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Next day
Swara was getting ready and her doorbell rings and there was laksh standing at her doorstep she was soo happy to see him standing over there she hugged him and then called him in and showed him her flat he was amused to see the decoration of her house although he had seen this flat as this flat was allotted by the company to swara but he hadn’t imagined that it could look so good.

Laksh : swara must say u have decorated the house so well i have never imagined that it will look so good after ur decoration
Swara : hello Mr. Laksh i can decorate the house very well now have ur breakfast i have prepared ur favourite aloo prantha
Laksh : but how do u know that i will come
Swara : winks and said we r best friends and i know u will come and i also know that u like aloo prantha made by my hand so i prepared it for u and anyways u also have arrived early so u can easily have breakfast with me
Laksh : thats why i came early to have breakfast with u and i was also missing homemade food
Swara : now come we have just half an hour for doing breakfast and then we have to leave
Laksh : chalo i luv u shonu and thank u and kisses on her cheeks
Swara :now top buttering me i m not going to prepare food daily
(both of their families live in india and they r in new York)
After breakfast both hurridly leave for office as swara don’t want to be late for office but for laksh it is not the big deal as he is the boss and he is usually late he is a slow eater but swara is punctual person never late for anything
They partied together enjoyed together.
Swara made many good friends in office. They celebrated all the festivals together there was a lot of positivity because of swara in office and everyone was so happy swara was a bubbly and hardworking girl she really worked hard and as a result she also got promoted she was very happy on being promoted.
Like this 1 year passed:
Laksh and swara were great friends even more than friends they were bffs they tried mny relationships and so there were break ups but they both were there for each other all the time they consoled each other laksh consoled swara with a chocolate and swara consoled laksh by her handmade food laksh loved food cooked by her.
It was a Saturday morning
Swara was thinking about laksh she has realised that she loves laksh as she cannot stay away from him but she was scared to confess
On the other side laksh was planning to confess his feelings to swara but he was also scared to confess his feelings as he feared he may lose his best friend that he cannot afford to lose
So anyways he decided to confess his feelings. He went to swars house

@swaras house
She was getting ready and then door bell rings she was surprised to see laksh at her door step as he is never ready early on holidays mornings
He got in and was luking nervous
Laksh : swara i want to say something
Swara : yes laksh
Laksh :(nervously) swara i..i
Swara : sensing his nervousness laksh say
Laksh : swara i love u (he blurted out)
Swara was shoked but she got out of her shock and immediately hugged him and said “I LOVE U TOOO”
Both were soo happy they were hugging each other.
tHen laksh started kissing swara on her eyes then he rubbed their noses with each other and then proceded to kiss swara and swara nodded in a yes and then he kissed her and she too kissed him back and then they entered into a passionate kiss and then they were into each other and then they parted for breathing and swara was blushing too hard.
After that they have breakfast and then decided to celebrate their relationship and they went out and have lunch in a fancy restaurant and then went for a party at night .

Both were drunk and so in a drunken state they were roaming on roads dancing and clicking wierd photos they were truly enjoying themselves and then when they were tired they sat on a bench and started talking
Laksh : swara do u know i loved u from the college but i was afraid to lose u
Swara : laksh what r u saying
Laksh : yes swara that is why i broke contact between both of us if i have been talking to u all along i would never have been able to stay without u
Swara: laksh really u loved me from that time….
Laksh: yup
Swara: laksh i love u soo much
And after that both were not able to control and then they kissed kissed each other passionately both were into each other and then they broke the kiss and hired a cab and went to laksh’s house
Both were deeply into it and so they again kissed each other then laksh’s hand were inside swara’s top and swara started unbuttoning laksh’s shirt and then both laid down on bed and go intimate…

Next day MORNING
Laksh got up and realised what they have done he was shocked to see himself sleeping with swara but he was happy also and then there was some movement in swara so laksh pretended to sleep
Swara woke up and saw herself naked with laksh in his bedroom she was shoked but she was happy also as she was with her love then laksh also woke up and both were smiling looking at what have happened at night then swara got up and got freshen up first and then laksh got up
Swara have some spare clothes in laksh’s house
She got ready and went to kitchen to prepare breakfast
They have breakfast together and then swara went back to her apartment

At office both maintained that bff tag as they don’t want anyone to know about their love
They both loved each other but more then that they were friends actually best friends so they enjoyed a lot ineach other’s company when they two were together they don’t need anyone to be with them…..
After 6 months passed :
Laksh’s pov :
Swara where r u? why did u left me without any reason? Why ? i m not able to understand what all happened between us before three months and u just walked out just giving me a letter saying that u don’t love me and u are walking out u just left me like that without any explanation i cannot believe what is written in that letter but u just said not to search for me swara why? dammit why?

Precap: what happened that swara left will swara and laksh be able to unite…..last part

Credit to: veronica


  1. awesome episode and why are u ending it u have just started anyways if ur ending it them fron now start thinking to write another swalak fff ..i hope u will fulfill my wish..

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