Friends Forever : Twinj (3 shots) Part-2

Hey everyone.. I m back with next part but I m sad bcoz I got very less comments..

Part 2
Twinkle called yuvi and chinki (group call)
C:hey twinki
Y:hey guys
T:listen just now kunj called me for some help in studies
C:so what did u say?
T:I said no
T:but yaar yuvi I m feeling bad for him u know na he can’t do anything without me
Y:oye twinki have you gone mad? Did u see how he ignored u..
T:ya but
C:now no buts…just listen to me I have an idea
T:say it fast..
C:calm down my plan is…(and it is muted)
T:wow yaar
Y:ohho my sweetheart love u..
C:(blushed)luv u too..
T:arrey you both love birds now stop your romance…go n sleep gud night
Y&C:gud night

Next day @college
Exams were there and only 15 min left for exam and all students were nervous.
All went inside exam hall kunj’s seat was exactly behind twinkle so he felt happy that she will help him..and all started to write
Twinkle was busy writing
K:oye twinki yaar show your answers na
K:oye tum behari ho gayi hai kya??
Again twinkle ignored him…3 hours was over and all students came out.Kunj quickly ran behind twinkle.He caught her hand
K:oye what happened to you? You didn’t help me in exams also..what’s your problem?
T:you are my problem… See from now on wards I m not going to help you..
K:you are becoming selfish
T:ya I m selfish…go and ask help from your gf na…she will be there with u all the time..
K:don’t bring my gf in this matter..
T:oh so gf is more important than your best friend na
K:it doesnt matter to you..
T:oh now I m stranger k from today on wards I won’t help you in anything.. I won’t ask any permission from your parents for your hang outs and I won’t help u financially also so from today onwards its over
K(angry):I too don’t need your help I will also show who is kunj sarna..

And they both went opposite side
C&Y:what happened twinki
T(crying):its over chinki everything is over..we failed our plan got failed.. (She cried badly)
Y(angrily):stop it twinki..!!! Now no more tears for that idiot kunj..if he can’t respect your friendship means no use of this tears…for his love he forgot his friendship which you both were bond since 23 years
C:ya twinkle yuvi is saying right…yuvi can u leave both of us alone plz
Yuvi left them alone
C:see twinkle I know u love kunj a lot u have did everything for him but he didn’t care it he just ignored it he ignored your feelings..u tried so much to gain his love but he didn’t give attention towards but he found his love that is Maya..twinkle you know kabir
T:ya he is in our class right..
C:hmm..he loves you a lot..
C:yup he told this to yuvi but we kept it aside as we thought one day kunj and u will become one but we were wrong..see twinki I m not telling you to love kabir u just be with him
T:but chinki how can I…
C:I know twinkle but give him a chance you know its better to love someone who truly loves u not those who ignore u..kabir is a good guy..he is very nice and smart also after kunj he is the second guy who is handsome in our college… U just make him friend.. Forget your past and just move on..
T:ya chinki you are right…k bye
At night twinkle thought about this whole time

Twinkle came and sat beside kabir…he was happy+surprised be oz for the first time she noticed him
(Imagine kabir as karan wahi)
T:actually I had some doubts in maths so
Ka:ya u can ask me
They discussed about the subject for 15 mins
T:mmm..friends???…she forwarded her hand
Ka:friends…he shook her hand and both smiled at eo
Ka:let’s go for canteen
T:ya sure
Twinkle and kabir were enjoying their snacks in canteen and kunj saw them
K:what the hell twinkle with kabir?I have to talk with twinki…but no we have fought..
He was interrupted by Maya
M:baby what happened?
K:nothing come let’s go…

Precap:kunj’s jealousy

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  1. Areeyyy don’t be sad …I had commented on your previous epii but some technical issue it was not published……but anywaysss this was superb ??let’s see what happens next eeexctied post soon

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    Luv ur 3 shots sooòo much ????
    Plzzzzzz continue soon….can’t wait to see kunj’s jealousy…

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    It was fabulous waiting for kunj’s jealousy feeling sad for twinkle plzzz post soon ,??

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    Awwww!! Thats sooooo sweet..???????lovely. Loved it. Dont get disheartened. U r an amazing writer
    Post soo ??

  5. I loved it soumyad amazing and I’m too eager to see the jealous kunj and plz post the next part soon

  6. wow soumyad such a cute epi loved it and kunj’s jealousy wow yrrrr and don’t feel sad u comments will be increased… u

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    Superb episode dear it’s very Heart touching just loved it so post next one soon plz…… I’m waiting….

  10. SidMin

    Hey Sis Loved the episode it was just so good I really loved the way Chinki and UV are supporting Twinkle
    Feeling sad for Twinkle ? bechare but now no more Beacise she has Kabir I am sure Kunj’s jealousy will change into love soon
    Don’t mind the number of comments write for those who read your story
    Love you post soon ??

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    Loads of love keep smiling

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    amazing fabulous marvelous

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    Awesome.. loved it.. waiting for kunj’s jealousy ??.. do cont soon ❤

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    Twinkle acceted kabir’s proposal???
    N kunj’s jealousy… Amazing.. will b waiting for next part

    1. Aanya_pandey

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