Friends for life and lovers till death…Happy birthday wala OS!…..


Friends for life and lovers till death!…Happy birthday wala OS!
Well I wanted to submit an OS for Baby on her birthday but due to power shortcut I was not able to write I am sorry Baby dear! But as today is Sidmin’s birthday I would love to dedicate this OS to both of my sisters Sidmin and Baby! Love u guys!

May this year fill your life with colors of joy, happiness, and success! May god bless you and shower his blessings upon you! May you keep smiling 🙂 always 🙂 May your wishes come true and you have a blessed year! May you celebrate many and many birthdays and stay blessed sweetie  Many, many happy returns of the day  Well yesterday I celebrate my brother’s birthday and today I am celebrating my sister’s birthday  Love you baby! Love u Sidmin!
Well this OS is dedicated to you my birthday (belated one as well) girls and to all friends which I found here!
Keep smiling  Always 

And also Eid Mubarak 
May this Eid fill your life with colors…And you all continue to smile and spreading happiness as u all are doing now!
We met as strangers…but…Ended up as Friends…and…Destiny joined our chords…
It was a bright sunny morning in Amritsar…a college is shown…a girl enters wearing a baby pink color dress with pink salwar and a light silver pinkish dupatta, pinned to her shoulder, her hair were left open, her rosey lips which had a touch of pink gloss, and cute cheeks which were shining due to the light pink blush, her big sparkling eyes were looking more bigger with the black kajal and eye-liner. Her eyes were finding someone, yes the someone whom she loved to the utmost! Her Kunj! Yes Twinke’s Kunj!

A voice was heard from the back, “Oye re meri siyappa queen! Happy wala birthday!”
The girl turns and sees a boy stretching his arms to allow her in his embrace! The girl smiles and rushes and hugged him! Sajna ve…….Yes they are our Sadu Sarna and Siyappa Queen….
“Ugghhmmm…Ugghhhmmmm!” a cough is heard from the back!
The 2 love birds separated themselves.
A girl and boy were seen standing and smiling, the boy had a box in his hand while the girl carried a bouquet.
The 2 are none other than Yuvraaj and Mahi.
Yuvraaj says, “Save your romance for some time!”
Mahi says, “Shut up Yuvi, at least they are showing how much they love each other, at least not like you! Boring and Unromantic!”
Yuvraaj replies, “Awwwww…my baby doll (Sorry Yuvle fans I am giving Twinkle’s name to Mahi sorry if you don’t like it !) why are you getting upset! You know how much I love you!” he says side hugging Mahi
Twinkle says, “Yuvi and Mahi you two fight like Tom and Jerry! Stop it! At least not on my birthday!”
Yuvraaj says, “Who said we are fighting?”
Kunj says, “Whole campus is aware of your fights!”
Mahi replies, “Kunj our love reflects in our fights!”
Twinkle says, “Oho…Love Shove and all…Mahi!” she says teasingly!
Mahi blushes!
Yuvraj says, “Twinkle why are you disturbing my baby doll!”
Twinkle shouts, “Kitne bade kamine ho best friend ka birthday hai aur apni GF ki inti fikar! Kamine ne abhi tak wish bhi nahi kiya!” (What a big rascal, it is best friend’s birthday and caring that much for your GF! And you even didn’t wish me!)
Yuvraaj says, “Awww…mera bacha! Don’t get annoyed! (He says cupping her face! Don’t take it in a wrong way guys it is a friendly love only 😉 Anyways let’s continue!) Happy to you my bestie!”
Kunj says, “Yuvraaj since childhood till teenage and till now HAPPY TO YOU! Seriously?”
Yuvraaj replies, “This is Yuvi’s style!” showing attitude!
Twinkle says, “Whatever! And only wishes will not work you have to get me a gift!”
Yuvraaj replies, “Ohhh shoot…I forgot! So sorry Twinkle!”
Twinkle smiles and says, “No need to be sorry and friends mein chalta hai  You guys are there for me that’s the important thing! Till you are there I don’t wish to have anything!”
Yuvraaj says, “Twinki….Don’t be senti…Can it happen that I will forget your gift! Here you go!” He says forwarding a box of chocolate!
Twinkle hurriedly opens the box to find chocolates!
Twinkle says, “Yuvi thank you, thank you, thank you soooooooooooo much Yuvi! You are the best!”

Kunj fuming in jealousy, “Enough for today! I am standing right in front of u Twinkle! So u better stick with me not with this Luthra!”

Yuvi and Twinkle realize his jealousy and smirk….

Yuvi says, “Twinkle jalne ki boo aa rahi hai na!” (Twinkle it is smelling as of something is burning!)
Twinkle says, “Yeah I am also sensing it! Kunj you are also…I mean you are feeling such smell?”
Kunj angrily says, “Acha bas, bas! Meri taang mat kheecho!” (Okay enough, enough! Don’t pull my leg)
Yuvi says, “Oho bro! You felt bad, we were just kidding!”

Kunj bursts into laughter… “I was also kidding dude! How can I be jealous of you! Vaise I could have been jealous but I remembered that u are booked with that Laal Tamatar!” (Red tomato!)

They turn to see Mahi who’s cheeks were turned red due to laughter!

The quatrain kept on teasing each other!….

The 4…Yuvi, Twinkle, Kunj and Mahi reach at the courtyard of the college where there is a perfect arrangement of a party!…
The whole college is gathered there…There is dance, masti, maza, and full on fun with music’s tadka 😉

song is been played in the back ground on which everyone is dancing!

{Dilli wali girlfriend}
Both Yuvi and Kunj pull their respective ladies to the dance!

