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Friends are the treasure of life Ishkara OS ( Part 13) ( Last Episode) by shama


Dear Readers I am extremely sorry for posting this episode so late you can punish me no problem but all the fault is not mine since a month I am trying frequently to post this but telly updates ki meharbaani hopefully this 16th attempt would be liked guys I don’t know whether it will be good or not.
@ Omkara

Omkara was standing still in shock he was not able toh believe that these many years he punished his love for no reason he asked himself what have you done with your beautiful world whatever the situation was your love was not weak you should have not trusted the words she said as truth kabhi kabhi sach alfaz bhi baya nahi kar pate ( sometimes words are also not capable to reveal the truth) I am a fool I used to say agar mujhe ek rishte me yaakin chahiye toh mujhe bhi us per yakin karna hoga shame on me ( he knelt down on ground with tears in his eyes). He could not control anymore and started crying😭 he was feeling guilty and remorseful he rewind the video his first meet with ishana, their friendship, their marriage and their separation and the way he behaved with his love every moment just flashed in front of him with every tear.

Everyone over there became emotional friends gang said oh no we can’t see him crying like this ( they took a step forward)

Nithu : kya phayada friend hone ka joh aapne dost ke udaas chahre per smile bhi na laa paye.( what is the use to be a friend when we can’t even make our friend smile)

Priya: exactly correct nithu ! I can’t see anyone crying you know its my nature to make others smile and spread some happiness among them and today seeing om in this condition I feel like I was unable to make om smile these years .

Ayath: priya hum dost hai hum aapne dost ki zindagi me khushi ke rang toh bhar sakte hai per uski zindagi uski chahat hoti hai aur om ki chahat ishana thi ,hai ,aur humesha rahigi we can support him that’s it.

Jara: let him cry guys ,you know people cry not because they’re weak .Its because they’ve been strong for too long !

Shiv: knelt down to omkara cupped his cheeks and wiped off his tears rudra too knelt down and said life is not in our control o but moments are we should make the best out of them so om forget the past and joh raita phelaya hai na usse sameto aapko paata hai aapne toh meri pehchaan hi cheen li .

Shivom: huh ? Om ne kya kiya rudra ?
Ru: 😭 iss ghar me no.1 crybaby toh main tha na ab aap ban gaye..

Om: shut up rudra ?
Somo: oh ho crybaby tum bhi na.

Prinku: yeh sab mere karan ho raha hai I… sorry.
Ru: prinku please !!
Shivomru: Teri koi galati nahi hai

Prinku: nahi bhaiyya…bhabhi ….
Shiv: chup ho ja ..
Om: promise kar ab humesha smile karegi
Prinku : nodes…..
Ru: pinky promise ( he moved his little finger)
Prinku : pinky promise…
All hug
Nithu clicked some snaps and posted it on her Instagram
Scene changes….
@ Rana Mansion

Janvi was instructing servants to do this to do that janvi said to servants I told you all my bahu will come why her room is not ready yet with old pictures and where are the sweets ? What you all were doing for so long .

Vik; janvi janvi calm down sab ho jayega time pe don’t take tension .

Jan: Vikram how can I do that yeh log…. Main khud dekhti hu she turned to go and vikram holded her hand and made her sit

Vik: janvi yeh sab hota rahega … Do you want to see what is happening there?
Jan: smiles and nodes

Vik: kisi news serial ya paper me joh khabar nahi hoti woh humari nithu ke Instagram per zarur hoti hai he shows hugging picture ,ishana and om supporting each other.

Jan: smiled with tears and said mere bacche khush hai ..,.

@ an unknown place
A person( let’s name him Mr.x) was walking around the pool with his phone he was starring at the pictures posted by nithu and said na…… tab tak main ho rana family ki life me tab tak khushi toh ho nahi sakti .
He called a reporter and said I know aap ka channel bandh hone wala hai low TRP ke karan mere pass ek yesi news hai joh aapke channel ko no.1 kar sakti hai….. He sent some documents to reporter by mail and said Maine abhi tumhe kuch bheja hai use bulletin me dekhana……. And he disconnected the line and smiled …….

( reporter checks the documents it was a pregnancy report and some news cut outs of ishkara separation due to dev chabbra entry reporter smiled)

Mr. X : ab aayega maaza !!!
Scene changes……

Lafzon ka yeh rishta nayi
Lafzon ka yeh rishta nayi
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasta
Hai rooh ka raabat
Still hugging
Koi khushi ho koi gham ho kahi
Jyaada kam ho baatenga jo ho aata…..
Shivomru: prinku Teri koi galati nahi thi jiski thi usse hum punish karege …..

