Friends are the treasure of life ishkara OS ( part5) by shama

All in UK…
Precap for the upcoming episode
Ishkara and shivika face off … Gang expected world war 3 but their was silence…
Priya and omkara close dance… Ishana was silently watching and burning..
Shivaay and satvika closeness made anika insecure
Somya angry with Rudra due to shaza.

After meeting Ishana and anika convo between bros..
Omkara and Rudra asked shivaay that he can’t define “love” as he is unaware of it.. Rudra says bhaiyya as we all know that you are the great wall of shivaay which don’t allow any problem or everyone to enter in your life right??

Omkara nodes his head in agreement and says shivaay you will never understand my situation… When everyone really close to your heart goes suddenly or breaks it… Let it be cut this stuff you will never understand.. And omru was about to go when they saw …
Shivaay was filled with emotions and he was holding “a tear droplet” in hand

Which actually made omru shocked.. And shivaay said I understand… whatever you said now …
“I too had a love story ” with someone whom I miss from the core of my heart..
Omru looked at each other and said “ishqbaazi” shivaay…
Precap ends…
Sometime Before..
Omkara and priya reached Rana Mansion..

Omkara was super angry because of the conference he straightly went in his room for prior preparations to UK without willingness.. Priya walked in with million of thoughts striking her mind she was actually feeling guilty that for the very first time she had to hide something from omkara.. She was walking and was about to get hit by the sofa when Vikram holded her and she came back to reality like in fraction of seconds..
Vikram sensed that she seemed tensed, puzzled with some thing he turned her towards her now they were face to face.. He gently stroked her head and said … Priya what happened ? You’re tensed haaa..?

She was silent for awhile and then a thought strikes her mind that omkara admires his father a lot he can help me.. She was thinking when again Vikram asked the same question ?
She looked here and there the place was full of servants.. Then she looked at him .. He understood that it is something serious behind her silence he takes her to his room.

@ Vikram room…
Vikram made her sit and he sat beside her she started.. Uncle when a person feels guilty for something ?
Vikram was confused that why all of a sudden she is asking this question but when he saw curiosity in her innocent eyes he replied..
” When we hurt someone intensionally due to circumstances or unknowingly when we hide something from our loved ones then we feel guilty dear.”
But after replying her question a question arises in his mind.. That is she hiding something serious from us or sejal ( her mom )…

He gently stroked her head and said I am like your dad dear I consider omkara and you for me are same… If something is going wrong in your life so you can share with me… Priya smiled on her thought that I was right uncle can understand situations very well..
She begin to narrate the whole tale..
Uncle you remember how omkara dragged Ishana out of his house and life but he can’t throw her out from his mind , thoughts ,soul ..
He still have a soft corner for her somewhere in his heart.. Which has vanished suddenly due to obstacles ,circumstances which took place long ago in their life’s like tornado.. Which destructed everything behind…
Vikram gets up takes a deep breathe..
and said how can I forget that incident which turned my son into a heartless person especially for Ishana..
He turned towards priya.. Priya continued when Ishana was leaving this place as per omkara wish I saw something weird in her eyes like you saw and sensed it was surely guilt for hiding real facts…
Vikram reacts… How do you know this are you in touch with Ishana she nodes in yes.. And said after she left this place I followed her and found her innocent… She narrated whole flashback and present situations..
Vikram smiled and patted her cheek and said thanks dear now don’t worry omkara will surely come with you to UK…

@ omkara room..
He was at the entrance of the door and found him busy with files he thought that this is not the appropriate time to discuss.. Omkara was facing his back towards him.. He turned to go and omkara said.. Dad and Vikram turned.. Omkara continued .. You never need permission to enter my room he turned they both are face to face now..
Vikram and omkara sat on bed omkara closed his file which we was holding and kept it aside.. Vikram kept hand on his shoulder and with a smile on his face he asked a question ??
( for testing his mind)…and priya words..
See omkara today one alliance came for you .. We know the girl very well .. She is beautiful ,intelligent and a lover of art like Ishana… As you have decided earlier that you have to move on so here the opportunity is knocking your door..
Omkara was like hell shocked and said..
“Alliance” … What the wack
(he gets up in anger ) and my answer is no forever …

Vikram smiled on his reply and changed his tone into serious why?? That Ishana you only thrown her out of your life that middle class , feeling less girl didn’t deserve you…
” Middle class feeling less girl there words pricked him somewhere inside his heart because he still loves Ishana ”

