Friends are the treasure of life Ishkara OS ( Part 12) by shama

Thanks for all the support I am getting on this Os and apart from this . Love your patience my dears and if didn’t like this part you can criticize it or throw chamelis and chandinis on me no problem ..
Recap of previous episode.
Anshi in each other arms and ishkara and friends guys enjoying it .
Present Episode { Part 12}
Scene 1
@ Paradise Hotel.
Anshi breaks the moment and feels weird looking at their friends and ishkara and goes in the room murmuring bhagad billa… Panika … Uper se yeh log … ( indicates to friends and ishkara) but a sudden smile appeared on their faces when they were walking and remembering each other..
Shaza said to Rudra that chalo Rudra movie finish ho gayi they both get up to go when others to got up to go in their respective rooms .. All friends with Rudra in one room and in the other Ishana , anika and in third shivom.
{ everyone in thinking mode}
Omish POV
” Life is a riddle which is always unsolved if one tries to solve it he himself gets stuck into it life is fully empty with relationships and the definition of these relationships is much more complicated than our lives one can say that a relationship establishes on trust ,love and loyalty towards it and if one is not loyal towards it the beautiful experience becomes the worst experience of lives” .
If love is the healer of wounds than that is also able to give us unhealed wounds .
Omish was thinking about each other and last night om thinks.. Kabhi kabhi ek rishta jeene ki wajah ban jata hai aur kabhi kabhi ek rishta jeene ki her wajah cheen leta hai . I don’t know whether yesterday I did correct or not …. Ishana thinks ( in her room ) strange !! Yesterday night omkara was blaming…
me and afterwards something happened and he was normal like those days …. Why???
Omkara thinks her kyon ka jawab Nahi
Ishana thinks … Suddenly this much change in om he is hiding something from me..
Omkara thinks Ishana you have hidden many things from me so yesterday I did the same.
@ FLASHBACK { last night}

Ishkara was arguing in the farmhouse and there in the hotel all friends thinks that we wish we could do something to reveal the true facts but Ishana has given us a swear of her life and we can’t break it . everyone was thinking Vikram called priya and asked him whether everything is fine over there.. Priya gets up from the bed and says no uncle … …………. And one by one everyone said a part of the story… And janvikram was hell shocked to hear that their daughter was pregnant and for saving our honor Ishana took all blames on her …. Vikram knows this thing but not in this much detail …. Janvikram asked everyone to reveal it and they told about the swear …. Vikram gives an idea that don’t disclose it to om and the friends was like what????? Vikram explains that give just a hint to omkara about the Truth and let him find the whole and says nithu to click a snap of just letter and send it from an unknown number to om he will search whole by himself .. All friends jump and down screams shouts out of happiness … And does the same…
Ishana ignores every question and straightly goes washroom and cries terribly… At the very moment she goes om phone gave a notification it was the picture he zoomed it and reads it out. The sender name was not visible properly.. But a doubt came in his mind that is Ishana innocent and somewhere I am wrong ??? I have to find the hidden truth behind this and for this I have to change my behavior towards Ishana so that she confesses the truth from her mouth.
Flashback ends.
Friends were somewhat happy that they have tried to fix the gaps between ishkara .
Shaza entered the room with Rudra and as he enters he says aye waaah sab la taka rahe ha .. Everyone gives each other a confused look and Rudra says I meant hangout guys shaza explained everything and Rudra was hell shocked but complimented each friend for efforts for his bhaiyya bhabhi and cried like a crybaby…? for awhile and said I have an idea which will clear all the doubts amid ishkara…
Everyone at once shouts what ??
Rudra praised himself and priya says all say shut up Rudra !! And he was like why everyone sounds like shivom to me and makes a crybaby face ? and says I was thinking to give shivom and others my punch .. Everyone misunderstands and says kya ????kiska punch .
Rudra looked at everyone and said fruit punch and everyone was relieved…
Shivaay wanted to talk to anika shivaay was only thinking of anika and shivaay wanted to see her they were thinking of each other that why our relationship is so complicated why we can’t stop ourselves when we see each other what is happening with us nowadays why whenever we see our ? increases why we care a lot for each other why we think that we want to satisfy the other and him / her happiness to the fullest shivaay goes and pour water in the glass when he reminisced anika and the water was over flowing and when he had a look on it the stopped.
Scene 2
@ Rana Mansion
Janvi was upset that why my children are facing problems in their life first my om got married to Ishana and they were leaving happily but now everyone is unhappy om and Ishana was innocent then also they were punished by the destiny my priyanka was all she had faced in her life in that to so tender age .Shivaay and anika love each other but are struggling .
Vikram consoles janvi saying why are you upset you should be proud of them you know janvi I am lucky to have such a family such a sacrificing daughter in law and lovely daughter and my shivomru who will break themselves but not allow anyone to break their family and ishkara is lucky to have a such a good big hearted helpful friends who will never let our children separate if they separate the friends will fill all the gaps amid them like a bridge does .
Janvi smiled and said I agree Vikram and I will pray to god that whatever the problem is our children should be always united and happy she walked out to the temple and lightened the diya and prayed.

