Friends are the treasure of life ishkara os by shama


Hello guys , I am shama here many of you would know me and many you don’t know me… This is the first time I am writing an OS for you guys but its one shot it the first an last os for you guys.. I hope you all will appreciate me all negative and positive are welcomed…
Introduction of the main characters in this Os

1.Omkara RanaYes guys Rana and not oberoi his the son of Janvi and Vikram Rana and the only heir of Rana Empire.. His has two cousin brothers shivaay and Rudra..
He is separated from his wife years ago.. After this failure he became like heartless though he was having a heart but not its heartbeats… His heartbeats was his beloved Wife which left him due to some reasons.. His looks is totally different from IB ..

2. Ishana Omkara Rana..
A perfect combination of beauty with brains.. She was a leading fashion icon she was the trendsetter what ever she would carry it would become the latest trending styles… She was a sensation but was a very kind hearted lady down to earth from nature.. Due to circumstances she has to leave her husband..3. Vikram Rana and Janvi Rana.
Parents of omkara , they had only one child and they wanted him to live his life to the fullest with their daughter in law ishana .. They have sensed that omkara is physical present here but mentally absent.. He forgot his life and now he was totally dedicated towards his family business..4. Ayath { hasna} and Jara
( college buddies of ishkara ).

Jara was now a famous author she was kind hearted and was the bestie of ishana from college.. Ayath was the bestie of omkara.. They were the reason behind their love story or reunion..
Actually in the college ishkara was having many good friends who used to support them at good or bad times like a concrete wall we can say
” The Great Wall of friendship “.
Ishana friends gang..

Ishana was the captain of the gang .. Ayath ,Jara, Shaza, Ananya, nithu priya,shatakshi , suchi was the most precious friends for her in her life.. After the college finished… They separated their ways but where still in touch..Omkara friends gang..
Ayath and jara was the common link between them more than that he had less friends from ishana in his gang
The adviser means the gyani was sat and shivani..
The gang was having a powerful charger to charge them selves it was none other than their personal laughter dose goms..
{ especially for my friends gang hope you all will love it}

The beautiful sunlight enlightened the room through the window …it showed its brightness and energy on a guy who was nicely sleeping.. He covered his face from blanket to avoid the direct contact with sun… A girl entered the house and janvi ordered her that plz do one favor on me she told some thing to the girl and she straightly went to the room where the guy was sleeping she knocked the door many times but no reply.. So she opened the door and went in.. She saw the guy sleeping nicely.. She hits her forehead and straightly
goes and pulls the blanket tightly… And says it 7:00 please wake up omi..
Omkara with half opened eyes looks straight.. And says oh my mata priya …
You’re not my friend but enemy of my sleep…??
Priya makes an angry wala face? and takes a pillow which was near to him and hits him playfully and says I your enemy haaaa.. Wait I will show you omi..——————
Omkara tries to defend himself by another pillow but failed.. He finally gets up from his bed and says Maine tera correct naam rakha hai Mr alarm clock.. Priya I know your my family friend but this is not the way.. And makes a puppy face..
Priya says omi don’t make faces like Rudy I will not let you sleep its 7 already and its our first day in college remember or tumhare memory bhi Rudy jitni ho gayi I mean single digit..
Omkara was taking out his clothes from cupboard and when he heard the word ” Single digit ” he thrown another pillow on her.. And said you wait here I will be back in just a second.. Then we will settle our pending accounts.. And goes to take shower..
She goes down and was sitting on the dinning table when omkara arrived there in white rounded inner and skyblue overcoat with book.. He was looking handsome… Like most wanted munda types.. He goes behind priya and playfully hits her with book.. They had a cute convo and they went to the college with a ton of blessing from their family..
Scene shifts to college

Omkara and priya enters the college in Audi… Everyone was amazed to see him … He entered the college by walking.. Kukad kamal ka plays in background.. When he crossed the crowd the girls automatically started fainting by his cool dude attitude.. Every girl wanted to become his girlfriend but when they saw priya with him they all were burning.. In envy..

{ sorry guys for so filmy track please bear for me my dear…}
Omkara was walking in the passage when he heard a beautiful voice of gugrus from bangles.. He was attracted towards it.. He was following the sound and priya was following him. He entered room where a girl was dancing.. On sun saathiya.. She was dressed in a suit which was enhancing her beauty more omkara and priya was on the entrance… Omkara was mesmerized by her dance actually he didn’t see her face because she was facing her back and doing practice..
The girls gang…Clapped and motivating her… Suddenly from back ayath called her name.. “Ishana”
Ishana turned… And omkara reacted as in mind what cute Name she has.. Ishana.. Priya eyebrows raised to the top because he was aloud to say that..
Ayath and ishana was chatting when jara entered and informed everyone that the classes are about to begin everyone rushed towards the class..
Ishana took her place where she always sits..
Every girl in the class was waiting for omkara.. Every girl was ready to share seat with him but he straightly went and sat near ishana..

