Friends!! kkb epi 3

Thank u for ur comments friends. .let’s start the episode

Pragya:maa where is our angry bird. I sent him to buy veg in market pragya Sarla mom told.
Maa tell him to come to abhis concert with me. .how I go alone in night maa concert is at 10 pm
Sarla maa: beti u know about him know how will he come with u pragya becomes sad. Ok dear I will try to send him with u dint b sad
Pragya:thank u maa

Purab enters home
Sarla ma and pragya acted that they r fighting with each other
Sarla ma: no pragya I won’t allow u to go at late night
Pragya: maa …ple let me go. .and she acted like crying
Purab watching this told maa Wats ur problem ma send her na c how my di s crying without knowing where she wants to go

Pragya: u love me that much purab. .Ilu bro
Purab: hahaha …..u think like that ah no. dear sister. …ma is going to do butter panneer masala and naan for dinner and u know very well that that dish is my favourite. .If u go means I will eat ur naan also. ..and u will eat outside na that’s wat
Purab: don’t make ur face like that. ..really u r looking like fuggi only. .abhi got a suitable name for u…I hate him but in this his thought is correct

Ok get ready I drop u there and pick u when u want to come

Sarla ma and pragya gives hifi and smiles at purab

Purab:I think this is not home its look like mental asylum
Pragya gets ready in a black saree ..purab gets doubt. .y she is wearing saree. ..whenever she goes to abhis concert she will wear saree. ..oh god I trapped in their drama now I understood y these two smiles at me

At concert:
Purab drops pragya at the same time abhi and bulbul also arrived
Bulbul asked purab y u came to my bhais concert. ..ya I know very well that ever one likes my bhais song
Not like ur sister alalways gives boring lecture and make all feeling sleepy
Purab: i didnt come ti listen ur bhais singing because I dint want to become deaf. ..and by the way I just came to drop my sissy Ok d take care bye and he went

Abhi sang 2 songs in concert one is dedicated to his sister bulbul and the other s dedicated to pragya for her priceless friendship

After concert:

Pragya congrats abhi. U did well dude. .I know chashmish I will do well nu told in rock star attitude. .but don’t forget that u have to get my punishment. Abhi: hey chashmish I thought u were joking but u r serious
S buddhu im serious and my lecture starts tomorrow at 5 pm
Ok abhi I will go home purab will come in five min
Abhi: hey fuggi I need to talk with u about purab and bulbul. I think we have to tell them the truth. .
Pragya: no abhi. ..We have to wait for some time
But they r doing more Prags

No bubbly we have to wait until they have to fall for each other again
Abhi: Ok Prags. .but u called me in between. . Wat was that. .bubbly..Hmm
S abhi ur face is so bubbly today only I noticed that when u r doing concert so that. ..bubbly boy
Abhi: don’t call me like that chashmish but he likes that

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