Friends are the treasure of life ishkara OS ( part 2) by shama


Thanks guys for such a warm welcome and for such a beautiful brunch of comments I am getting from all as said before this is the second part of ishkara OS and two more parts will release soon hopefully and then my os will finish.. Hope you guys understand my situation there is a shortage of time hope you support and please do comments..
Note – In the previous part my friends had a curiosity to know more about their characters in my OS so here I mention a clear character sketch of all the characters..
Character Sketch of the friends gang of Ishkara..
1. Priya Singh – The daughter of Sejal Singh .Singh family and Rana are very close to each other . A modern girl of this generation but though connected to traditional roots . She is the business partner of omkara and the closest friend to him . she is innocent like a child crazy at time when she is with omkara but strict with time and business.
2. Ayath – She is a girl who doesn’t need any description her world lays in words literature books etc.. She is the famous author director and moreover reader she has a passion of writing and reading she cool calm composed by nature she loves freedom..
3. Jara – A girl who is a dreamer and dreams a lot for her family and have guts to fulfill it . She is sweet innocent confident ,over punctal girl but at times she gets nervous.. In future she will become the most famous author of many books and novels .. In future ayath and jara will together work as team of writers.. They will write down their life and ishkara life on paper.

4. Sat aka Satvika – An entrepreneur by proffesion and the best friend of ishkara in future she will handle her business empire doing a merger with Shivaay.. She is cool calm by nature and passionate towards her work she has a philosophical nature like omkara which at times irritates shivaay.. But shivaay loves her company..

He calls her fire brigade because she has remedies for all the problems.. Shivaay is very close to satvika..

5. Suchi – She is a volcano in the gang means at times short tempered, But good hearted kind helpful girl in future she is an athletic and a very popular sensational singer.. Moreover she is the remedy for all technical software issues..

6. Ananya – A girl who finds her life in stars a philosopher thinker writer and moreover for the gang the hunger solution .. She loves to cook .. Jara & ayath will work in her publishing house .

7. Shaza – The fitness coach or guru for the gang and professionally the leading nutritionist in Apollo ..she is soft by nature but strict for diet a close friend of our fitness freak Rudy..

8. Shivani – the owner of many publishing houses in UK in future she will help ananya , jara,ayath on a book..
9. Shatakshi – In this os she handles all the legal matters of Singh and Rana business empire.. A humble kind hearted girl..

10. Nithu – simple sober girl sweet polite by nature who has keen interest in photography .in future she will become the leading fashion and nature photographer…
11. Goms – A gold hearted girl who thinks that laughter is the best remedy for pain she is a college friend of ishkara and anika..

12. Pragya – A doctor by profession in Apollo and a friend of shaza Rudra so in this case she knows everyone. In future she will be the reason for ishkara reunion..

Character sketch ends..
Os Part 2 begins
As said earlier that ishana and omkara are going to tie knot .. Omkara has become the leading industrialist after finishing his PG in MBA and now after college priya is helping omkara as a business partner in his business .. They usually spend time with each other in office..
Scene 1..
Omkara came in hurry and rushed towards a room without uttering a word he quickly climbed the stairs and started banging the door… After several bangs the door opened.. A girl with a crybaby face cried and said that why don’t you leave me alone omi I am not willing to attend that stupid meeting.. ?
Omkara turned her towards him and said priya please don’t cry holding her in his arms tightly.. He said OK you don’t want to attend the meeting OK I will handle sweetheart .. He looks at her from tip to toe and laughs priya why are you in pajamas means night wear.. He laughs..
She was still in his arms and started hitting him hard that you also think that I am old fashion outdated traditional girl yes I know I am not fashionable I am a bore see my wardrobe she goes and opens it all the dresses in it was traditional and not western.. ??
Omkara thinks that his words have hurted her and she is depressedbecause she thinks that she is out dated.. He goes and gives her a tight Teddy bear hug .. Holds her hand gives her a suit and ordered her to change she came wearing that beautiful lemon yellow suit.. Omi was waiting eagerly when she came out omkara dragged her and they went to a mall ..
Scene shifts to ishana ..
She was in the same mall with jara and ayath for shopping engagement dresses etc.. Infact nithu suchi ananya all the girls gang was there except satvika.. They all clicked selfies and shopped many dresses and Jews.. They were planning to spend the day in mall..
Omkara didn’t know that ishana and the gang is here he dragged priya hardly because priya struck like cement in a place because she was not comfortable with the place.. Omkara took her in a shop and told priya that you think that your out dated so I will upgrade you.. He decides to give priya fashionable move over.. Forcefully.. He dragged her and purchased many things… In his presence priya got a fashionable look or avatar if anyone sees her will not recognise her…
Like makeup but dark on eyes with heavy kajal and mascara.. Opened curls with feather cut dressed short chop white top & black jeggings..with a black leather jacket business look with high heeled sandals …The new version priya was much more beautiful then before.. Omkara was giving a jaw dropping look to her like wow ???
Omkara lightly punched on her cheek and said someone is increase the temperature …? priya hits him and then thanked him for the look and said that now I will attend that business meeting easily with this look..Cholo ISSI khushi me mitha ho jaye points his finger towards the icecream parlour…
Yaa but who will give the treat… She said who will reach there first will pay..
Omkara and priya runs like child.. Priya runs like a hare omkara screams hey stop naa..Girl gang and ishana turned and saw omkara running and chasing an unknown girl…
( didn’t know that she is priya) ishana and others follow Om too..
Omkara some how managed to win the challenge and he purchased 3 jumbo icecreams priya asked why 3 we are only two??Omkara takes the third ice cream in his hand and hitted it on priya nose and laughed loudly That this is your punishment for crying… Priya took her icecream and was about to hit but omkara was enough quick to react he holded her tightly…
All were shocked ishana and others to see omkara so much friendly with an unknown girl.. Tears rolled down from ishana eyes.. She ran from there..
Jara and ayath consoled her… But failed they called omkara home …
Om comes ….. Ishana asked him about that girl …. Omkara thinks that let me jealous her … And does a drama he says…. A..vo…vo I was about to tell you..Ishana seriously asked what with a scared look…
He some how control his laughs seeing ishana face and says that I.. Actually love her…and not you
Ishana jara ayath was shaken by this reply…
Ishana burst out in tears… Omkara thinks that his prank has hurt ishu badly… Ishana cries and hits him hard that I hate you …you love some one else I will die…. Omkara cupped her mouth and controlled her & said it was a joke and that girl was priya… She takes a sigh and hugged him… That took a pinky promise from him that he will never give this type of shock again he says OK pinky promise Dr…
All started arrangement of engagement…Scene shifts to shivaay and satvika in cafe..
They reached in a cafe cracked a deal and satvika and shivaay was happy with this success. They celebrated with coffee because there was no other option.. They were cracking jokes and anika was passing through the road in car and saw shivaay with any girl and thought that she is gf of shivaay and went from there in anger.

