Friends Forever- A SwaSan One Shot

Best friends” who r they..?
They r our lifeline..they r the person for whom we r living..its our family too..but our best friends r our life..isn’t it..?
They r the one’s who have all our secrets n we have theirs..even if u don’t have a best friend u tell ur secrets to ur brother or sister who eventually becomes ur best friend..
It is a relation which once is tied can never break..but..
Is it good to replace ur friendship with love…?

I n Sanky were friends since childhood..our families were friends so it was the reason why we were together..always..if i had a problem i would visit him n if he had a problem he would visit me..if he had done something wrong i was their to save him n if i have done something wrong he was their to save me..we have done everything wrong together..he was my partner in crime..during our high school time..we were best of friend..friends who don’t need words to communicate..nor does we need actions..our eyes said what we wanted to..we were always together no matter what..even if he had to go to a date with anyone n i said that i wanna go a movie or somewhere else he would clearly say no to the girl with whom he was going to a date..our bond was so strong that no one can break it..”no matter what will happen..

i will be always by ur side..even death can’t break our friendship” was the lines he said LAST to me when we were sitting in library n filling our secret was the last page in which we had written ‘BEST FRIENDS FOREVER ♥’..the book is still with me n i will keep it with me..then after that day i got to know that he joined ‘The Bullies’ which was the worst grp in our this grp the one who is joined can never go..they did all wrong..they smoked..they drink..they gambled..they eve tease the girls..n can he join this grp..when i asked him..he said”i know what i m doing..don’t worry..”..then he started to be with them n i was left all alone..i was missing him..i was missing my best friend..whom i secretly love..

he was not coming to college..frm so many days..i went to his home where i got to know that he is not there also..i texted him after a few days..i could see that he read the message but didn’t replied..he was with his gang..was this his friendship..he promised me that he will be my side forever..even death won’t break our friendship..n because of this gang we r apart..n finally one day i found the college corridor..listening to music..i ran to him n asked him..”Where were u Sanskar..u know i was missing u so much..y u were not coming to college..i was so worried for u..can’t u even text me..n y the hell r u with that grp..i told u not to join it..” he jerked me away n said “Who r u to me..? Just a friend..nothing don’t interfere in my life..

i will do whatever i it..” he left saying so..but actually he was right..i was just his friend..n nothing else..for me he was my everything..but i guess love should be was Me who was in love with him.maybe he didn’t reciprocated the feelings..after that day we never met..i was all alone..lonely..sitting alone in the bench..going home one to share secrets one to console one to tease one to make me smile when i m one to be with me..not even my or his family..they died in a plane now i was all alone..i had no one to say that he or she is mine..only Sanky was the one who i was supposed to say mine..but he also left me..he not only broke our friendship..but my heart too..i never talked to him..only i could do was cherish our moments we spend happily with each other..then one fine day..actually it was not fine day anymore after i received a was frm Laksh our friend n not the member of The Bullies..

he said that Sanky was taking his last breathes..i rushed towards the hospital..after all i much i deny..i still love him..all our moments were coming in front of my eyes..our mischiefs..when we were blaming each other..our happy moments n then the last time i met him..but that didn’t stopped me or slowed me down but i just increased my speed n i reached the hospital..i went to his room n there i can see a man pulling the white cloth on this face..which meant that he is no my Sanky can’t leave me..he said even death cant apart us..i was crying like hell..i wanted to go there n hug him but rohan was stopping me..he said that no one is allowed to go inside..let them shift him to another Ward..i was just seeing him n when they shifted him i rushed to him n cried my eyes out..then Laksh gave me a diary n said..”His cousin asked me to give it to u..” was the same diary..the same diary which i wanted to know..he didn’t showed anything..what is written in it..then i started reading it..

I n Shona…we r best friends since childhood..we share a great bond with each other..i have a different feeling when i see her..don’t know what it is..
Today we r in our high school..n still together..i wish we will be together..always..i don know about her but yeah i wont leave her..she is my best friend..but i m still unknown about my feeling for her..

