saving her life from some police inspectors and due to phone she falls down with a bang… Police holded her and asked visa and passport…
Shivaay entered to pick his broken phone and anika gave him a hug and said jaano why you left me over there I was missing you so much..
Who the hell are you ?!! I don’t know her
She whispered that ab tumne ye raita phelya hai toh tum saaf karo tumhari wajah say agar in logone mujhe Belgium me rehane diya toh main tumhara phone tumhare sir per de marugi… Samjhe …
Cops asked shivaay do you know her sir ???
She was still in his arms he gestures yes.. And the cops leave …..
And anika leaves shivaay and both were like yuck…. Eu what the wack !!!
And who is jaano by the way how dare you call me that ha??. Shivaay stated
Anika said oh hello aapko jaano main toh kya meri chandhni ya chameli ( sandals ) bhi na bole …
And she goes and meanwhile turned and gave her phone to him to break…
They both share an deadly dangerous eyelock…
He holded her from wrist and said don’t you know with whom talking ..
Anika freed herself and bids bye by calling him jaanu….
Don’t call me that…
Jaanu jaanu tumhe na pehchanu… And goes..
Flashback ends..

My first meeting was so weird more than that she was weird but cute…
Anika repeated the same to Ishana and nithu… Staff arrived and invited them for party…
Omkara asked priya for be company for him shivaay asked satvika Rudra asked shaza…
priya does a close dance Ishana feels broken and sees all this with teared eyed and faint omkara picked her in arms…
Shivaay made anika jealous… Anika bits him hard with teared eyes…
Somo punished Rudra for hurting him.

Sorry guys for short because of my mom sickness… And bore…episode sorry


  1. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Haha…funny episode di….

    Tq soooo much.. Mujhe na flight par jaane ka wish hai..par destiny abhi tak nahi ho paaya…ur os mein hogaya…

    Kya baat hai..sleeping beautyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Trust me my smile didnt change till i read the precap..the whole os is amazing… and me in plane..he is my alarm clock… I was like..voh itna suffer kiya hai meri alarm clock ke vajah se…becharaπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ holding hand…i was like 😍😍shayad iss scene ko ishu dekhi hogi toh bas mera character khatam☺☺☺ n my frns..yeh tha aaj ki epi mein sabse maza waala sequence…
    Jay veeru waali dosthi…s sat u r ryt…

    Suchi… Mei tumhare bhi alarm clock hogayi.. Trust me yr..socho..tum meri second om ho na..u should be happy😘😘😘😘

    Goms di..mei aapki duffer hun …kitna naam doghe yr…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Priya to ishu..khatare ki ganti.. Haha..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Hare yr..sat alarm clock matlab mei bhi insaan hun na..dar toh lagta hai yr..aakhir ayi hun ishu ki om ke saath…

    Goms di..i m soo proud of ur talent.. Book reading upside down..superbπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œjust kidding..

    Hand in hand😍😍😍😍superb…

    Om be logical..mei toh tumhare accompany ke saath hi aayi hun…so wts the need to say…but ya..iss vajah mujhe bahut khatara hai….

    Overall funny waala epi di…

    Precap was amazing…

    Di pls say me wt was co????

    Luv u di..loads of hugs to u ..

  2. |Registered Member

    Sorry for no co meaning you’re going to find in next episode so sorry and you like this bakwaas comedy well thanks for making my day dear by you’re comments and your comment made me lol…. Thanks

  3. Pragya


    |Registered Member

    Hi shama..

    Actually I liked rumya and shioms what’s happening……yes our rudi Kisi KO nahi jod tha……..😍

    Next is were the could feel their presence….actually its something cute…..
    And shivika moments…..i loved it and the precap…….priya this not fair……u made ishana cry…….( no offence with Priya) and faint……….and Shivay think how much you are go repent for the way ur with Anika………
    Excited for next episode…… post is soon…..😍😍😍

    • |Registered Member

      Thanks akka unnako podkida nan rumbo happy… Unnod comments padchi … Thanks avlada in no where is season 2 epi waiting eagerly

  4. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Sorry 4 commenting late yaar….Bshama….As not getting time 2 read…..and i have also written an ishkara ff….but my ffs are too short..And this part i loved flight scene of priya and omkara…..shivkara …{om and sso} asking rudra “yeh kya ho raha hai”sowmya’s deadly glance….loved these things and enjoyed it…..Really awesome…..But time is very big issue for me…and ur ff is bit long….I mean… am not getting time yaar….to read it fully… i just go through it…..sorry if i hurt u

    • |Registered Member

      Its a big thing di that u gave ur view and glance that’s enough for me and yaa I red ur ff too but till part 5 fully and I will try to finish my work and read ur others updates

  5. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Sry for the late comment …πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‰..the episode was rocking πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰..and funny…couldn’t stop smiling while reading it …..ur superb ….eagerly waiting for the next one ..pls post it ASAP… you loadsβ™₯οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜„

  6. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Shama di,
    First point: sorry for the late comment. I just came from school right now. I started reading all the ffs

    Second point: thanks for the awesome comments for my ff. Just loved them

    Third point: you asked my favourite scene right. Here it is. Me holding shivaay’s hand making annika jealous and the whole conversation with my friends. And also the rumya airport scene

    Fourth point: di, we can never get writers like you Yar. I am not a poet, so I couldn’t write big big limes about you but still I feel like expressing all my views to you.

    Fifth point: are these comments enough or you want still more. If you want still more from my mouth, just tell me ok

    And finally, love you diii😘😍😍😘😘😍😘

    • |Registered Member

      I know you are busy dear and thanks for comments views etc I loved it and no need of long comments because if u write just one word also its enough u know what friends ….
      That’s why I gave this title

      • Sat


        |Registered Member

        Shivaay +annika= shivika
        Shivaay+sathvika= shivika
        That was great. Just discovered. More to make annika jealous

  7. Ayath


    |Registered Member

    aweome epi yaar….by the way shivika scene was awesome after reading precap am eagerly waiting for the next epii….see u soon take care dear

  8. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    Bshama…..i just go through all parts of ur ff…and just want to say you have done really a different thing.Your characterisation is amazing. And it is not very easy to combine all characters in a single ff. And thats why i felt your ff as bit long.And u said this last one as short but i didn’t felt so.And it is not at all boring.And if you don’t mind please try to make next one as a bit short.Initially I felt confusing as i didn’t followed it naa….Sorry…….And yaar…..U have a great future in writing…..Seriously your ffs are superb……

    • |Registered Member

      Renima di I am at cloud9 seriously didn’t expected this compliment from you …. And here on this tu I found a family which is more with friends dear ..
      Jara – blockbuster
      Ayath – Story setter in suspense
      Renima di – intense Queen of love
      Ananya – suspense ki maharani
      Goms – gg – genius goms – humor Queen…
      Satvika – all rounder karan johar .
      Shaza – as drama Queen…
      Many more … Happiness overloaded

  9. Goms


    |Registered Member

    Choco sorry for the late comments.. actually am helping my juniors in their project works as my HOD asked me to do that… Just now I read this part.. It’s really awestruck… And am in love with your writing..
    Write more sweety.. Waiting for your other parts..

    Me.? Reading magazine upside down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Fun.. Nice.. Your ff, os, attracts me..
    Love you choco…

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