Friends Forever : Twinj (4 shots) Part-3

Thank u everyone for your let’s continue
At night
Taneja mansion
Leela was busy cooking food as sarna family was coming for dinner
(Sarna’s and taneja’s were very close family friends they were like one family only)
Leela went to twinkle
L:twinkle put tar get ready fast…sarna’s are coming for dinner
T:ok Maa..
Sarna’s arrived and taneja’s welcomed them.Twinj showed tashan to eo they all settled down to talk
U:arrey kunj and twinkle why u both are silent?
Mahi(Twi’s sis):did you fight again?
Twinj nodded their heads
Manohar:now stop your tashan u both go out and solve your problem
Twinj went out there was silence for a while kunj broke it
K:I m sorry..I shld have talked like that
T:its k
K:oh hello sirf mein sorry kahu aur tum nahi kahoge?
T:it was not my fault
K:now don’t start the fight
T:ok I m sorry..and they burst in laugh..
They were talking about their class..
K:so kabir is your new friend ha?
T:ya how u came to know?
K:I saw u both in canteen
T:ohh..u know he is very nice guy..blah blah blah(she was praising kabir)
K:ok now enough of praising him come let’s get in..
Days passed and twinkle and kabir became very close friends but kunj was uncomfortable with their closeness.. Labor loved twinkle but she still loved kunj.
One day kabir was hugging twinkle tightly this was seen by kunj he was about to go to punch kabir but yuvi stopped him
Y:bro where r u going?
K:see that idiot kabir how dare he hug my twinkle
Y:calm down dude he is her boyfriend
K:what boyfriend?
K:but how?
Y:he proposed her yesterday and she said yes
Kunj was shocked his mind was fully blank..he was just staring twi and kabir

After college he went near twinkle
K:twinkle wait
T:ya say
K:did kabir proposed you?
K:what did u say?
T:I said yes
K:do u love him?
T:what stupid que u r asking
K:just ans my que
T:of course I love him
K:then y u didn’t tell me
T:did u inform about urs and Maya’s affair? na then y shld tell u..
Kunj left the place without saying a word
He was sitting near corridor of his college..Maya came and said
M:come baby let’s go out for lunch
K:no plzz I m not in mood
M:arrey come na only for half an hour we will get some time to spend
K(angrily): plz leave me alone….go from here plz….
Maya left him angrily
K(thinking): how can twinkle didn’t find it necessary to inform me about her love..there no more importance of me in her life now…how can she?… She forgot her childhood friend..? I will call yuvi

He called yuvi
K:hi I wanted to talk something important
Y:ya say
K:you know twinkle..(and he said everything)
Y:oh so this is your problem but dude twinkle is correct
K:what r u saying
Y:u didn’t think to inform her about your and Maya’s affair and she did the same..
Y:k bye…actually mom is calling so…
K:k bye..

Precap:kunj’s realising his love for twinkle

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  1. soumyad whattt a lovely cute fab epi yrrr loved it and kunj realizing his love for twinkle….muhh!! loved it yrrr and plzz post soon i will wait for u dear….love u and loved the epi to the core…..but kunj done bad wid twinkle he should be punished….chalo bye love u

  2. Amazing episode soumyad I loved the jealous kunj

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    awesome amazing fabulous

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