Friends!! kkb epi 2

Mehra mansion:

A big room is shown. Room is a total mess. Dresses were thrown here and there. A girl enters, bhai wat happened y u throwing the dresses. See bulbul have a concert tonighi don’t know wat to wear its just frustrating

Bulbul: wait bhai I will select a dress. She gave a dress to him
Abhi: wats this yaar green t-shirt and a yellow jacket. ..oh god I trapped. ..cutie im going to do concert not a comedy role. She smirks
Pragya enters into the room and has a cover in hand
Bulbul:aayega pillar between bro and sister and she went from the room
Abhi: how can she tell u like this
Pragya:abhi ple control ur anger
Abhi:no leeny I can’t

Pragya:Calm down abhi
Abhi: no pragya how can she tell u pillar u r looking like a needle definitely I have to check her eye sight after my concert
Pragya: u abhi. .Ok c I won’t give u a dress which I bought for u for ur concert
Abhi:oh god I didn’t notice a dress cover in her hand. ..wat to do now. .He thinks. .idea
Prags Prags he calls her she didn’t turn.
He told ple Prags give that dress and after concert I will do wat ever punishment u give

Pragya: ok u itself decide the punishment that will the most dangerous punishment u ever get

Abhi: Ok leany I will listen ur boring lectures for one hour that will be the worst punishment I ever get in school also

Pragya:in anger tone. ..oh my lecture is that much worse. .ok no problem ….I will accept for this but u need to listen not for 1 hour but for 5 hours

Abhi thinks I will take a sleeping pill then

Pragya: ok abhi I will c u in concert its already late purab will get angry on me
Abhi: Ok Prags but come ti concert before an hour. ..will chitchat then only my mind will get refresh and don’t forget to sit in first row


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..