Friends!! kkb epi 4


Friends here episode 4 sorry friends I can’t update yesterday

At night 11 pm
Pragya didnt get sleep. She thought to go to balcony for sometime. Pragya thinks if this buddhu come na I will chitchat with him and I can’t feel bored. …suddenly she heard some footsteps she thought oh god I think it’s thief who will come in this time. .she took a flower vase beside her and got ready to attack the thief

Someone comes near her she starts to beat. …hey fuggi wat u r doing im abhi idiot. .did u forgot to wear ur chashma ..wear and c me properly

By hearing the word fuggi she put down the vase and laughed loudly
Hey bubbly yu came here in this time she asked
U only think about me know so I came here
U r so sweet abhi whenever I think about u u r always coming in front of my eyes im so lucky to have a friend like u

They happily spend time with each other for a while then Pragya asked abhi, abhi I want to eat ice cream. .ok fuggi tomorr will eat. .no abhi I want now. .come will go. ..hey fuggi r u become mad time is now 12 who will go in this time. .only ghost wants to go in this time. .I think u also joined with that family. ..
Abhi coming or not. ..noo fuggi tomorrow will go I promise

No abhi now only I want to go if u didnt come I will go with suresh ….He won’t tell no to me (suresh neighbour of pragya and abhi)

She starts to go by smiling in mind. ..abhi:wait fuggi I will come with u..don’t go with him. .. she knows already that abhi will tell like this. ..abhi didnt like suresh and often he scold pragya not to talk with suresh. ..because he want his fuggi to b his friend only n not with anyone s friend

He always have some possessiveness towards pragya

They reach the ice cream parlour. Pragya bhaiya one strawberry and abhi got a choco cream
Before start to eat they smiled at each other and exchanged their ice creams
Parlour owner thinks they didn’t change from childhood. ..They will buy others favourite and while eating they r exchanging the ice creams
.owner thought to ask them: im watching u ppl from childhood y u ppl r always buying others favourite and exchanging better u ppl buy urs know

They both replied at the same time: because I always thought about my friend first then only mine
And they smiled at each other. ..

Friends I think this is the boring episode. ..I thought to show some abhigyas friendship. .If it’s boring forgive me. …tata bye bye

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  1. really super epi yaaaaaaaa

    not all boring

    1ly interesting

  2. nice………….

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice….

  4. superb yaar and sorry not commenting till now but hereafter i will be regular keep rocking…..

  5. nice

  6. very funny episode love it ur amazing

  7. who said it’s boring.. really really love it…

  8. Trisha


  9. Really sooooo cute episode n it’s not @ all boring it’s really soooo sweet n cute one yaar

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