Shaza: cleared her throat with noise Hume bhi hug chahiye ……hum deserve karte hai na
Shivomru smiled ….

Anishya thought in their minds : hug toh Hume bhi chahiye .

Shivomru scanned their ladyloves minds and looked at them with what look with a smile anishya blushed 😳and looked here and there.
After a hug to all friends shivomru moved too anika ,ishana and somya….

@ Ishkara
Om : khushboo Teri mujhe mehaka jati hai,
Teri her baat mujhe behaka jati hai,
Sans ko bhahut der lagti hai aane mein,
Her sans se pehle Teri yaad aa jati hai !!

Isha: smiled with tears she interlocked her fingers in om fingers and said I missed you when something good happened because you’re the one I wanted to share it with,

I missed you when something was troubling me because you’re the one that understand me so well . I missed you when I laughed or cried because I know you’re the one that made my laughter grow and my tears disappear I missed you all the time but I missed you the most when I lay awake at night and think of all those wonderful times that we spend with each other for those were some of the best and most memorable times of my life.

Om: tum mujhse itna pyaar kese kar sakti ho ? Kyon karti ho ? I don’t deserve it I made you cry I left you ….

Ishana: to be honest with you I don’t have the words to make you feel better but I do have the arms to give you a hug ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about and I have a heart that’s arching to see your smile again.

Om hugged ishana tightly and said oh meri drama queen ab aur kitna senti karegi
Their bgm played…
@ rumya
Both rudra and somya were looking at ishkara with smiling faces rudra said : do you also want a hug ?
Somya : no

Ru: do you even know what I just said?
Somo : yes
Ru : what did I say then ?
Somo: do you want a hug ?
Ru: if you insist…..

He hugs her tight and somya smiles at his silly loving gesture….

@ shivika…
Shiv: as usual shivaay was on phone call he said khanna I know I am not in India but I want each and every detail of that chabbras keep an eye on them….
[ Mr.x says ab aap kuch bhi karle shivaay omkara aur rudra mere iss waar se nahi Bach sakte ]

Ani: ( heard the last wording) and shivaay
sensed her presence and disconnected the line and turned anika asked ab aapki kanchi aanke kis per struck ho gayi hai billu ji.

Shiv: 😠 he holded her hand and said how many times I have to remind you that don’t call me that….

Ani: kya billu ji oh sorry I meant shivaay
Shiv: better actually …
Ani: kuch nahi suna mujhe I love you kahne ke baad bhi aapki kanchi aankhe sab ko dekhti hai per mujhe nahi jese main kuch bacteria hu jisse shivaay bhagte hai haina ?
Shiv: nodes in no
Ani: yaha sab ke rishte thik ho rahe hai per humare….. She stopped and sensed what she just said and looked at shivaay . their bgm played…..
@ friends gang.

Goms: tum sabko paata hai mujhe life ki sabse jyaada aachi baat kya lagti hai ki duniya ka sabse behtreen rishta wohi hai jahan halki si muskurat aur choti si maafi se zindagi dobara pehle jesi ho jati hai !!

Everyone nodded in agreement!!
Priya : finally sab thik hai !! And she cries
Nithu: arrey yaar!! Not again
Sat: priya yaar Teri ganga jamuna ka kya kare hum
Shaza: I guess priya ke karan hi save water ka slogan banaya gaya hoga…

Everyone laughs and priya makes a puppy face

Sat: nithu Zara humari personal no.1senti queen and junior crybaby ki ek snap toh banti hai na kyon guys…

Nithu held her camera and shaza her phone

Priya: hides herself behind jara and ayath and said tum logo ko friends gang atyachaari gang kehna chahiye jab dekho main hi milti hu tum logo ko ..

Sat and goms hhhhh yes because tum humari dost hai…

Priya: oh please yeh bhi koi dosti hoti hai jiss me tum log rune bhi dete.
Isse aacha toh main tum sabko jhod do
Jara and ayath pushed her from their back to center : and jara says priya for me friendship is like standing on wet cement .
Ayath takes over , the longer you stay jara takes over the harder its to leave and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind.

All said samjhi ki nahi priya….
Priya nodded in both yes and no and she asked guys samjha na kya tha?

Everyone hits their forehead and priya looked at all with question mark look with a super cute face.

Goms: oh Madame shaza issko kuch brain tonic de …
Shaza: guys what should I give ? I am not a doctor but nutritionist you all know I guess ki meri recipes logo ke haal thik karti hai…

Everyone see each other face with a look kya kaha isne ??

Sat in a slow voice: haal thik nahi karti per behaal zarur karti hai
Jara and ayath : remember that juice and looked at each other

Shaza: she waved her hand hello guys kya kho gaye if you insist I can make a new recipe for all.

