Friends are the treasure of life Ishkara OS ( Part 11) by shama

First of all ,Really sorry for kept you all waiting but can’t help it I am nowadays super busy due to households ,functions, and now on Wednesday karvachauth is also there so going on fast mehandhi etc… OK now cut off my stuff from it and let’s begin..
Recap of the previous part in brief
As we saw Omkara confronting Ishana for a crime unknowingly … Ishana thinks about the past incident and kept quiet… Rudra proposed somya … Anshi passionate kiss…
Present Episode ( Part 11)
Scene 1
@ Next Morning – Paradise Hotel again
Anika in her room was restless whole night due to shivaay sudden loving gesture towards her she was lying on bed and twisting her body here to there as she tried to sleep closes her eyes that scene when shivaay came close to her and she couldn’t help it but reciprocal which was now making her shy and sleepless …
Our billu was also facing the same as he closed his eyes that scene was driving him crazy he thought that last night why did I do such an unexpected thing with her what will she think of me ?? She just pushed me back and ran away can’t I control my emotions … Oh god what I did ( he kept his head down) …
Anika was also thinking the same .. Anika thought that I am a fool why did I allowed him why did I reciprocal what would he think of me ?? They both get off their beds and get ready … They finished their daily routine

Here in friends gang room they all were nice sleeping ayath jara priya on a bed shatakshi suchi on other goms and nithu on sofa…( bed- cum- sofa) …
Priya in center on the bed jara and ayath on side it was early morning and priya turned to jara side and by mistaken hits her from hand as she kept her hand on her cheek (?dish came) jara falls down from bed but still was sleeping nicely… And priya turned again and mumurs in sleep mumma I don’t want to marry … Ayath gets disturbed by her voice and stuffed priya mouth with her hand and there on sofa nithu covered her face with magazine and was snoring nicely… Goms was now disturbed and she covered her ears tightly with cushion….
Shaza pragya and satvika (sat ) entered the room and saw everyone sleeping like kumkaran and the trio hits their foreheads.

Scene 2
@ Farmhouse Ishkara
Ishkara was so tired after the fight that they slept together in a room under the same roof in each other arms Ishana was sleeping nicely on omkara chest..
Omkara was dreaming that he is beating dev black and blue for snatching his love and dev was begging for his life Ishana was quite and was looking at all this … This dream made om smile as after fight Ishana hugged him and he was about to kiss her when his phone rings .. And his dream broke… And he was like yeh kyon hai pyaar ka dushman ( who the hell is this)
He gets up and picked the phone in his hand it was Rudra.. He thought I know what he will say somya … He lifted the call..
Rudra says kya bhaiyya itni der !! Aapko paata hai woh Maine Somo…

I know its somya ab kya hua?? Kya kiya tune
Rudra says bhaiyya aap toh fortune teller ho gaye I just proposed her ..
Omkara said huh !! Proposed somya
Yes Bhai and I need you now ..
Why you need me now as you proposed her alone
Bhaiyya aap bus aao Rudra disconnected the call

He tried to get up but failed as Ishana was sleeping on his chest and first he smiled and then reminisced the fight and slowly lifted her head and slowly placed it on pillow and in this process her hair stucks in his shirt button and while om tried to free himself from it and failed but Ishana gets up and they share an eye lock and after awhile it breaks and omkara gets up and both looked to different directions and omkara gets the key of car and takes Ishana slowly and they drives back to hotel …
Scene 3
@ Hotel
Paradise Hotel – Friends gang room

Satvika says to pragya and shaza that are you guys feeling the same the trio says at once we are feeling like we are watching hum saath saath hai now casting our friends…
Satvika kya hum saath saath hai moment hai..
Shaza says Nahi baba I am feeling like they all have not sleep from years..???
Pragya says now we have to became alarm clock …

Shaza takes off magazine from nithu face and laughed oh so she is snoring she takes her iPad and made a video of it satvika hits shaza head and said what are you doing??? Shaza says miss photographer ki photo kheech rahi hu you know na from college days she doesn’t admit that she make weird sounds so this video will be proof she rotates the camera on all and started shooting and she became reporter …
Aaj ki taza khabar ki famous nature photographer nature say itni close hai ki woh needh me bhi different sound’s nikalti hai..
She walked further and now satvika said see goms poor girl she stuffed her ears with cushion… Shaza said dekhiye yaar ne kiya dursre yaar per atyaachar pointed at goms and nithu….
They woke up and goms in sleep hits and cushion on shaza when she was shooting video..
Aaaa.. She gets a sudden hit and her phone straightly goes under priya bed she bends to take it and screams …
Nithu satvika pragya goms said kya hua chuha Dekh liye kya ??? All bend down …
And all was shocked because jara was sleeping under the bed and they all go under the bed and pats jara …
Pragya says wow I thought ki everyone sleep on the bed and you’re sleeping under the bed..
Satvika said what are you doing maachar Mar rahi ho kya??

