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Friends. . Condition Apply 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Benoy is hiding beside tree..Murli and Omar goes and sees but finds No-one…Murli Agni tells lets go..Agni tells no..Agni tells first will decide who will be killed..
Isha tells Shakti and Chirag why Imple broke up..Isha tells..Some goons tease Imple’s girlfriend and passed comment..Imple was quiet..Imple ignores..Piya dumped Imple because he didnt helped her..Imple tells he is not coward..Imple shows knife to Isha…Isha tells that Imple is now amoung kidnapper’s ..Shakti tells that kidnapper’s are not good As they they are not listening to their leader..Isha tells Shakti how she known about leader??Shakti says that As Rajneil used to run NGO’s and support corruption..Isha tells that he is criminal because must have done something wrong!!Chirag

also tells yes..Chirag tells Shakti its waste of explaining Imple..Benoy comes and tells that one will be killed..As kidnapper’s were talking..Chirag,,Imple..Isha all friends come out..And sees Juhi shooting along with Omar…Chirag tells Juhi to come inside as it is not safe..Shakti also tells Juhi to come insider..Tara tells that juhi is not harmed till now..Tara says in Shakti’s ear that One will be killed,,Chirag tells Tara to Stay away from shakti..Tara smiles and tells Omar to note down this..
Tara discuss.along with Murli.and agni whom should be killed..Omar tells Isha..Tara tells no..As she is minister’s daughter..Tara tells Benoy..Agni tells noo As he is famous Cricket celebrity..Agni tells about Imple..Tara tells Imple is one amoung them..He cannot be killed..Tara tells that will kill Chirag..Agni says okey..Murli tells noo..As Shakti loves Chirag…Tara tells that Chirag does not love Shakti if came to known the truth..Murli tells no way
Tara tells Murli to be in his limits and tells that If his father would have not adopted him and Shakti they would have lying on the roads..Murli gets Angry,,Murli tells Agni no..Agni tells that no way is left..Agni tells Murli not to tells Shakti..
Imple tells Bali that he wanted to talk to her girlfriend once otherwise he will die..Bali tells no..Bali tells no..Imple tells that he will do anything..Bali tells that Imple have to do one big thing!!Imple agrees..
Shakti tells Murli that One friend is going to be shoot shakti tells Murli that she will die for his father..Murli tells that No one is going to killed..Shakti tells enough she dont have any expectations..Imple calls her girlfriend..She gets shocked..Imple tells that Babli that he loves her alot and he had a girlfriend name Piya she dumped Him because he didnt save from goons…Babli tells that she loves Imple alot..Imple tells not to tells about the call…Babli agrees..Imple asks what work he have to do??Bali tells tommorrow morning he will known..
Shakti brings fruits..Chirag asks from where she brought food..Shakti tells from Jungle..Chirag tells that he said already not to go in jungle..Shakti tells she dont want everyone to buy to die of hunger..Shakti gives the fruit to Chirag,,Chirag tells thankyou..Shakti gives to Isha..Isha tells thankyou..Shakti gives to Benoy…Benoy tells thankyou..Chirag tells Benoy to see in Shakti eyes and say thankyou..Benoy tells thankyou..Shakti and Chirag sleeps…Shakti thinks Tara Shooting Chirag..Chirag is dead…Shakti suddenly gets up..And sees If Chirag is alright..Chirag is good..Shakti tells she have to do something..

Precap:Agni tells If Imple want to be free have to kill Chirag..Shakti tells no..Imple tells Sorry as he have to do soo

Update Credit to: Ansari

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