Friends!! kkb epi 7


Hi friends,

Abhi and pragya meet in balcony and think about purbul. They decided to join them again at any cost
Purbul flashback:

Purab and bulbul were the classmates from childhood and best friends too. ..
When they r studying at 10 th std an incident happened that changes their life
Purab and bulbul are the class toppers so all teachers like them
It was a maths class going on so our purbul listen that with full concentration then an English mam enters into the class room and called purbul to come to library as some important works are there.
They reached library and told them to make notes on grammar and circulate to the whole class as only two books are available in the library they nodded their head and was busy in taking notes. .when the bell range all went out to home but they they forgot the time.
Watchman comes and lock the library
They get feared and knocked the door but no one was there to unlock so they stayed there
Both abhi and pragya were searching for them and they came to school and asked the watchman. .He told no one is here. .pragya saw a chat shop near by school where bulbul always eat there. .sHe enquired about bulbul from the owner. .he told he didn’t c her. .she become restless and search her everywhere. Abhi consoled her and told that they will be safe. ..because they r together come will go.
Next day morning,
Purbul was slept in the library when the watchman unlocked the room he saw them and wake them up and informed to their parents. ..
Pragya and abhi came to pick them. .purbul saw each other and went ti their respective homes. ..
Here in school this news is spreading like a fire to every students.
Purab and bulbul thinks about each other and smiles after the incident purab always care for bulbul and bulbul also cares for him

Their class mates were watching this and purab friends ask him whether he love bulbul he didn’t give answer and went. .heeeere the same happened to bulbul she also didn’t didnt utter any word and went to home. …

Precap:purbul separation made by our abhigya

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