friends and love (episode-3)

Friends and love

[guyes am really really soooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for the very very late update some personal problem so i couldn’t and a happy news for all my readers and silent readers i have changed my mind so charecters names as same as kyy except shrinidhi chauhan,bhoomika desai and manik’s brothers name will be jignesh malhothra like i told in my last ff soha is not aryamans sister.please guyes do comment and silent readers also comment as it boosts us the writers.]

All F5 and SS returned their homes means to shining stars villa and F5 returned to their home fantastic 5 villa .All of them freshened up in F5 villa and nyonika aunty mom of manic and jignesh had prepared food they all had their food while talking and went to their rooms to go to SS villa shanno aunty nandhini’s chichi prepared food and was waiting in dinnig table for them .they all came had their food silently and went to their rooms to go to sleep before they slep both SS F5 members thought of each other and slept .Did i mention that nandhini and manic were fairies they had their own powers and when they sleep they get a similer dream li todays lets see whats their dream.
Nandhini and manic were sleeping in their respective rooms in their own villas .
Nandhini maniks dream sequence.

A girl and a boy is seen laughing all SS and F5 members were kidnapped and tied in chains the girl was saying i’ll separate you all and the boy was laughing loudly and wickedly ‘[dream sequence over] they both get up together saying noo and their body is coverd with sweat.

{guyess only this much for today really soorryy for late update critism is excepted.and think who is the boy and girl in nandhini maniks dreams till then be happy and stay safe.

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  1. Inu

    superb epi

    1. Neehaa

      thank you inu and sorry for late update by the way how are you?

  2. Rhimjhim

    cute and really excited to read the next episode…

    1. Neehaa

      thank you very much rhimjhim and stay safe be happy make us happy by your ff

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