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Friends. . Condition Apply 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakti hugs Chirag and tells that nothing wrong will happen with Chirag..Chirag tells Shakti to close her eyes take a deep breath..Shakti tells that she will never leave Chirag..Chirag tells he will also never leave her..
Bali tells “They will fight..and put life in danger”..Imple also tells..Agni tells Imple that he should kill one friend..Imple gets shocked..Agni tells Imple should kill Chirag..Imple tells no as as Chirag is his friend..Agni tells that If imple is not killed then he will kill him..Imple agrees..Omar brings all friends..Agni gives the gun to Imple..Omar brings Chirag..Tara tells Imple to shoot Chirag..Shakti tells they have gone crazy..Benoy shouts not to kill Chirag..Tara tells to keep quiet..Imple points gun to Chirag…Imple cries..All friends

shouts not to shoot Chirag..shakti tells that Chirag saved his life..Suddenly Imple points gun to Agni,,
Imple points the gun to Agni,,Imple tells he will not kill his friends..Chirag holds gun.Imple tells already kidnapper’s have done alot from them…Imple takes Agni..while chirag takes Omar and Bali..Shakti tells to be careful as Tara ran..Tara shoots Imple..Imple fall down..Imple tells his time has come..Imple tells Shakti to tells his parents and Babli that he love them too much,,Imple tells benoy to take care of Isha..isha cries..Shakti tells nothing will happen to Imple..Shakti tells Tara to take Imple to hospital..Tara smiles..Imple is dead..All friends cries..
Shakti gets angry beats Tara..Tara and shakti fights..Agni beats Chirag,,shakti sees Chirag..Tara attacks Shakti…shakti falls..Benoy tells that Shakti is a brave girl..Benoy tells who teached Shakti martial arts..Chirag tells to shut up..Benoy tells that how many secrets Shakti has..Chirag tells to quiet..Benoy and Chirag fights..Isha and juhi stops them..Shakti tells that they have to get out of here anyhow..Benoy tells he is shocked as first time Shakti is planning to escape..Shakti tells thats all because Imple is killed..
Juhi tells she dont want to go..Shakti asks why..juhi tells as there is no one to to love her she has parents who are divorced..Shakti slaps juhi..Everyone is shocked..Chirag takes Juhi..All friends goes outside the room..Tara tells that all have planned to run..Tara asks whose plan was this..Tara tells who brought them to Lamsa..and why their running attempts failed..Tara tells that Shakti is the part of their mission..Tara tells that Shakti is their detective..Chirag says that its all rubbish..Tara tells that Shakti is daughter of Rajneil…And her sister..Tara shows the pictures of Rajneil and Shakti…Chirag sees and gets shocked..Benoy smiles while Isha is shocked..Chirag asks Shakti how she came into this pictures..Juhi tells that Shakti was pretending to be best friends..Shakti tells Chirag to wait..chirag goes…Shakti tells that she will realease all her friends..Tara tells that no one will trust her..Tara tells that no way is left for her…Shakti tells that she will take by anyhow..

To be continued

Update Credit to: Ansari

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