After 2 months… Marriage of ishkara.. The whole mansion was decorated like a bride …. College gang danced like mad people on earth on mere yaar ki shaadi hai after all the craziness the bride entered in a very heavy dulhan dress like ( dhadkan shilpa shetty)..
Gazal plays from dhadkan the venue means the Jaipur fort… Was like moon that night …
Jaimala when ishana tried to put mala shivaay and Rudra lifted him up in air..
So our girl power showed their mental and physical strength and lifted ishana together… When omkara tried so the girls took their step back and same with omkara but at last jai mala finished ..
And the zota chori rasam started …. Ishkara was in mandap and girls gang and shivaay and Rudy was playing joothe do paise lo… Anika takes and shoes and runs shivaay holds her… SHIVIKA moment but anika managed to unlock his grip and she pushed shivaay in the pool…
Girls win the joothe chori rasam and asked their jiju omkara to pay 50 k in return…
They have an argument… And the conclusion came that omkara paid ..
Ishkara marriage… Over
Guys this story is narrated by Jara ayath shivani ananya actually its a book wrote by them after ishkara separation.. The all friends wanted to see ishkara together again as a couple.. All of them made many efforts especially priya jara ayath ananya satvika and others.. But failed so all of them decided to express their emotions for ishkara with a book and this book was a blockbuster it editions where sold soon ishkara too started reading their love story wrote by their bestie…
Jara priya ayath ananya satvika was some what successful to make ishkara realize their love which lost its glow due to darkness after the friends gang came to know that ishkara has started reading so they thought let’s publish their love moment which will connect them straightly… shaadi ke pyaar bhare lamhe or side effects

Wait for it guys after marriage blog will come soon in that I will try to focus on maximum 5 characters together..
Bye lots of love
Do comments and let me know whether I should write more os after this or not

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  1. Nithu

    It’s superb di..thanks for telling that I’ll be doing something in this ff which I wanted to do in my life…thanks a lot di…this means soo me…love u soo much di…..thank you soo much …Di my eyes were full of tears when I saw that I’m gonna bcome nature photographer. ..ty di tysm…

    1. Omg don’t cry Dr I had no intension to make you cry and don’t thank me because you only described your character to me…

    2. Nithu

      Di those were happy tears

  2. Priya15

    Omg… Di…. Aapne mujhe Mar dala… Sweet heart???? Awwwwwww Koi pls mujhe bachao ???? tight hug??? ??? pinch me….jaw dropping look…. Yipppeeeeee ☺☺☺☺ di..u said na that i l fall down from seat.. I m n cloud 999999999999999 tq soooo much… Really if u r in infront of me…. I l really give u a very very very biggg huggggggg.,… Luv u soooo much…

    1. Ishana is being jealous from your closeness to omi did u like icecream parlour sequence

      1. Priya15

        Haha… Let her be… But u know first time I m happy bcoz of somebody jealousy.. ????… I loved every scene of me n om…actually i m stunned by my look… Haha…ice cream scene was like… Awwwww…….pinching cheek…..???? ufff….lovely..those scenes flash in my eyes…..haha..

      2. Priya15

        Di…forgot to say one thing.. Tq sooo much for making priya singh.. U know i love Punjabi’s?????

  3. Very nice I loved your OS and ff very much keep writing

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  5. Jazz1

    Di I really don’t have any words to describe your ff. If I say super awesome its really less. Thank u so much for this superb ff

    1. ??thanks a lot jazz1 but its not a ff and if your talking about Ishqbaaz ff so I am feeling like I am off track.. Michmichi feeling for ishkara track how I write moments for SHIVIKA and ishkara

  6. thank you so much for including me dear .your ff is really awesome

  7. Sat

    Shama rocked it had. Amazing, wonderful, awesome, fantastic, not getting words. Sorry for the late comment as I have just completed my exam. But it was mind blowing . Can’t express. I loved it. Please update asap

  8. Its awsome ..d plz post next asap..

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  10. Ayath

    wow shama…..jzt rocked it as always dear and sry for the late comment yesterday itself i read ur ff but i didnt get the time so sry dear

    1. Its OK Dr it happens and where is my surprise ? Eagerly waiting

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    You what cutie pie you turnedy hectic day so sweet…sorry for commenting it so late…you are one rockstar… mee I had many ffs lined buy what caught my eyes was this….omg…such good writer ….you are way toooooooo good dear and haaa….love you loadz….muaahhhh

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