Scene 3
@ Friends gang
Rudra says let’s go and do preparations for the punch party they all ran out and jara ayath satvika priya stopped and returned and goes near the bedshelf their was a small statue of ganesha they prayed.
Satvika says I know god you can’t be with us always that’s why you made relationships.

Ayath says but nowadays due to circumstances or misunderstandings those beautiful relationships are coming to an end.
Jara says and as friends its our duty to assemble the broken relationship again and fulfill it with happiness.

All others comes in and they to folded their hands and prayed.
Nithu said like photos are incomplete with colours and memories related to it similarly life is incomplete with love and happiness.
Priya said looking at all – you guys remember what was our promose to each other huh ???
They all said at once yes!!!!
And reworded that promise in front of lord they all said.

” Yeh dua hai khuda say,
Kisi ka dil na dukhe humari wajah say,
Aye khuda karde kuch aisi inaayat hum pe ,
Ki khushiyaan hi mile sabko humari wajah say!”
Scene 4
@ corridor

And they all segregated and was about to go went nithu said what are we going to say to them that why we wanna have party and they all stopped and what thinking and they all gathered again and was thinking for some silly reason Rudra said why to think something say the truth na that this is for SHIVIKA and ishkara everyone hits their head and Somo entered and the convo and said smilingly and chapped wow bow down your heads guys see our Rudra Dev has given us superb idea
Rudra says Somo don’t call me that OK!!
Somo said why not you’re behaving like raja harish Chandra !! Shaza says no his sounding like saachai ki aadalat Rudra gives a puzzled look ! Raja ki adalat huh?? I am not raja or judge everyone hits their forehead again and said together shut up !! Suchi says priya is getting married.. Priya gives a shocking look huh ???
Everyone looks at her rudra congratulated her and she was like whats happening ?? All asked what ? With whom? Why didnt you inform us huh miss aachi dost ! And when are you getting married ? Suchi was trying to stop everyone and priya says huh ?? if i am the bride i will know na and I itself don’t know this now only I am getting to know .
Now everyone looked at suchi for an explanation and they said say something suchi says toh kya khoshish kar rahi thi main itni der say per tum sab toh priya pay bill phadane me busy the kisi ne meri Baat Nahi suni .. Jara said aacha baba sorry ab bol sab sun rahe hai .. Suchi said its a rumor and we are planning a party for celebration for priya marriage..
Priya gives an angry wala look to everyone?
and walked to the other direction and jara ayath and nithu ran and stopped her. And said ab aapko kya hua maate !!

Rudra looked at them and remembered rumi and said with a crybaby face that why are they using that word and somya goes to him and whispered that you love rumi na and you missed the chance to become Rudra dev and what she used to say uu.. Yes Rumi Rudra ke naam ka mandir banega !! Rudra says Somo shut up and she laughs . priya says ki I am angry because her bar tum logo KO main hi balli ka bakara banane milti hu.
Rudra says in sab baato me bahu balli kya say aaya ? Somo gives a kabhi Nahi sudharu ge look to him priya says agar marriage ki hi rumor pelani hai toh satvika ayath jara nithu shaza suchi goms shatakshi aapni pelao na meri kyu ?? Ayath and satvika said last time last time pinky promise !! And showed their little finger and priya said no … Priya looked at Rumya fighting cutely and everyone looked at them with a smile and Rumya was like yeh log kisi toothpaste ka ad kar rahe hai kya ???
All said mil gayi … Rumya looked each other and then friends and all the sides and said kya ….
Everyone saw ishkara and SHIVIKA coming and they started their drama Shaza and nithu cleared their throat and becomes reporters …..shaza says aaj ki taza khabar !!! Rumya was like phele toothpaste ka ad aur ab yeh !! Shaza says dhayan say dekhiye in maasoom chaharo .. SHIVIKA and ishkara was like ab yeh kaun sa drama hai …
Nithu says yeh dono hai love birds … And everyone controlled their laughter and Rumya was like love
Ishkara and SHIVIKA was like birds yeh kab hua shivaay & anika asked to ishkara they said yes woh last night Rudra proposed somya and Ishana completes the sentence by saying ki I guess somya has agreed.
SHIVIKA was like wow we should congratulate them ishkara said yaa we should and they walked to Rumya shivom hugged Rudra and said that is a fantastic news Rudra.. Congrats
Anika and Ishana hugged somya and congratulated her om goes to somya and hugs her and says welcome to the family..
Rumya was like yeh ho kya raha hai. All friends gives thumbs up sign to each other and they also congratulated Rumya … ???
{ and in mind they all were blasting in laughter }
Shivika said iss Baat pe celebration toh banta hai.
Ishkara said with a smile yaa..
And all friends started dancing on humari Rumya ki shaadi hai.. And priya says we all are ready to dance in friends marriage always .
We wish ki SHIVIKA ki shaadi me bhi yesa hi kuch kare ..
SHIVIKA looked at each other… And ishkara said we will perform in our bro – sis wedding Satvika said OK enough for now we should party and play some cool game.

