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Hello friends, just get into our story

Purbul were felt embarrassed seeing abhigya they didn’t wait for a second and run towards their rooms. Abhi was confused seeing this becoz he don’t know wat had happened between purab and pragya he can’t here that properly.
He thought purbul are playing chasing games. Oh this purbul are playing games and enjoying without me and fuggi wait I too will join them. .now I’m going to chase them. ..and c who is going ti win. ..abhi thought to chase purab first he starts to run behind purab. ..purab was shocked to c this and started to run fast. .pragya watches this and thought I think abhi got angry over purab for his love to his sister. I should have to stop that. ..pragya start to run behind abhi. .abhi turns back and c pragya running towards him. .he thought I think this leany also want to play and start to run faster. ..

These three were running one after one after for half an hour. ..finally purab reached his room and locked the door. .abhi reached purab room and shouted hey cheater come out ..If u close the room means how will I catch u.. purab got feared. By abhis shouting. ..pragta also reached there. ..please abhi don’t do anything to my brother. ..noo fuggi this is cheating hiw can he hide while in chasing game. …purab and pragya said in chorus game. …abhi said yes chasing game. ….
Pragya asked abhi so u didnt hear wat we talked right. ..s but I know wat these purbul are doing they are playing games without us. …
Pragya how can u b always genius ..ya I know that fuggi im always intelligent. ….pragya scolded him idiot buddhu. …pagal..

Purab opened his door and asked abhi so u didnt angry on me that I love bulbul. …pragya thought Here is and second pagal. ….
Abhi wat u love bulbul. ..purab thought wat I did now Oh god. ..

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