Shut up guys like Normal people I sleep on bed only but I don’t know how I came here..
Priya and ayath gets up and looked here and there no one was there nithu from under the bed said shu…. Sho…
They saw priya and ayath legs…

Priya says to ayath ki kal raat tak toh sab yahi so rahe the or ab…. Ayath complete the sentence and said ab Mr India hogaye….
Everyone was under the bed and satvika and nithu made sounds like wooooo…. Ghost…
Shaza joins she made a sound like any door was opening….. Goms made a sound of rats because everyone knows that priya and ayath are scared of rats…. Priya and ayath hugged each in scare…

Omkara and Ishana reached hotel and Rudra was waiting and was eating popcorn in lobby they entered and Rudra jumped into his arms and Rudra said bhaiyya itna dar toh mujhe exams say bhi Nahi lagta jita Somo ke answer say lag raha hai he says dekho Rudra bana pimple kapadia tension ke mare … Ishkara looked at each other and smiled ….
They were in the lobby and they saw Anshi coming …. Anshi bumps into each other and shivaay says kal raat ..
Omru repeated looking at each other kal raaaaat ……
Shivaay said to anika kal raat joh kuch hua woh misunderstanding thi warna main aur tum ( points his finger towards anika and shows tadi ) anika says in return showing taadi aap aur main !! Isse aacha main zehar na kha lo

Omru Jaw drops and they think yeh ho kya raha hai ?????
Anika says woh bhi kajar ke halwe me daal ka ?
Shivaay confused he says zehar gajar ke halwe me daal kar kyu khana hai??
Anika says ab koi mar raha hai toh aapni favorite cheej na khake mare
Omru eats popcorn… And agrees
Shivaay shockingly says zehar tumhari favorite cheej hai????
Rudra says Arrey Nahi bhaiyya unki favorite cheej gajar ka halwa hai !!!!
Ishana says mera bhi mera bhi … Rudra says to Ishana samajh te hi Nahi ho yaar….!!!
Ishana whispers agar shivaay ki language me kahu toh khandhani problem!!
Rudra gives a hi5 to Ishana…
Satvika and all others made priya ayath scared priya and ayath became jhansi ki rani and ran behind them to catch and bet all ….
Priya catches satvika but she managed to free herself from clutches and and ran and said priya kab tak kabadi ke legi and ran and hits anika and anika falls straight into shivaay arms and everyone became Gandhi ke bandhar I mean cupped their mouth….
Bhaiyya ki rasleela ….waaah Rudra said
Ishkara jaw dropped….
Friends gang said ab yeh kya ho raha hai ….
All sit in a line and was watching Anshi lost…
Fashion week misunderstanding cleared and Ishana tensed… Omkara support her … Anshi on ramp modeling …

Sorry for being late …
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Sorry friends gang for ur comedy scene
Thanks for reading it and commenting

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  1. Priyanka_22

    Hey shama
    M waiting for anshi takkar ka pyaar next part
    Plz post it today

    1. Priyanka thanks for asking and commenting actually I have wrote same episode four times but still not fully satisfied I need to first satisfy myself by my style then if it happens I will post maybe you all have to wait …
      Sorry but thanks…

      1. Hey guyz If u want vrunal as Ishkara come back the show.. Then plzzz just mail star plus or call 91-22-66305555 .& request them bring back this beautiful jodi.. Plzzz 4nds

  2. Nithu

    Omg di…its superb…i cant stop laughing all the while….too gud…di ….loved it n noo sry di…

    1. Thanks for compliment Dr but what’s so funny in it which made u laugh ???

      1. Nithu

        Di…sleeping under the bed…making funny noises…scaring priya and ayath…di…those were really funny…which made me laugh…

  3. Cute episode. Yes I agree with Priyanka Di. I also want the takrar ka pyaar ff next episode today. Plz try to post it today.

  4. Very nice episode and ishkara actually I have a request that can you please give me the link of previous episode becoz there are many ff and I read each and every ff. I am getting confused due to mixing the ff . plz I want to read your previous ff

      1. Chetna hope I helped you and hope you love it and do comment if u like dear ?

  5. Very nyc di…i cnt stop laughng readng d frnds gang scene…..anika sayng zehar gajar ke halwe me …n shivay askng zehar tera fav hain??????? awesum di

  6. Cuteprincess

    superb diii

  7. Ayath

    superb epi

  8. Sat

    Di I am first of all very sorry for the late comment, just came from my tuition and started reading all your ff,please forget and forgive.please
    And coming to the episode, this time my shivika rocked, ✌✌✌✌

    And all the members way of sleeping was really cute and awesome, I really burst out of laughter and me asking up them was quite funny, I just can’t imagine how you bring out such a good humour track in this story, just hats off

    And waiting for the next episode as my dear ishkara will clear their understanding and stand for each other

    And finally pleas e update ASAP and waiting for your anshi,?????

  9. Hey guyz if u want Vrunal as Ishkara.. Plzzz mail star plus & call 91-22-66305555 star plus. Plzzz request them this jodi.

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