Today when the results were out..i n Swara went home n called our family who were living in new york n asked them to come here soon..they said they will come but they never came..they died in the plane crash..i was soo sad..but seeing Swara i had to be strong..she was crying like hell..i cant see her cry yaar..i was acting strong in front of her but frm inside i was broken..when i went to her she just hugged me tightly..we hugged many times but this hug was different..i guess now i m aware of the feeling i have for it love? Yes it is..i love her..not frm today but frm my childhood..but should i be happy that i discovered what this feeling is called or be sad that our family is no more n my twinkle is crying..but i love her..

I joined The Bullies today..i didn’t wanted to but i had to..n because Of that i started ignoring Swara..i didn’t wanted to but i had to..i m sry Shona..but i love u..n will always love u..

Today..they all called me..i don’t know what’s the reason behind..i went n they all were talking..then they started talking ill about Shona..i was soo angry n i started beating them..but i was 1 n they were 5..but still i beated them n 2 of them were srsly injured..but the rest 3 overpowered me n now i m in hospital tied with various life support machines and going to die soon..i m writing all this so that one day u will know y i did this Swara..i know that u r the 1 reading this..i m telling Swara..never cry..i can’t see u crying..i will always be there for u twinkle..when u will see the stars the brightest one among them will be me..when u will close ur eyes n think about me..i will be present in the wind..when u will go to college listening to music..i will be there dancing on the tunes of it..even if u can’t see me..i will be always there..for the ur ur everything that is present near u n related to u..I LOVE U SWARA..forever..

Now i was in tears but i didn’t cried..after all my Sanky asked me not to cry..but still i was thinking that y Sanky joined the grp as he didn’t wrote it in the diary..then his cousin came n gave me his(Sanky’s) phone..i looked at him n then took the was locked but the lock screen was having a photo of Sanky n me smiling..i typed sanky n it didn’t unlocked..then i typed twinkle..still it didn’t unlocked then i typed SwaSan n it Unlocked..i smile between my tears as i got into a flashback..

I n Sanky were roaming in the garden when we suddenly saw a tree where a couple were writing something..we recognized them.they were from our college we went there n saw that they were joining names..we asked them that r they in relationship n they looked at us n then at each other n laughed..they composed themselves after seeing our confused faces n said that they r just best friends but they will be with each other for forever..not as lovers but as best i thought that why don’t we join our names n write it on the tree..i said Sanky to which he said no..when i asked him he said..”Why to show it to the world that what we r..they can clearly see it..showing our love n friendship by doing something in front of world is not true..its called true when we r alone n u show the same love n care that u show in front of world..n still if u want u can write..” i just nodded in no n said..”its ok if we don’t tell to world but we can join our names right..” “lets think..” he said n we started thinking..then after some stupid names we came to conclusion that it will be Swara+Sanskar-SwaSan?..he made me understand n i smiled..

As i opened his phone messages were already opened..then a message caught my was frm Brad..the leader of the grp..i went to that message n what was written totally shook me was the message on the day frm when he stopped coming to the read-
“Brad i have made distance frm twinkle..n i joined ur grp Just for that reason..i hope now u wont hurt her..i m ready to die for her but plzz don’t hurt her..i love her..plzz”

I glanced at his face..he made a distance from me because of that gang.. he knew that they were not less than the criminals and being with them means risking his life but still..Why! They could have thought of some other way..

I was in tears..he made his life hell just to make mine a heaven..he was suffering these days n i was just thinking about me..he was soo good n what i thought of him..he risked his life just to make me live..he knew how dangerous they were but still..i misunderstood him..i love him..i still do..i hold his hand n said “I love u Sanky.”

Doctors say..they have no hope..he have no support system my Sanky will not be with me!

I am sorry but the patient slipped into coma.. doctor’s word kept ringing in my ears..
No he can’t leave me..he promised me..he will not break his promise..I will not let him do so..
How was the story guys!
Well it’s first time I am writing something.. hope it was good to read..sorry if I bored you all..
Do comment and help me to improve​ more..
Take care
Bubyee ?

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