Priya and girls gang was astonished with this.. Ishana looked at him and he looked her they both shared an eyelock.. Slowly the days passed and the girls gang and the boys gang were nice friends but not ishkara…
Daily they used to see omkara trying hard to go close to ishana but also failed…Ishana used to maintain distance from him ….because she was also attracted towards him but don’t want to accept.. One such day… In canteen ishana was absent..
But all others were present.. Omkara eyes were only searching ishana..
Ayath and jara told him ki poora college bhi scan karlo ge tab bhi nahi mile GI..
Omkara pretends to be innocent and says kiski baat kar rahe ho tum log I don’t know??? Really are you talking about ishana so I am not searching her.
Everyone laughed and said that omkara tumhare parents ne tumhare naam bilkul correct rakha hai and from now of wards hum tujhe bhole baba bolege…
Omkara makes a face ?? OK fine now stop pulling my leg he said with a low voice.. Yes I am searching ishana but you know guys every girl is going crazy for me… Girls gang coughs and says not us…. Sat interrupts and says let him speak omkara thanked him .

Every one was silent now..Omkara said that ishana is only a girl who is not at all interested in me … But I am interested in her… But from day one she didn’t even turn up she is close to you all but not me…. Why so??
Am I a bacteria..?? day by day when I came to know about her good nature her lifestyle etc.. Etc.. I slowly started developing feelings for her but.. She is not showing any interest in me…
————-Sat patted his shoulder to console him he was really upset and low because of ishana’s weird behavior.

Jara and ayath said we know ishu from the beginning she never behaved like this before.. Yaa suchi joins their convo and says whenever we talk about you omkara infront of her she avoids the topic straightly … Listening this omkara gets more upset…

Scene shifts to ishana…
Ishana was crying her room holding a group photo of the friends gang in which omkara was there.. Tears droplets fall on his photo and she rubs it off gently and touched omkara photo and said omkara I know that you want to come close to me but I can’t do this I don’t believe in love and I know if I will be in your company I will surely fall in love with you for which I am not ready now..
Scene shifts to college again
Offo , everyone says together … tomorrow is rose day when boys propose their love interest.. You also propose her ..
Girls gang nodded their heads in agreement … Omkara looks up towards them and says tum Sab pagal ho.. Fully crack pieces in my sena…
Goms enters says yes we are fully crazy for she gestures everyone from her hands all they all say together

And then they all form a train … And started singing ishana’s favorite song dil toh pagal hai dil deewana hai..
Goms cuts the a line and says per isne naa jaana hai… Then suddenly their track changed to I love you… Song from bodyguard..
Omkara laughed at their funny actions.
And agreed to propose ishana tomorrow…
Suddenly the music changed and now they all were singing dil deewana bin sajana ke mane naa..

Priya got a call from Rana mansion it was janvi on line ..priya didn’t want to spoil their moment she gestured jara ayath
That Om mom on line… Jara ? OK go out…
Priya informs janvikram that omkara is in love with a girl in the college who is actually your replica by nature aunt..
Janvikram says really that’s a good news that our son is showing interest in a girl otherwise we thought that he is only study and workaholic but he proved us wrong..
Janvi asks angrily ki humare saheb jaada kya hai or I wanna talk to him he has not even given a hint to us about he is in love …. I wanna know every thing from day 1..
Sat nithu arrived and asked through gestures that every thing is OK or not..
The trio begins the story … And inside the girls gang didn’t allow omkara to move .. Because omkara was a bit conscious about his life he didn’t want his parents to know about ishana till she agrees the proposal
Jara ayath suchi ananya goms finds a topic which will stick omkara to his chair for many hours… That was ishana life nature etc…
Omkara was willing to go some where but when the topic straightly goes to ishana his ears?? got stuck.. There he sits there and drops the idea to go..
Girl gang started to tell omkara..
Jara starts to describe her nature by a shayari..

She is like a puzzle to u bhole baba

Do baate unse ki dil ka dard kyo gaya,
Logo ne humse pucha ke tumko kya hogaya,
Bekraar aankho say Hans kar rehgaye ye bhina kah sake ki Hume pyaar hogaya…

Ishana’s nature is like a mirror but for you its a puzzle because now you don’t know her properly..
Suchi takes over… Ishana is a girl who runs from relationship and love..