All replied as quick as they heard all : nahi…nahi …nahi…nahi
Jara: koi zarur nahi shaza haina ?? She looked at all
Ayath exactly tum kyon taklif leti ho?
Shaza: remainder guys friends ke beech taklif nahi hoti sirf understanding hoti hai she goes to bring something

Goms murmured ha toh tu bhi understand karna shaza ki him tere experiment ke chuhe nahi hai..

Sat: guys ab shaza ne understanding ki baat ki hi hai toh uska dil toh rakhana hoga

Nithu: ha guys karna toh hoga ….
Shaza comes back with a tray which was covered by lid…

Shaza : guys this is my new recipe inspired by our takkar ki friendship and their takkar ki ishqbaazi…..

All yeh kya hai??

Shaza says woh toh paata JAL jayega per ingredients toh suno

Nithu: murmurs taki hum taste karne se phele hi der jaaye…

Shaza: guys why I am feeling ki tum sab kab se kuch badhbadha rahe ho … Do you wanna say anything so say na friends ke beech me no secrets…

Goms : arrey shaza tu woh chod bata na kya ingredients hai ?

Shivika,ishkara and rumya also joined and said : lagta hai humari shaza ne phirse kuch banaya hai….
Shaza: yup toh isme Maine hum sabki lives me se kuch dala hai jeseki …

Ishkara se borrow kiya 1 cup romance
Rumya se borrow kiya 1 pinch humor
Anika se 2 tablespoons full of bindass joy
Somya se a bowl full of compatibility
Ishana se 3 tbsps trust
Om se a cup of respect
Shivaay bhaiyaa aur friends gang se 1 bowl of sharing and caring
Prinku se 1 zest of tenderness
Aur him sabki life se thoda thoda I mean
3/4 cup of patience…….

Everyone laughs….. And shaza says she opened the lid and it had airplane tickets…

Shaza : arrey baba ghar me hi toh yeh sab milta haina….. So take your tickets and let’s go !!!!
@ India – Rana Mansion

The edifice was again decorated like a bride janvi got the news that all are coming back and she was like everything should be correct …. After years my bahu will step into her house.

Vik: pats janvi shoulder and says yes aaj hum aapni bahu ka welcome wese hi karege jese jab kiya tha jab woh pehli bar iss ghar me bahu banke aayi thi…

Jan: ha Vikram humse joh galat hoyi thi usse sujharana bhi hai per abhi bhahut arrangements baaki hai….

Everyone boarded their✈✈ flight

@ Next Morning :-

Vikram called someone and got the news that their aircraft has landed safely and anytime they could reach as vikram repeated these words janvi got up from seat with a smile and goes in kitchen and comes back with pooja ki thal…

Vikram says janvi tum bhi na woh log aa jayege…

Shivika,ishkara and rumya with friends gang @ entrance shouted : aa jayege nahi hum aagaye…

All were about to step in when janvi said rukho !!! And does ishkara aarti and nithu shaza were on duty they came in a clicked snaps….

Janvi then hugged ishkara and said sorry ishana: nahi ma please…
Om: no ishu you deserve respect
Prinku Rudy: ji bhabhi yeh toh banta hai

All came in and Vikram welcome all his loving daughter’s with a warm hug and then sons…
Janvi served everyone badam ( almond) ka halwa.

And everyone was like toot pado attack they took their spoons and started eating…

But before shivomru could eat they got a call .
[ Mr.x says hello how are you guys today?]

Shivomru makes an excuse and goes to a corner and angrily says : dev chabbra!!

Dev: oh naam yaad hai aap logo ko nice
Shiv: dev Hume toh yaad hai
Om: per ab tumhe nahi rahega
Ru: tumne humari Behan. Ko rulaya tha na ab Teri bari …

Dev: oh I am scared main toh dar gaya hahaha warning huh ?so ek baat meri bhi sono tum log mujhe nahi rukh sakte you know abhi tumhare office me Maine ek bomb plant kiya hai agar him at hai toh rukh lo blast……

Shivomru was shocked they immediately rushed to office…

Dev; laughs and says jaao waha taki tumhare ghar pe …..he laughs….

Everyone was like yeh log kaha hai ??
And media entered suddenly breaking all the security barriers…

All stood up in shock….
Vik: what’s all this ?
Friends gang: media yaha

Media: Mr vikram rana can you tell us that years ago you and your family members have thrown ishana rana from your house and lives so what is she doing here now ?

