Hello guys i hope u will like my ff i is entirely based on swalak

Love is something that happens for a lifetime and beyond the life time this is a story of love of lifetime so here it goes:
Swara and laksh were in same college. They were doing graduation and laksh was swara’s senior he was in last year and swara was in first year.
Before exams swara needed some help in her studies and all her friends asked her to take help from laksh as he was a senior and college topper s well. He helped her in exams and she scored gud marks so there started their journey of friendship. They become best friends and many people misunderstood them as a couple though they never were. They used to talk a lot share each and everything with each other. And like this another six months passed after that laksh graduated and left the college. Swara was happy but still was felling sad as he was going to leave the college and he was her best friend…

After 1 month laksh and swara’s contact was broken as laksh changed his number swara was sad as he didn’t gave her his new number but she knew he might have forgotten and she got involved in her studies but still she missed him sometimes and like this 2 years passed and she graduated from college and she proceded to do her post graduation in MBA. She took admission in best MBA college of India and when she went there she got to know that Laksh also graduated from this college he passed out the same year she had taken admission in she was sad that she was also happy that he did his mba and she thought that maybe this is just destiny. She studied really hard in MBA as it was her aim to get a good job in reputed company and for that she needed to study well.

After 1.5 years companies came in the campus for interview Swara was all ready for the interview and al her friends were confident about her getting the job as she was the college topper and she was selected in her first interview itself as her records impresses the interviewers a lot she was employed in SL industries one of the top industries at that time she was given 2 years bond 6 months training and 1 and a half year full time employee service with a really nice package. And she was to go to New York for her job. She was very happy as it was her dreams to go to New York and she was very near to her dreams after finals she emerged out as college topper and she was also excited as she was to leave for New York in just 10 days for her job.

After 10 days she arrived in new York there a car along with driver was waiting to pick her up and she was amused as he company she was going to work with was doing so much for her as a employee she was really happy the car dropped at her 2bhk apartment in that city she was jumping with joy and she was dam happy. She unpacked her stuff arranged the apartment in her own style and went to sleep as next day was her joining .

Morning @ office
Swara’s pov
I m so so much excited today i m going to join my dream job today.
As i stepped in the office i have a great felling that it is going to be a amazing job experience and i know this time my felling is positive.
I entered and then i met my senior he introduced me to the whole office and then asked me to report to my boss. I went to my bosss’ cabin and as i entered i was shocked to see my bosss……..
He was none other than laksh i was shocked to see him there as my boss. I stood there senseless for about 10 minutes and he was smiling his killer smile and i knew that he knew about me joining and thats why that special treatment but as soon as i realised that i m not dreaming. I was so damm angry on him that i straightly went outside his cabin and went outside the office and as much as i know he was going to come behind me in ten minutes. And he do come smiling.

Laksh’s POV:
I know that it was her i have a feeling of meeting her and i know that new employee is joining and her name is swara so somewhere i had an idea that it was her but seeing her face to face i cannot do anything than just to smile i want to hug her so tight and tell her how sorry i was and how much i missed her but before i would have said anything she stromed out of office and i also went behind her i knew as a friend she had right to be angry. But as her best friend i know how to convince her. I went behind her and firstly hugged her but i knew she was not going to melt so easily so i tried my boss attitude so that she may get convinced but i know it was a difficult task and i asked her sorry many times and in the end she was convinced but yes i gave her 5 chocolates for convincing her i know she loves chocolates so i knew how to convince her.
We talked for sometime. After that we procedded to our works she reminded me that she was my employee and then i noticed whole staff glaring at me like i have dome a crime but yes they were as i never talked much with anyone in our office like a proper boss with bossy attitude.

And the day passed very quickly and i asked swara to stay for sometime and i will drop her home. And then i dropped her she was so much tired after all it was her first day and after dropping i procedded to my home.

Precap : will love happen between this friendship.

Credit to: veronica

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