Scene 5
@ Hotel Party hall.
Music plays… Let’s nacho and all danced… Anika trips on shivaay and he holds him and Rumya clicks a snap and together aaila takkar !!!
And Rumya scolded friends gang ki hum hi mile the kya … Friends said tum dono se better koi mil bhi Nahi sakta tha… Music changed oh ladki beautiful kar gayi chul played … Priyanka entered the party she was hiding behind the pillar and was not having that much courage to face her bros but for congratulating Rumya she came forward and music stopped.. Everyone looked at the entrance ….
excluding Rumya shivom everyone was shocked to see priyanka.
Shivomru walked to her and hugged her she said congrats Rudra bhaiyya and somya .. And when om said kaha thi tu we missed you so much studies ke chakar me toh tu abroad aai thi or ab UK how…? Chal woh chod Hume miss kiya ya Nahi bol….
Priyanka with teared eyes said bhaiyya bhahut kiya… And tears rolled down and she saw omkara sorry…
Shivaay said sorry !! Our pinku pehwan should not csingsnd wiped her tears off and said today is celebration day our Rudra has taken such a big decision you should be happy come on let’s party. … Music resumed and they all again danced but while dancing priyanka was in thinking that 5 years back I was the reason behind ishkara separation and now I will be the reason behind their Union like friends gang.
She gets an idea … and off the music and said enough of dancing Rumya yaa enough and goes and they were back with fruit punch and everyone thought that its just fruit punch and started drinking but what they know that more than fruit that punch was containing alcohol and one by one they all drank 2 glasses and Rudra says …. now we will play truth or dare game . all the guys sit on the ground nithu brings bottle.

Shivaay and anika facing each other ishkara and Rumya facing each other .
Jara ayath facing each other shaza nithu, satvika goms…… any priyanka near shatakshi and suchi priya …
Satvika rotates the bottle …. It stops at anika and she gave a scared look … Satvika asked truth or dare … Anika chose truth… Satvika asked OK let me think what to ask !!!!!! Hmmm…. Thinking thinking….

And satvika asked OK anika now tell me do you love shivaay… Shivaay was consuming that fruit punch and spits it out and coughs .. Anika looked at shivaay and then down … And was about to cancel the question when satvika said you took truth na so now face it….
Shivaay was looking at anika and wanted to stop satvika but his heart argued that you wanted to know that you’re there in anika’s life or not na so stop and just wait for the answer… Anika was not in her senses due to alcohol she replied yes I love billu ji… Shivaay jaw dropped and everyone cupped their mouths…
Jara Ishana ayath nithu was like ooooooo… So sweet… Rudra said Arrey bhaiyya ab reply toh do !!! Om says yes shivaay yaa woh bhi sikhaye huh….
shivaay smiles and replies aaaaa…. I love u too. O jaana khoya khoya rehata hai dil tarap ke kahata hai tu hi hai jeene ki wajah o jaana… Plays

Ooooooooo…… Everyone laughed
Now jara rotates the bottle it comes on goms she said OK sing something or us which will remind us our family bro and sis… Goms thinks for awhile and says this is all for my sissies over here and sings
‘ phoolo ka taro ka sab ka kehna na ‘….

And like this all friends gang turn overs..

