Friends!! kkb epi 5

Hello friends let’s get into our story

Dadi went to temple to pray for abhi. Sarla ma also came there. They smiled at each other and started to chit chat. Dadi told Sarla ma that we have to marry to our child age as come. We have to find groom and bride for them

Sarla ma told ya I too thought about that only
Suddenly Dadi told I have an idea. Let them married. Can u give ur pragya as bahu to our house
They went to home and informed to abhigya about their decision
They both got shocked after they laughed loudly. Pragya- I have to marry this bubbly no way
Abhi-do u think I will marry this chashmish
Abhigya told them we r just friends we like each other than anything in this world but we didn’t think about marriage
Sorry Dadi sorry aunty

Dadi Ok abhi we accept ur decision then u ppl do one thing abhi u find a groom for pragya and pragya u find a bride for him ok
They nodded their heads

Abhi pragya I don’t want to marry pragya also told the same
We like each other I don’t want anyone to interfere on our lives. But we can’t marry also because we don’t have any feeling for each other
Wat to do now
Pragya we think about that later bubbly first come come will eat pani poori hey this bhimi always like to eat only
Wat s that bhimi bubbly
Magabharath character yaar bheeman u r female version of him bhimi always want to eat anything

Abhi. …
Pragya. …They start to chase each other

Later, Dadi shows some photo to abhi. .u have to select one from them for pragya
Abhi starts to c
First photo:rv from Matsh
Dadi he looks gud handsome he will love pragya also he will care her also but when she starts love him he won’t trust her always hate her I dint think this will suit her she always has to prove her so rejected

Rk (madhubala)
Abhi:Dadi he is so handsome I like him very much. But he will ti marry her after marriage he will love her also but when my chashmish loves him he will tell that this marriage is a drama I want to take a revenge from u for ur boring lectures

I can’t give that much pain to my fuggi

Next our suresh his neighbour when abhi c his photo he starts to laugh loud and says Dadi he is not looking gud but his character s gud I hate him but ok no problem but he is also very boring like our pragya if they get married their life also very bore so he also rejected. .like that abhi rejected every one

Tomo is our pragyas turn let c how she gonna reject

Bye friends thank u all hpe u like this episode


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..