Janvikram: excuse me its none of your business

Friends gang : hey koi shivomru ko call karo jaldi
Anika : main karti hu..
Isha: nahi koi call mat karo iss waqt bus prinku ko andar le jaao…

Prinku: bhabhi mujhe media ko sab…
Isha: prinku andar ja
Prinku: bhabhi ek baar mujhe media
Isha: ( in a raised tone ) andar jaao
Prinku: per bhabhi ….
Isha: prinku…

She goes….

Media comes to ishana: so Mrs omkara can you tell us that why did you kept an extra marital affair with dev chabbra

Anika and somya supported ishana.

And friends gang : excuse me desh me kya khabare kam pad gayi joh aap log yaha aaye. Aap logo ka kaam hai sach dikhana na ki tamasha banana

Media: excuse me we are not creating a scene mazak toh Mrs omkara rana ne shaadi ka bana diya hai jawab dijiye ishana ki kya aap dev chabbra ke bacche ki ma nahi bane wali thi

Ishana was silent and was in tears and closed her fist controlling herself…

Anika: mind your tongue media aap log yese kese bina kisi proof ke yeh ilzaam (allegation) laga sakte hai ishana pe

Media: we have proof with us he have the reports which clearly says the truth

Somo: woh reports fake bhi ho sakti hai so think before you talk .

Media: ishana aap bataye ki kya aapne dev ki saath ek raat…

Everyone: shut up !! Guards !!

Prinku informed shivomru and came out of her room

Prinku to media: agar aap sabko yaahi lagta hai toh jaye dev chabbra ka bhi statement laiye everyone knows here that chabbras hates rana family so how could you all think and talk like this …. For this I can su… Your channels forever agar sach samne Lana hai so shows both sides not one …

Shivomru: cut all this rubbish now

Media to om: omkara tell us ki aap ishana Jedi cheap ladki ke saath omkara saw ishana crying and said mind your language your talking about my wife …ya I agree ki humare rishte me ups and down aaye but she is pure and loyal … And for your kind information we all brothers are getting married with their love so matter close

Ru: matter close and their mouths too
Omkara holded ishana hand and they looked at each other with full of emotions and trust
Shivaay knelt down and said anika I love you my panika can I be your life partner can I be the one to wake you up in mornings by saying good morning with a smile can I be the lucky guy
Anika smiled and hugged shivaay

Ru: somya suno na I love you
Will you marry me ? I know that I am a duffer and I know my swag doesn’t work on you but your bindass attitude filled with research’s mesmerized me your cute gestures made me fall for you….
Somo : nodded in yes ….

Media turns to go when prinku and friends gang stops them …
Dev came in to enjoy his victory and was shocked to see everything back to normal

Prinku : without a word looks at dev with killer deadly look and slapped him and clapped wow !! What a victory na what do you think of yourself ki tum kisiki life ko spoil karke award winning kaam kar rahe ho huh…

Friends gang : prinku joh log dusaru per kichad uchal te hai woh log bhi gande hote hai what else we can expect from him

Janvi goes and slaps him once again and said jin legs se aaye the unhi se wapis chale jaao nahi toh aacha nahi hoga…

Shivomru: suna nahi kya kaha get lost of our lives aur fake news dene ke liye thanks
Om: tab log hi fake ho toh unse aur kuch expect nahi kiya jaata
Om beats him and all stopped him
Dev goes
After a week
Friends gang : arrey humare dosto ki shaadi hai
After a hour…
Ishkara shivika rumya making anishya wear mangal sutra
” mangal bhagwaan Vishnu
Mangalam karo narthwaja
Mangalam kundari kaaksha
Mangalya tanu hare “…

Friends gang : guys kya dekh rahe hai aap log… They looked back @ shaadi and said oh shaadi so aapko kya lagta hai ki yeh love story ka end hai ya ek new beginning we guess love never has a definition or end its just a feeling which can’t be expressed till you guys fall for someone special and we wish ki jaldi aapko bhi aapka Mr/ miss special mil jaye in which your world and life would lie but iss chakar me friends ko mat bhul jaana …. Become with a friend we are nothing ,
With a friend we are something
And together we are everything…… On this note iss friends gang ki taraf se lots of love hugs and kisses for making our journey so special…… Bye …….love you all..

Authors note
Thanks for spending your precious time on my article reading was a gift for me if I won’t get any comments also I am OK because know I know my talent and value my mom says in life we come across many people who turn good friends but remember who lifts to the heights without a second thought keeping himself / herself a side and motivating you to step milestones are your true friends and who don’t it doesn’t mean that they are not your friends they are because they came for a reason in your life…… So on this lesson thank you all motivators as well as demotivators ….

# Friends are the treasure of life thanks friends gang….
Thanks Sam……….

πŸ˜˜πŸ‘‹πŸ’– with love
signing off from this article

# spread happiness you will automatically get happiness

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