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friends and love (episode-9)


Gyes I’m really sorry as I know I am late study pressure was there so really sorry hope you understand my situation nd do comment your comments boost me up and I will be waiting for your response.happy reading guys

After having a bit fun they all morning as they had school they woke up and got ready and when they went and sat in two different cars (guys obviously the car is drived by a driver as they are still 14) and set to go a distance

Away in a sunsan sadak Mai the car stopped and. When it stopped our very own great Alia ji started her melodtama or we can say buk buk and said offo driver Uncle iss gadi ko bhi abi Karab honi this mujha AC car mai bhi gharmi lag rahi Hai dekho na Manik she said but mukti said ab bas bhi Karo make up kit jil!. Alia again complaied to manik but manik was in other world as in talking to someoneBy the way do you know that manan can talk to each other mind to mind or heart to heart.Now that was the situation both manan got fear in thier heart when the car stopped so they are speaking through heart .
Nandini(Nan):”Manu dekho na yeh gaadi achanak rukh gayi mujha dhar lag raha Hai manik yeh hamari kidnapping sign toh nahi hai na?”
Manik (ma):”arey meri bahadur dost nandu thum kaisa dhar sakthi ho thum pyaari pari ho janthi ho burai thumsa darthi Hai aur ajj thum burai sa dhar rahi ho not fare”
Nan:par Manu….
Ma:par var kuch nahi nandu ab darna bandh Karo nahi to mujha bhi dar lagna shuru hojayaga. Jo hojayaga dekha jayaga ab apni friends ka aur dyan lagao varna shakh hojayaga unlogo ko.
Nan:Han manu thum shayad tiknhe kaha raha hon Jo hoga dekha jayaga aur muja bhashan math doh pehla apni friends ka aur dyan lagao varna unha shak hojayaga.
Ma:copy cat meri dialogue mmujhahi suna dhi par tik hai Nadu and when these both stopped hering each other’s herats voice Manik saw every one was staring him and he gave a what happened reaction and Cabir said “sala thuumha hum log das minute sa bula raha Hai kaha kogaya Tha thu?”manik thought nandu was right mai usa bhashan Dena Mai itni busy tha ki Mai apni friends par dyan nahi diya ab kya bholu inko then he said voh I was thinking about aur mams reaction when she understands we are late and aur school fans reaction as both famous bands in this school SS and F5 are late as they think that we are enemies.yes manik you have a point said dhruve and manik thought thank God thu na bachalia iss reason sa satisfied lag rahaa Hai nahi to meri pole khul jathi . Suddenly time stopped everything stopped moving including people except manan and they got down from their car and saw the situation and thought who did this as they new except manan and Rani pari no one can stop time and they thought they didn’t do it then both togethely said Rani pari yes she is the one behind this they understood the sign and went to pari lok a beautiful scenery is shown plants and trees all over birds butterflies ect it was a beautiful time and there were beautiful steps leading to pari Sabha bhavan they ented it and saw all were seated all were really in a sad mood Manan​ thought why are they in a sad mood what happens to them etc was running in our mind then Rani pari come and said all of us to sit

Nandhini is telling
As I am a would be fairy quenn after 8 years and manu was would be king so naturally our place was near Rani pari or shall I say ma pari as she is my mother who gave me a rebirth as pyari pari by giving me Powers but when we were about to sit Rani pari stopped us and Said wahi raho bacho mujha thumsa kuch sad news share karni hai
Aavishkari pari ki bavishyath yantr sa hama patha chal Hai ki thum logo ki aparan hogi aur yeh bhi patha chal Hai ki thumha chodna ki kimath thum logon ki judai hogi Manik nandhini ki judai yeh sunkar hama ek jatka sa llaga jaisa hamari Jan chali gayi hon aur tab humna ek dusra ko yeh tassa lli dekhar shanth kiya ki hum dil sa to bath Kar saktha​ Hai na chahai kitna bhi dhur ho tab hama Rani pari na ek aur shock diya ki hum agar juda hogaya toh hamari sari shakhtiya apna appe hi chalaa Jayagi as aur jab Tak hum ek nahi honga tab Tak hamari shajtiya nahi auagi and hearing this hum dono to tut hi gaya lakin Rani pari na yeh bhi kaha ki hum ek dusra ko nahi pachanaga jab Tak hamari shaktiya nahi milagi na hum ek dusra ki dosto ko means mai dhruv,alia,mukhti,Cabir koh nahi pahchan sakthi aur Manik navya ,abhimanyu ,bhoomika Desai aur shrinidhi chauhan.and listening to this we were fully devasted as if we don’t recognize each other life time than what may happen how we may get our power that to back!that time Rani pari informed Manik​ nandhini Maina thum Dona sa ek bath chu pathi aarahi thi ki thum dono soul mates ho aur ek dujakaliya bana ho aur isliya jab thum Dona sath honga baarish ayaga bhijli kad kaga (actually I don’t know the actual word for thunder and lightning) aur rainbow ayagi jab thum dono gao ga toh darthi pari log jithna sundar hogi jab thumhari hath chujayaga ya sharir ka koi bhi angh ek dusra ko chuaga tho ek alag si chamak ajayagi aur yeh thum dono ka lia khudrath ki banayi hui ishara hogi ek dusra ki aisas ka Lia she ended saying this words which gave us alittel hope to Be together soon but we were even sad for our separation.

Manikik is telling
I and nandhini both were devasted and broken listening to Rani pari ‘s wordrs and at her last sentence we got a little hope of meeting again then Rani pari said us to leave and we left there with sad faces and we returned back and sat in car and we were remencing what Rani pari said we knew what is going to happen with us exactly now and that is nothing but some deliberately spoiled the car so that they can kidnapped us!!!!
All became normal and the next thing what happen is in my car and nandhini ‘s car our friends noticed our tears that we forgot to erase and we both gave same reason that dust entered our eye.and we were still thinking any moment we may get kidnapped.

Precap: kidnapping of SS and F5.
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