Ayath takes over… And says maybe ishana likes you from heart but she will never agree on this note …
Goms takes over and says that she loves you… Because her mind will not allow her to do so..
Omkara gave a confused look that why she is running from love ?? Love is the medicine for every wound..

Till this janvikram comes to know about ishkara.. And was shocked with the fact that ishana is not showing interest in our Hera beta why?? Janvikram determined that they will find why?? Vikram called his friend to take information that who is ishana..
His friend ensured him that he will give all the info in detail and asked time for it…
Scene shifts to ishana room
She says after that incident happened I don’t believe in love so how can I join you all in tomorrow Rose day.. I am not gonna attend it.. A voice answered in a commanding tone that no you are going tomorrow college.. She turned and was shocked to see siso anika there.. She straightly went in her arms locked her and cried like a baby cries in mumma arms….
Anika made her sit on her bed and playfully hits her forehead and says ishu son you will go OK.. Ishana nods in no anika slapped her lighted and said its a command dear….

Girls gang and boys gang together decorated the college with others..
All were tired terribly so they slept there itself…. All boys were sleeping on each other and all girls gang was disturbed by them they went in in the other room to sleep… Jara ayath together … Nithu suchi… Ananya..priya
They all slept after a long discussion that how to call ishu.. They all sat in a circle and discussed… They all wrote a letter to ishu from omi…
In which they prepared a khichadi..
Ishu ayath started… Jara hits her playfully and says we are writing this letter on behalf of Om and why would he call ishana as her petname ishu..
Is he bf haaa…Your hair is like waves which take my heart away from me… Dhubha main tujhme toh kinara mil gaya.. Your eyes are like a mirror in which your soul straightly reflects..
Tere pyaar me do pal ki zindagi bahut hai ek pal ki hansi aur ek palki khushi bahut hai…

This letter reached to anika who came to meet omkara in college late night.
They prepared the letter and slept the door was open the letter traveled from air to anika…
Anika squatters down and picked the letter and red it she smiled and went from there with out meeting omi… She slowly goes in and keeps that letter near her pillow and sleeps …
At midnight one of the girl wake up to drink water… When she found that letter was missing she shaked everyone and asked everyone that humne joh letter pakaya means banaya tha woh kaha hai it was a rough copy and not the fair one…
Ishu gets up in midnight and saw that letter below the pillow she reads it and smiles… Ab toh aapse milna hi padega pranath…
Anika was listening this with closed eyes and smiled…
Next day Rose day…
Everyone was looking smashing and dashing… Omkara was the centre of attraction he was in cream three piece suit…
And was eagerly waiting for his ladylove.. Ishana..
Ishana arrived in an off shoulder ball grown…
Jaw dropping look each and every guy was giving… To her one by one each and every guy tried his luck offered their roses to ishana.. Ishana straightly went to girls gang…. Every guy danced for especially ishana…
Mann ma emotion jaage… Plays in background..
And omkara was burning in angerbecause everyone was flatting with his love lady…. Omkara drank cocktails and went to the dance floor with ishana in his arms.. High heels, nacho re, many songs played and they were dancing as a couple complimenting each other…
Omkara came on his knees bow down and asked ishana to be only his…
Everyone was shocked…..
But girls gang and boys gang pressurized ishana to say yes…. Ishana didn’t answer but danced with him on ishq shava…

Anika called her and asked her to agree the proposal…
Anika said
Dekh ishu baccha her kisi ki life me love nahi hota agar woh tujhe pyaar karta hai…ayath and jara also said the same…
Omkara was sad that ishana has not replied.. But happy become for the first time she danced with me so comfortably… He was in the music room where he saw her for the first time.. She entered the room and closed the door and hugged him… And said I know u said I love you.. Omkara looked at her and was constantly thinking what happened to her all of a sudden…. She replied with a K*** which left omkara spellbound..
She told that I am sorry I behaved so rudely with you actually some years ago an incident happened in our family life with some one special to my heart..
That’s why I hate love to the core.. Omkara..
Omkara said if you wish you can share with me…. And if your not comfortable so drop it…. He was about to go he stood up to go…
Ishana holded his hand from back and said …………….. ( secret) omkara was shocked to hear it… Ishana breaks down in his arms and cries…
Omkara promised her that what happened in the past will never take place again dear… Days months flattered like clouds.. Now they all were separated but still in touch they all used to meet each other once in a year and stayed at least a week..
Jara was an author now shaza a nutritionist.. Ayath as a script setter and director.. Etc..Ishana became the fashion icon.. Omkara a famous industrialist… Ishana used to come on fashion magazines omkara in business shaza in health, jara and ayath and others in Bollywood magazine…
After ishkara was settled they got engaged with a big bash…. And soon marriage too …
All the gang gathered and teased nicely …..


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