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hello everyone hope u all r well and this is my gift for my friend who complete her 4th month in tu and there is lots of mistake plz ignore it. it is not related to any serial ..
hope u all like it …………

At wipro , ernakulam ,kerala
Training session get over on today for one batch. Everyone is discuss about their project. Around 12:00PM their work get over. The trainer inform that their training period get over and ur job starts on next month and ur location will mail on 2-3 days. everyone leave from the office.
A girl who was tried go to her hostel and take her phone (she was not using any social media for 3 months.) and go through her msg. She found that kanfi is also here in kerala that too in ernakulam.
girl pov
Neha u came to kerala and forgot to inform this to sumi and ahsana. (so the girl is neha (di)). I start to search their number then I remember it was her new sim.
end of pov

neha(di) have to buy some necessary iteams so she thought to go lulu mall. she get ready to go out.
xyz office in ernakulam
A girl who was asking her certificate of her degree and the officer told her that her crificate will come within 5-6 days. she is with her friend but her friend got certificate
girl’s friend : ahsana I’ve to leave today itself
Ahsana : okay ill only after getting my ceritificate only.
both of them leave from the office ahsana go to lulu mall for some shpping and it was her first time in lulu mall.

AT lulu mall
A girl who is wondering in the mall collide with 2 of them. then the 3 of them look at each other
neha(di): sumi ahsana
ahsana: neha sumi
sumitha : ahsana chichi neha di
3 of them hug each other having a wide smile in their face
sumitha: what a surprise yaar I cant believable
a&n: really unbelievable
neha(di): she is also here in ernakulam
ahsana: really
sumitha: yes she got admission in kerala in thiruvanathapuram she come one month before because her cousin wedding and it over yesterday. all her family members go back but she is staying back.
neha (di): so we can give her a surprise
ahsana: yes tomorrow she complete 4 month in tu
sumitha : ohh so whats the plan
all 3 plan something and buy lot of thing.
ahsana (di) call her parents and tell about she will come after 5-6 days they allow her.
(in this os she completed her studies. ahsana chechi njn age ithiri kutti sry.)
sumitha came to write the test for the adimission for nusing. so she is already there for some days (but her test over.)

xyz house in ernakulam
A girl who was very bored being alone in the home. she don’t know about this place so she does not go out of her house. she took her phone and call neha di but the phone was switch off. so she call ahsana and sumitha but both of them cut her call this make her angry .
ahsana: kanfi is angry by this time
(so the girl is kanfi )
all the 3 laugh and they start executive their plan
on july 13 at 11:55pm in kanfi house
kanfi was trying her best to contact neha sumitha and ahsana but no use none of them call back or replied to her msg. so she think to sleep when some sound is heard from the kitchen. she move to living hall where all lights were off . some fear made in but to be a strong girl she come to the hall. suddenly light get on.
the first thing she saw was the photo frame in which kanfi neha ahsana and sumitha pic . a big smile reflected in her face. then she found whole hall was decorate with balloons flowers lights and many other things. she is very much surprise to see all these. Then she see the cake which was written “HAPPY 4TH MONTH ANNIVARSARY IN TU” then she saw ahsana neha and sumitha which make her eyes wide open and she don’t know what feeling is coming in her heart. she run to them and hug them with a lot of happiness and they hug back.then kanfi cut the cake and feed to all.
next day they plan a trip. yes kerala is one of the tourist place so they decided to visit all place. all 4 start their journey they live one day in sumitha’s house then ahsana. (before the trip ahsana got her certificate) . so trip come to an end which make all of them sad but their sadness didn’t last for long time. neha di and ahsan chechi got placement in tvm and sumitha and kanfi got admission in tvm. so all of them live in a home as paying guest. they were most happy world and their journey continue

so this idea was not my. so the credit for ahsana chechi and neha di
kanfi once again happy anniversary ……love u a lottttttt and advance happy friendship day

there is lots of mistake kindly ignore it plzzz

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    1. Sam-99

      Thank u drrr

  1. Kanfi

    Ohh my god….
    U all made me emotionall….
    In my life my frnds are everything for me…
    N u three are the bestest thing happened to me….
    I dont have words to explain my happiness right now…
    Thnk uu sooo much for being in my life….
    Loveeee uuuuujj soooooo muchhhh??????????????????????????

    1. Sam-99

      I m so happy reading ur comment because I ‘ve small fear that u like it but now I’m so happy ……….

    2. Ahsana98

      How was our gift Fathi.I glad you like it

  2. Radhika.k

    Khidikithod plan!!!Loved it to the core!!!I AM THINKING……what will be kanfi’s reaction!!!!!Very well done guys n i enjoyed it thoroughly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once again HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FATHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lLove u loads!!!enjoy dear!
    Nice OS!!!

    1. Sam-99

      Hey thank u ………I’m happy u also like our os. ……love u drrrr

      1. Radhika.k

        Love u too dear!!!

    2. Kanfi

      Lovee uuu radhs??

      1. Radhika.k

        Love u more fathi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ahsana98

    Hi sumi ….sorry …….dear .eniku ariyam njan late ayitanu comment cheyunnadu ennu sorry for that .njan njan karanam entanu ennu ninnodu paranjayirunnallo allo .Eniku idu valareyadikam ishttayi. Nammal munnu perudeyum ideas vechittu nee fathi ku vendi ezhudiyadu EE OS super ayitund. njan Neha ye ozhichu ninkal munnu pereyum kanditundund(I mean photo) njan idu vayikumbol ellam imagine cheyunnundayirunnu,Nammal ku kandumuttan kazhiyumo ennu ariyilla.Lulu vile kandumuttalum kanfiku kodukunna surprise um Kerala trips pinne TVM IL orumichulla jeevidavum ellam njan eatratatil nadakunnadu poleyanu tonniyadu. Fathiku ishttayi ennu arinjapol orupadu sandosham ayi.vidiyundenkil entenkilum kanam ,TU yilude friends aya arenkilum kandumuttan kazhiyane ennu Anu ende valiya agraham.
    Pinne ninde Raja Rani ff mayi vekam terichu vaa.iam waiting for your ff

    1. Sam-99

      Chechi comment mubile njn muttukuthunu such a long comment ……sry parayande avishamilla chechide net thirnathukondalle I can I understand chechi ishtappetune arinappol njn happy ane …………Raja rani njn a film kannanum njn dialogue marannu poyi njn nokatte athreyum fast post cheyam ane…….love u chechi

  4. Asana321

    Nice idea dear
    Really very good anniversary gift to kanfi Di
    Keep writing
    Once again happy 4th month anniversary kanfi Di ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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