He looked at Vikram with anger.. And Vikram kept on saying that Ishana will not enter your life again without your permission and you’re not going to give her that even she comes front of your sight right??
Omkara said yaa with no feeling but his heart and soul was denied it straightly.. And he continued.. He kept a big stone on his heart and said I don’t care if she comes in front of me I hate her… And he packed his luggage and said I will prove you that she doesn’t affect me and I am going to UK…

Vikram looked at entrance and gestures thumbs up .. Priya looks at it cups her mouth with hand and lots of happiness and texted everyone one ?? idea ki dhukan ka kamal omkara is on… And danced jumped in happiness like crazy..
@ Ishana home ..
Nithu was about to enter the house when she saw sparks in electrical wires she ran into and saw that this was straightly heading towards Ishana room where she was with that person she ran into the room and pushed Ishana because she was about to switch on the TV.. And in no time TV catches fire ..
Everyone shocked … The fire flame was at height that anything could happen the Ac could blast.. The three reacted they ran here and there and splashed plenty was water on it and while going so Ishana phone which was in her pocket falls into water and damaged… But their life’s where safe…
Ishana and that person thanked nithu…
And nithu saw the TV and the mobile and thought waaah bhagwan jiss kaam ke liye aai thi woh toh aapne kardi …

The trio packs their luggage and nithu to text everyone work done ??
Friends gang and ishkara shivaay Rudra boarded the flight…
Anika entered the same flight unknowingly
( she is unaware of the plan).. Due to her presence shivaay felt discomfort actually he felt anika close to him and started searching him all over in flight.
He was in the beginning and anika took her seat just beside Ishana in the ending…
He was about to see anika but air hostess called him out and he turned and she requested him to take his place as the plane was upto depart. Anika was busy with her iPad but she was observing a person (shivaay) arguing with the air hostess ..
Shivaay was arguing that I am searching… He was about to complete his sentence when Rudra somya shaza came in search of him…

Bhaiyya searching what Rudra stated..?

Ha bade bhaiyya aap yaha aapni seat chod kar kya dhund rahe hai? Somo stated.. Shaza said the same thing and somya was fuming that again she started imitating me my thoughts she murmurs “copycat”..
Rudra says Somo did you say something ?? Like copycat.. She nodes her in no… And says in a low voice his ears is working like bade bhaiyya…
Shaza asked Bhai bataye na aap yaha kyu ?? You say na time is precious like money so quickly answer… Rudra looked at her with? and praised her which made Somo angry.. Rudra continued to praise shaza that she is so beautiful so intelligent Somo thoughts that I too but Rudra never complimented me.. So she tried to interrupt but failed because shivaay gave reply that he was searching satvika.. And makes a move.. Somya see shaza pampering Rudra hair from her hand and she felt angry..
jealous and what not she walked back to her seat with angry heavy steps… And a balloon sized angry face… She sat near that ( person Ishana friend).. And started murmuring … Crybaby ,duffer ,Dumbo, dumbbell oberoi.. Mere Mann toh kar raha hai ki un dono ko unke healthy sandwich me pack kar ke kha jao… Then suddenly she saw her co-passenger looking at her with a smiling face .. She was a girl.. Somya said sorry actually… (Person) completes her sentence you are angry ha… Its OK it happens…
Shivaay ,Rudra, shaza back to their respective seats… In no time the all passengers were talking to clouds .. Well I should say plane was talking to air…
Air hostesses reached the place with food trolley and slowly they served everyone it was shivaay turn…
Anika was bored with iPad she takes off her headphones from her ears and was about to give order… When she got up for nature’s call.. She walked towards the restroom but with a sudden jerk stops at a place.. She heard shivaay expresso command…
She turned to check whether her intuition was right but when she saw the airhostee covered his face coming in between… SHIVIKA feels each other close … O jaana plays.. After awhile of waiting she turned to go .. And shivaay saw her back facing pose…

Satvika was observing this sudden change in reactions and that discomfort… she said..
Shivaay …. No response
Shivaay.. Still in thoughts..

And says haaaa.. Yes dear..
Satvika says shivaay is everything alright ?? It seems you are lost in thoughts…
Shivaay said no not at all actually I felt someone who was close to me long back …
Satvika smiled and said I guess you’re talking about your personal pani phek panika am I right??

