Friends Forever : Twinj (4 shots) Part-4

Hello…I m back with next part..thank you everyone for your comments
Recap:twinkle and kabir became friends..kabir proposed twinkle..kunj is jealous seeing twinkle and kabir very close

Part 4
It was last week of their college and there was a party for final year students in the college..
At evening
The party hall was decorated very beautifully.. All the students were looking awesome..kunj arrived with Maya..he was wearing black shirt black pant and black coat he was looking hot and handsome.. Maya was wearing red full length gown and was looking bold..kunj was searching for twinkle but he didn’t find her…after sometimes twinkle arrived with kabir..twinkle was wearing black color off shoulder gown and had left her hair open she had done light make up and wore black &silver heels..she was looking breath taking and stunning.. She was lime light of the party..kunj was staring at her with wide open mouth..
Kunj’s POV
I was talking to my friends when suddenly my gaze went towards the door where twinkle was standing she was looking like angel..her twinkling eyes,rosy lips and that smile uff I couldn’t take my eyes off from her…for the first time I was admiring her heart was melting after watching my twinkle…kunj what are u saying?? Your twinkle..!!! I m in love with twinkle?? No no how can you love her you are already in relationship.. My thoughts were broken when I saw kabir forwarding his hand to twinkle for dance..I felt like punching him on his face..damit how dare he touch my twinkle…I also walked towards dance floor along with Maya..kabir and twinkle were dancing very closely and all the time I was watching them only..I was feeling uncomfortable watching them so close to each other..our partner got exchanged and now I was dancing with twinkle..I don’t know why but I felt happy having her so close with me..I was lost in her twinkling eyes..I twirled her and pulled her her back was touching my chest..I Nuzzled my nose in her hair and she smelled amazing…

End of kunj’s POV

Twinkle’s POV
Kunj and I were dancing very close to each other..his touch was making me weak..I was lost in his touch I could feel his hot breath he turned me towards him and now I was facing him..he pulled me very close and he rubbed his thumb on my cheek..he kissed my forehead.I closed my eyes then he kissed my cheeks and i closed my eyes to feel his touch…now he proceed towards my lips we were just a inch apart suddenly i came back to my sense and jerked him
He was shocked to my behaviour i left the dance floor and walked outside the hall and he followed me….

End of twinkle’s pov
K:twinkle wait..he held her wrist to stop her
She jerked his hand
T:what the hell were you doing there?plz leave me alone..
K:twinkle plz listen
T:we are just friends kunj
K:no we are more than that
T:what? No we are just friends…I m already someone’s girlfriend
These last words made kunj furious he held her shoulders tightly and her towards him..
K:no tum kisi aur ki nahi ho are only mine…
Twinkle was stunned by his words
T:kunj leave me I think you are not in sense
K(angrily):I m in full sense twinkle..I can’t see you with kabir.. I feel as if I will loose you
T:why you can’t see me with kabir ha tell me your mouth(she shouted)
K(closed his eyes):because I love you…
Twinkle was shocked by his words
K:yes twinkle I love you and I can’t live without you and I know u also love me..
T:who said that I love u?
K:why anyone would were also enjoying my touch right and I could see love for me in your eyes..
T:no I don’t love u…I love kabir.. Plz stop your nonsense
K:twinkle plz don’t say like that
T:kunj leave me otherwise I have to call mybboyfriend
Kunj left her immediately and twinkle ran from there
K:I know twinkle you also love me but you are not accepting that but I will make you to realise your love for me..

Precap:twinkle and kabir’s engagement


  1. Sohi


    |Registered Member

    The episode was really awesome
    Their dresses were amazing
    Waiting for the next shot do continue
    I want ask one thing the dp of your ff from which scenes it is as I don’t remember

  2. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    The episode was just too good and Twinj dance and talks were so cute and emotional
    Precap is interesting 🙂 Post soon Love you 🙂

  3. SidMinTwiNj


    |Registered Member

    Hey soumyad
    Awesome epi… Glad that Kunj realised his love for Twinkle… Damn excited for precap… Post next soon…

    Love you❤

  4. SidMin23


    |Registered Member

    Love the episode and precap I hope it turn out to be kunj dream sequence of Kabir and twinkle engagement and finally kunj said that he love twinkle and soon twinkle also accept him as life partner.

  5. Ramya


    |Registered Member

    Soumyad awesome
    Kunj has realized his feelings
    But PRECAP kuch gadbad hai
    Post soon
    Loads of love keep smiling

  6. Baby


    |Registered Member

    ohhhh god soumya di☺
    sooooo cute it was till now ♥
    srsly luvd it too emotional
    n kunj huh how can she forget her childhood frnd
    khud toh jaisee bhula nhi tha 😀
    srsly luving it soooo vry mch fabulous sry wasnt able to cmnt on previous episodes……..☺
    love u lods di♥♥

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