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So here it goes
3 months before :
Swara and laksh were happy in a relationship but one day swara left without any trace of hers and she just left a letter just a letter asking laksh not to search for her…
Laksh has again become workaholic and the environment in the office has also changed in just 3 months everything has become dull laksh knows that there is a major problem with swara that she left him but he is not able o figure out that
One day laksh falls sick so he went to hospital to consult doctor

Laksh comes out of doctor’s cabin and he was going to get the medicines. He has just minor fever and cold.
While passing through he collided with a doctor. And doctors all the files fall down on the floor then he saw a file named swara while picking the files from the floor. He was shocked to see that name on that file he was happy as he found swara but he was sad also that he find her in hospital he asked the doctor about swara:
Laksh : doctor whose file is this swara who is she
Doctor: swara she is my patient she is actually a patient of mine
Laksh was shocked hearing about her being patient he wanted to know about her
Laksh: doctor where is she
Doc: i m sorry but who r u to ask this r u any relative of her
Laksh: doc i m her friend laksh now pls tell me where she is…
Doc: ohh so ur laksh… come to my cabin i will tell u over there

@doctor’s cabin:
Doctor: she came over here around 4 months back for having severe headache we checked her and got her tests done and then we found out that she was having brain tumor and that to at last stage she has just 10% chances of survival or otherwise 6 months to live. We asked her to get admitted immediately and start her treatment but she asked for one month time but we asked her to be quick she said after one month i will start my treatment but before that i need to finish some works and she left. She came over here after one month and then her treatment was started but now her condition has worsen she has stopped responding to the treatment and now there is no way to save her unless she agrees for operation and in that to she have just 5% chances of survival.
Laksh was shattered on hearing about brain tumor his love his best friend was dying and he don’t even know about it was like world was crashing down and tears start flowing from laksh’s eyes

Laksh: doc where is she right now
Doctor : she is in this hospital only at cancer ward and i must tell u she is ur best friend and she loves u a lot just because she don’t want u to suffer pain of her death she left u she has told us about u in these three months there was never a moment that she didn’t remembered u she always called ur name when she was in pain she truly loves u

Doctor took laksh to swara’s ward
@swara’s ward
Laksh didn’t have strength to go inside but somehow he went inside
Laksh’s POV:
She was there in front of me looking pale and dull but still she was my swara my swara she walk up by hearing my footsteps and then she looked at me and she was surprised to see me there she pinched herself as if she is dreaming and unknowingly a smile came on my face by seeing her dis act she was having tears in her eyes but still she was smiling i can see the spark that she have on seeing me over there she was happy on seeing me over there. I have many questions to ask her but not even a single question come out of my mouth i just hugged her tight though she was weak and feeble and she had even lost her hair because of chemo but still she was beautiful and then i started scolding her for not telling me and for facing all the pain all alone but she just smiled because she was able o see her concern in me

Swara’s POV :
He asked me why i didn’t told him about this tumor. I had no answer he was scolding me without a break and i was just lstning and at last i just kissed him to make him shut. He was shocked but then he also kissed me back and i said him i love u and i missed u he was so happy but i can see pain and fear in his eyes and on his face he fared losing me and the pain of me suffering was just clear in his eyes but he didn’t know that to see him in pain it pained me more. That’s the reason i didn’t told him about cancer i know it hearts him….

After that laksh took full care of swara and contacted every kind of specialists but that was of no use she has stopped responding to treatment and like this 1 month passed
Now as no way available they have only one way and that was operation both swara and laksh was ready for operation as it was the only way left

Just before operation
Swara:(crying) laksh promise me that if i didn’t survived u will find someone else and marry her
Laksh:(sobbing) no swara i cant do this no i will not i only love u and will only love u
Swara: laksh pls promise me consider this as my last wish pls promise me pls laksh
Laksh : no swara never i can nerve give ur place to anyone else
Swara: laksh pls…
Laksh: ohk but u have to promise me that u will not give up easily
Both were crying while swara was taken to operation theatre
After 3 hours doctor came out:
Laksh: doctor how is swara
Doctor: mr laksh we have tried aur best but now we cant say anything but for now tumor have been removed but still she has to be kept under observation until she gains consciousness and we have to see that tumor doesn’t redevelop itself
Laksh: doctor can i see her
Doc: not now but after 1 hr she will be shifted to general ward then u can see her
After 10 hrs swara gained consciousness and the first person she saw was laksh standing in front of her doctors checked her and said that tumor has been completely removed and now she is fine but she will be discharged after 10 days and even after that she needs to have complete rest for atleast 20 days means 1 month complete rest to fully recover
Doctor also said that in these cases the chances of survival is less but it is a miracle survival she survived because of laksh’s love and that trust of friendship
After that doctor went out

Swara: laksh i love u but more than that u r my best friend
Laksh : swara i love u too
After 6 months both married in a grand way both their families were also happy with their union
But they do have difficulties in their married life but still they both were there for each other sometimes as lovers and everytime as best friends they were friends for lifetime….
Friendship is the most beautiful gift of god that can never be broken it is something that is for lifetime friends can be lovers and love is very easy to find but good friends are very hard to find so do care about ur friends and never let them go may be u may never get friends like that…..


Credit to: veronica


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