Shivaay said as always you’re right and smiled … Satvika says in anika’s language lo saira banu ko naraaz mat karo pilo warna dhandhi ho jaayegi they both shared a light moment which was filled with old memories and laughter..
Satvika turned towards shivaay with lots and lots of curiosity to know more about anika… She asked when shivaay took his first sip in..
OK now tell me something personal that her SSO has even been romantic with her …. I mean ki… ( kiss)..
His expressions changed and he spits the expresso …
And he gives a deadly glance to her and she says OK … And kept finger on her mouth which actually made both of them laugh…
Anika walked towards him and kept her hand unknowingly on his seat handle.. Where shivaay was resting his hand and while crossing anika bracelet strucks and unknowingly leaves a mark behind… The small moon got stuck in his watch….
Oh jaana…. Khoya khoya raheta hai plays…
Scene changed…
@ anshi Flashback..
A beautiful place like hill top a car arrived… It was 3:30 pm..
A girl ( anika) walked out of the car …
Shivaay also gets off..
They were waiting for the sunrise when shivaay slowly interlocked her hand in his and moved closer and kissed her cheek..
She looks at shivaay with shock…. and the sunrises and they enjoyed the moment…
Flashback ends…
Priya and omkara was accompanying each other… Priya was at cloud9 because finally she was a heading towards her goal..
When Ishana was thrown out of omkara life priya promised herself that she will always be with om like shadow and Ishana like soul to him..
She promised herself that one day she will make ishkara realize that they are incomplete with each other…
That’s why she decided to be like Ishana I mean behavior wise look wise so that om can’t throw her out of his thoughts or memories..
Suddenly she saw omkara tensed and holded his hand.. Their hands interlocked each other.. She said omkara kya hua tum tensed lag rahe ho.. ? You can share with me as I am a very good listener too like I am talkive….
He looked at priya but in her words he found Ishana…
Goes in flashback….
College days …
Omkara was sitting alone in the dance room with a tensed face.. Looked down at the floor.. Ishana entered and from far she saw him dull she sits beside him and interlocked her fingers in his and said you can share with me as I am a very good listener too like a talkive…
He gave a weak smile and said ishu shona… There is some financial crisis going in home nowadays and I am feeling so helpless that I am not able to support my father by earning some money.. My mind and heart is conflicting..
That apart my surname power whether I should earn some money on my own..
Ishana says whatever your heart says do it…
Thanks ishu you solved my problem now I will make statues and printing and earn some money … OK so join my art gallery na…
They worked together and earned money… and their bond where more strong
Flashback ends…

He comes out of his thoughts and replied that I am tensed for the agreement and if by chance I dashed her…
Don’t worry om if such thing happened
( in mind which will surely happen)
I am with you na…
He felt her words familiar and smiled…
and remembered Ishana in thoughts and priya sleeps on his shoulder…
He corrects her hair which was falling on his shoulder and saw her Ishana in priya and smiled….
Ishana was also missing omkara…
Shivaay eyes was only searching anika
Anika sensed shivaay presence…
Somo gets angry face when she saw Rudra and shaza laughing loud.. But Rudra missed his Somo wrestler..
Episode ends hope you all like it and please do comments who ever reads this article and the next episode will be the beginning on reunion of #ishkara so please do wait and cooperate..
Sorry for less scenes of ishkara and my friends
Waiting for your comments eagerly…

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  4. Priya15

    Omg.. The starting was most similar to me.. I mean even I fear alot to hide something from my loved ones.. U know I m not at all used to it… They themselves know by seeing my face that I m hiding something.. I felt it’s reality….

    And that flight.. Awww… I make om remember ishu… Wow….. Yr… Kya baat hai…

    Okay.. My reactions in this epi.. speaking to vikram and he is saying that i m like ur father.. Thats sooo emotional part????

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    4.omg…my scene with om…u know sach mei priya was in cloud 999999 while reading it…shadow of om means alot… Omkara founding ishu in me ????

    5.sleeping in his shoulder????…he takes out her hair…. aww.. Maar dala di..???

    6. Precap..pinch me..did i read n Priya close dance???? Hare yr…yeh toh supperrrrrr se bhi upppparrrrr hai..???i m looking forward di…i m excited.. Sach mei i think u l make me pagal at next epi..bcoz the precap…. Awwww…????

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    O jaana..i have not read it..can u pls say me the story ??

    1. First of all your comments are getting longer and sweeter like u made my day dear… And as far as o janna concerns …
      In this SHIVIKA love story is bit tricking but awsome ishkara married … Rumya still in process…
      shivaay challenged anika that she can’t marry with his bestie vinay… This storyline revolves around trevedias ( for whom now anshi is working together)..
      Aluwalia ( anika would be sasuraal )..
      Anika takes saath phere with vinay

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    Superb Shama…Nycc..”The little moon stuck””Ur Surname””CopyCat”…Write the next Vvsoon…..

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