The bottle rotates again and its stops at Ishana and omkara asked what’s your secret!!! Ishana was shocked… Ishana says in a shaken tone ba… Huh… Whi… Which secret omkara…
Omkara says letter secret…
Pinku and Ishana was hell shocked.. And omkara said now don’t tell me which letter OK I know everything…

Ishana gives a shocking look and others to … When they heard the word everything…
Omkara says now ishu tell me why did you lie !!!
Ishana said woh….woh…main ….ha…
Priyanka said bhaiyya meri wajah say and omkara was shocked… ( he was acting that he knows everything ) …

@ flashback
The story begins…
Ishana started narrating that as priyanka went abroad there she met a boy named dev chabbra and slowly she fall for him… Priyanka says the rest in a low scared and crying voice that I loved him from the core but…. ???
He used me and thrown me as if I was nothing for him … And cries..
Friends consoles her and said that day a letter reached home it was priyanka’s letter she tried to commit suicide..
Then Ishana and we all saved her somehow … And Ishana decided to take all blames on her…
Shivomru somya was shocked….
Ishana tried to convince dev to marry priku but he straight away said no… I just used her to take revenge from shivomru… Years ago they were the reason for our destruction our good frame spoiled …. And we chabbras were in pain and I wanted to return it so I did…

Ishana slapped dev and took priyanka from there and warned dev to stay away from our family because now I am your biggest problem… Still I am there you can’t destroy our family at any cost and she leaves with priyanka to hospital and says to pragya to do abortion and that time omkara heard this and was terribly shocked he was on the entrance of Dr pragya cabin and the door was half open om could see only Ishana and priyanka was behind the green curtain for check up and omkara misunderstood that Ishana is pregnant and went from there in anger and while driving he reminisced Ishana words… Ishana drops priyanka to ayath place as she was not able to face her family with this … She goes to mansion where omkara was waiting for her..
impatiently and as she entered he showered many questions and allegations on her … He asked did you said in hospital to pragya that you’re pregnant …. Ishana was shocked and asked when did you visit hospital he said as dad was sick I went there to show his reports personally and today by mistake a report came by your name that you’re pregnant and I went hospital to share my happiness and for conforming this news but you… … Ishana was thinking that did he saw priku .. She asked OK tell me if I was there so what did you heard and saw… You were all along and you were talking about your pregnancy
{ he holded her tightly in anger } and asked with teared eyes why ishu ???
Ishana said looking here and there yes I am pregnant but not with your child om… Controlling her emotions… For saving priyanka

Listening her reply omkara breaks and in anger slapped her tightly and she falls on ground priya was about to say something but Ishana blinks her eyes to be quiet… Ishana got up wiped her tears and said omkara I said you before that I need your time but you were always busy with work so one day when I went for a fashion show I ….
( she took a pause takes a deep breathe thinks about priyanka shallows her saliva ).
and said …. I met dev there .. and…………..
Omkara tightened his wrist in anger and dragged Ishana out and said get lost from my sight otherwise…..
Shivru controlled om …. And Ishana leaves the place with tears …..
She goes to ayath place.. Priyanka and ayath was shocked to see Ishana her cheeks were having fingers her hands were red as if someone has tortured her Her whole body was injured…
Ayath saw priya there and priya explained everything and ayath saw Ishana condition and called others …
Everyone was knowing this is going to happen ….
Priyanka squatters on floor on her knees and holded Ishana hand kept her head in her lap and cried and said sorry.. Ishana was in shock so she was quiet her eyes were filled with tears …
She stoked her head …. And consoled priyanka… Pragya was doing first aid anika was sitting beside Ishana … Jara ayath on the other…
Ishana after a long while of silence said.. Haaaaaa… Today I hurt a good soul my om… I can see or face anything but I……..? she cries and in the shaken tone she says I…. Can’t…. Ha….ha.. See…om …in this condition

In just a hour ishkara life changed …
@ Rana Mansion…
Omkara came to his room and shuts the door ….
Everyone was banging it but Vikram stopped them and said let time heal his wounds….
Omkara takes Ishana photos from wall and breaks it in anger and his heart was asking only one question why ?? Why ?? Why did you do this his tears fall on Ishana photos…
He clears her wardrobe and fires her clothes all their sweet memories were burning…..
Omkara falls on ground and screams and cries… His brothers was outside the door they too sat on the ground and touched the door and consoled omkara… But he was heartbroken he was throwing everything which was related to Ishana and while throwing it in fire his hand get burnt a bit… Shivaay says om tera haath JAL gaya … Omkara looked at him with tears and said sirf haath Nahi dil ,vishwaas, pyaar sab kuch ….
Shivru broke the door and holded om … There Ishana was on bed trying to sleep after medicines but she gets up and screams om … And takes deep breathes and her friends entered the room and consoled her… Their janvikram shivru and their parents were trying to handle om… Om become stone hearted towards Ishana … Ishana left India with anika priyanka

Flashback Ends
Omkara holded Ishana tight and asked why didn’t you say this truth to me that day itself…? They both hugged each other and cried terribly…. All were happy that misunderstandings cleared amid ishkara…
That’s it for today guys …
Do share your views and comments on it…
Sorry for delay…
Bye bye guys take care and don’t forget to drop ur comments suggestions etc….
Love you all readers ….

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