O what a look, what a grace
Tenu hi karan mein chase
What a naksh, what a nain
Dil tera ho gaya fan
What a smile, what a style
Lut’ti neendon ki yeh file
Kabhi soft, kabhi rude
Killer tera attitude

(Kunj pulls twinkle closer and so do Yuvi with Mahi)

Tere liye hi toh signal tod tard ke
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chod chad ke
Tere liye hi toh signa tod tard ke
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chod chad ke

O teri ankh da ishara mujhe fraud lage
Tu toh majnu awara by god lage
O kasme waden kha ke
Apni pocket money jod jad ke
Aaya tere liye paise waise jod jad ke
Ghar walon ko bhi bye-shye bol bal ke
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chod chad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod tad ke
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chod chad ke

(Only Twinj part)
Teri gali mein bhi aana start kar diya
Ik tere naam apne heart kar diya
Karne laga aankh mataka
Ab toh aashiq ban gaya paka
Aaj abhi maine tera boycott kar diya
Teri saari harkatein mein toh note karun
Tujhe thane mein le jake mein report karun
Tu na ka raise fight
Tera mood karun mein light
Tujhe scene mein dikhake film Golmaal ke
Naam tera hi likhaya mein ne wedding card pe
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chod chad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod tad ke
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chod chad ke……………..(Alas they end their dance on a kneeling position very close to EO)

Kunj goes on the stage and gets hold of the mic and says, “Today I want to say something to you all! I know this party is meant for our graduation celebration but….You know I always used to curse studies that why on earth do we have to waste 20-25 years of our life just for study sake! And moreover I never wanted to study in India, I always wanted to go abroad but due to personal problems I had to study here, I felt as if God did injustice with me by snatching my desires but he bestowed me with the most twinkling star! Yeah stars are found on the sky but this twinkling star is on Earth…Yes on earth and only and only meant for me! Yes my Twinkle…My Siyappa Queen…Today is her birthday…I have missed many birthdays of her but for compensation I have something for my lady love…This one’s for you Twinkle!( He says pointing towards Twinkle)

Dehleez pe meray dil ki jo rakhe hain tu ne kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere hamdam
Haan seekha mein ne jeena jeena
Kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina hamdam

****Twinkle’s POV****
Oh Gosh! I can’t stop adoring him…He is soooo….I don’t know what to say but the most precious gift pf god to me! I can’t stop expressing myself that how much I love him ! He made my day in every possible way! I love you so much My Sadu Sarna!

Twinkle was sleeping in her house…It was about 12 of night…When her phone rings…She wakes up due to the ring!
Twinkle rubbing her eyes says, “Hello! Who is it?”

The caller is revealed to be Kunj!

K-Twinkle it is me Kunj!
T-Kunj? Why have u called me at this time?
K-Come to your window?
K-Come na!
T-Okay wait!

She gets out of her bed and comes near her window to find him standing in front of her house!
He signs her to come down and she also complies…
Now both Kunj and Twinkle are sitting in Kunj’s car who is driving it…

T-What is it Kunj? Where are you taking me that also at night?
K-How can u speak that much? Now just keep quiet and let me drive peacefully!

Twinkle sit back with a pout face…

Kunj stops the car with a jerk…….

T-what happened?
K-We reached!
T-Seriously Kunj! Just stop it! This place is so dark and scary!
K-Hahahaha! Seriously dark and scary!
T-What’s so funny that u are laughing?
K-Look u are my sherni (lioness) as well as my twinkling star so no darkness and no fear!
T-You…leave it! Where have u brought e Mr.Sarna?
K-Get down of the car and you will get to know everything!

Twinkle by the help of Kunj gets off the car!

T-Kunj plz let’s go! I am really very scared!

Kunj claps and light come…The whole place is decorated with red roses and white roses and the 2 lovebirds are standing in middle of a heart made out of roses!

Twinkle looks on confused…

T-Kunj what is this?

Kunj bends down on his knees….

Kunj- Ms.Twinkle Taneja today you are turning 21 and may be this day will be most special of your life but I seriously want to make it more special! We are good friends since three years, we shared our happiness and sorrows together, stood by each other’s side when needed, also cheated in the examination hall, played many pranks together but whatever we did in these 3 years was TOGETHER! You gave a new meaning of friendship to me…You made yourself my twinkling star! My each day starts with you and ends on you! My day is incomplete without your laughter! I can fight from the whole world for your one smile because I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you remain my friend forever and my partner till death? Will you like to die as my Juliet?

Twinkle who was already in tears, without controlling her emotions hugged Kunj tightly and said, “Yes I will love to be your friend for life and would love to die as your Juliet!”
****FB ENDS****
****twinkle’s POV continues***
Thanks for filling my life with your love Kunj! This 21st birthday of mine will be memorable for me always!”
****Twinkle’s POV ends****
Sachi si hain yeh tareefein
Dil se jo main ne kahin hai
Tu jo mila toh saji hai
Dunya meri humdam
Aasman mila zameen ko meri
Yaadein aadhi adhooray hein gham
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere humdam
Haan seekha main ne jeena jeena
Kaise jeena
Na seekha jeeena tere bina humdam!

Kunj ends his son with a flying kiss for Twinkle!!!

****THE END****
I hope you enjoyed this boring OS! I am sorry Baby and Sidmin if you didn’t like it! But I tried my level best to make it up to mark! But I was in hurry coz of Eid so maybe it was not up to mark so I am really sorry!

Love u all!

Keep smiling  Always 

Eid Mubarak!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Zuha Fatima

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      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    luvd it very cute n adorable osm amazing fabulous beautiful
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    1. Zuha Fatima

      Awwwww…Baby dear…I am happy u enjoyed the OS and yaar no formalities in dosti…No thanks shanks‼‼ Love u 2‼

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

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    Koi itna cute kaise likha Sakta hai
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    Ur description ur dialogues everything is just amazing
    Post ur ff soon darlo
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