Friends Forever : Twinj (3 shots) Part-1

Hey everyone..!!! I m back with another os I mean another story of twinj..I hope all will support me like you all did before.. Ok let’s start
Kunj sarna-fun loving guy..most handsome and hot guy of his college..all girls are crazy about him.He is not so much serious about his studies and is searching his dream girl.Best friend of twinkle..he shares everything with her
Twinkle taneja-cute bubbly and joyful girl.she is topper of the college..she enjoy her life fullest and best friend of kunj she also shares everything with him and loves him secretly but afraid to confess her love
Yuvi and chinki-loves eo and common friends of twin.They know that twinkle loves kunj..

1st shot

Sarna mansion
A lavish big room is shown.walls are painted with blue and white color..many musicians (Hollywood musicians) photos are hung on walls and a boy is shown sleeping on the bed facing his back towards ceiling.. A boy enters his room and started loud music
K:stop that yuvi plz don’t disturb my sleep
Y:dude have you seen the time..we are getting late for college hurry up
K:oh no..!!! Wait for me k I will get ready in 10 min
Y:your 10 min is equal to half an hour and sorry I have to go bcoz chinki is waiting for me so see you in college bye..
K:jab pyaar milta hai toh sab log apne dosto ko bhool jaate hai…jaa bhai jaa mera bhi time aayega..
And he went into washroom..After half an hour he gets ready..he was wearing white shirt with white coat(Sid wore it on jdj opening party)and black jeans he wore his black aviators and left to college on his bike..

At college
As kunj entered his college all girls were mesmerized to see him..they were staring him like hell and other boys were jealous seeing him but our hero kunj was searching someone and he found her..he shouted ‘twinkle’..she turned him and waved hi..she was wearing black pencil pant and pink crop top and black heels..kunj came towards her
K:hey twinki..
T:again you are late…how many times I have said you to be on time..huh
K:oye you are scolding me as if you are my principal and I m your student now leave this let’s go to canteen

At canteen
Twinj and yuki were sitting together..
T:so guys how is your studies going on?
C:I have finished 1 subject but still have to read a lot
Y:me too
T:I think u both are doing combine studies right
Yuki blushed and nodded their head
T:ohho blushing and all ha..
C:shut up twinki
K:sale yuvi you didn’t tell me ha..its k
T:and what about you kunj?
K:I m not book worm like you all…Maine sab bhagwaan pe chod diya hai..jai bhajrang bhali..
Yuki laughed at his antics while twinkle gave him death glare
T:idiot you are not serious about your studies since childhood..
K:bachpan se tum hi mera help karte aayi now also help..hai na twinki..
T:no this time I won’t help you..
And she left
Y:now what you will do bro
K:don’t worry yaar she will definitely help me..I know her since childhood..
And they also left

Next day
Twinj and yuki were standing in a college compound and were chit chatting.. Suddenly a girl entered the college everyone’s attention went towards her..she was wearing white one piece upto her knees and had did lot of make up and wore black heels looking bold and stunning.. All boys were staring at her with open mouth..even kunj was staring at her.She came near twin and yuki
G:hello myself Maya I m new to this college will you plz tell me where is principal’s office
T:ya sure go straight and turn left there is the office
M:thank you and by the way your name
T:my name is twinkle and these are my friends chinki yuvi and kunj

Maya forward her hands towards kunj to shake but our kunj was lost in her…twinkle shook him and then he came back to sense
K:hi myself kunj…kunj sarna
They shook hand and she left while going Maya turned back and smiled at him while he smiled back
At class room
They all entered class.Kunj quickly went near Maya’s bench and stood there
K:hey can I sit here?
M:ya why not
Yuki and twinkle were shocked at his behavior. Twinkle felt bad because he used to sit with her daily.She went to her bench and sat there quietly observing kunj and Maya..

After the class got over kunj left with Maya to canteen..twinkle felt very bad
C:I know twinkle you are feeling bad
Y:you wait here only I will go and call him
T:no plz don’t call him let him spend his time with her..
C:but twinkle..
T:yuki I m not well so I will go home bye..
C:twinkle loves kunj a lot but this kunj huh he is impossible..
Day by day Maya and kunj got closer..he left to talk with twinkle even he didn’t call her twinkle was feeling bad she used to cry daily
One day twinkle and yuki entered canteen and saw all students gathered there and were clapping.. They went and asked their friend Priya
C:whats going on there?
P:arrey you don’t know just now kunj proposed Maya infront of everyone and she accepted it..
Yuki and twinkle were shocked..twinkle ran from there and went into a class room and cried badly
C:twinkle plz don’t cry..see we can’t see you in this condition
Y:twinkle forget about kunj voh tumhari layak nahi hai…
T:how can I forget him I love him since childhood..
C:twinkle its not time to cry..kunj cannot be yours so u better move on you don’t care about him you just ignore him..we are with you
T:yes chinki you are right I will not care about him..
Y:thats like. My sherni now come on go and study exams are near OK
T:OK bye..

Twinkle had became strong she was now concentrating on her studies
She was studying in her room while she got a phone call..she took her phone and saw kunj was calling her…she wanted to talk but she remembered her promise and cut the call
K:what the hell she cut my call
He again called she picked the call
T:what’s your problem why r u disturbing me?
K:twinki I wanted some help in studies
T:sorry kunj I can’t help
K:yaar u r saying no for your bestiee
K:soch le..
T:plz kunj don’t disturb me..
And she cut the call

Precap:twinj’s fight and twinki and Yuki’s idea..

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