Friends Who Complete Me! (OS By BISHA)


First, I beg sincerely pardon if I hurt anyone’s feelings by the below piece of writing. That is just a piece of my infinitely huge mind.

This is the story of a few people on this earth! Let us consider them A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, and many more.

Let us take B is Bisha! Rest you will know very soon! 😉

So if I am writing in my POV, then MC is me. But wait, Friendship Day writing this is. So let me tell you about some friends of my life who left a permanent impression on my tender heart.

I am B, a random eighteen years old teen. They say friends are an integral part of your life. I say my friends are those special people who have colored the blank areas in my life. Here, I am standing today, with no knowledge of my future, contemplating about those beautiful souls. *dramatic sighs*

~First Day in School~
My first ever friend was book. It remains and will remain to be the first friend ever. I have working parents who would leave me bolted inside a room for hours with adequate food and water. The only thing used to give me company and keep monsters away from me, were books. Mom told me that I would sit studying those books from the time she left me till the time she came back.

Then came the devilish angel in my life- my sister, who beautified and plagued my life simultaneously. Now began the same cycle with a little brute in company. Again, my books saved me. Reading aloud those little elementary books was my peace.

Time always flies like a rocket. My home now started getting another floor on its head, the first floor. My life now got a new turn, the stoppage that came was “school”. One fine day, which obviously I don’t much remember much, I entered a small school like Shakespeare’s “whining schoolboy”, “with his satchel and shining morning face, Creeping like snail unwillingly to school.” [“As You Like It” ~ William Shakespeare]. Okay, replace the ‘boy’ with ‘girl’.

That little school helped set my little feet straight and right. I was a meek, silent, nerd. Well, failed nerd. And that means you get bullied. I still don’t know why some people used to bully me; maybe I got bald often, had no qualities, or was ugly to them. Even teachers used to laugh at me for I used to go downstairs everyday to feed my little sister reading in nursery. Here enters A. A was the only solace to me in those few years. Gradually for God knows what I did, I started gaining popularity among the teachers. A helped me doing everything I did that time. I don’t know where this A is right now. But A, I carry you in my heart. >..<

We were the most notorious batch till class ten. In ninth standard, the whole class was suspended. Ah! Imagine the situation! Thirty three teenagers giggling, holding their ears in front of the Principal’s Office. Well, it began with the queen of the school’s picture in school diary. I mean, a girl in our class topped in everything she would put her hands in, except sports. She studied well, danced like a pro, and became the love interest of bunch of boys. They used to drool over her. Hence, when her phenomenal dance pose close-up was published in the diary, somehow boys in our class tore it. It became an epidemic. People started tearing, burning each others’ diaries, and finally landing us in front of the office for the whole day. We had to confess what we knew. All wrote bogus stuff on the sheet. XD

We would break switchboards, doorknobs and roar in our class. Class nine was the best time in my life. We used to pull pranks on even teachers. Okay, I know rude of us to do these, but teenage you know. We would put sticky notes having monstrous drawings of our history teacher on her shawl. Ah! That was a scene. Boys used to burst toy-bombs, which I know the Bengali name, but not the Hindi or English name. We would sing out of the blue in her class, she would get baffled and shout on us. But we were ‘we’. Actually none could hear except her favorite students, so we would do mischief. We used to fly paper planes across the classroom then. Imagine a helpless teacher in such a class. Aha! What a fun! Then there was making paper-tails and tucking it at the back of people, in which the boys were the heroes. 😉 And, not mention the breaking of test tubes to burning spirit-lamps’ spirit on table-tops, we did every horrible stuff in the chemistry lab. This was the time I fell in love with chemistry and biology, due to two teachers. I scored highest in these two subjects.

But do you think everything in my bag is of fun? Nah! I have ups and downs like every normal or abnormal person. They range from s*xual harassment to difficulties with crushes and loves. I don’t want to delve deeper in those darker allies.

In eighth standard, I got involved in a mad love affair. Out of the blue that boy proposed me and out of the blue, without thinking much I answered. Though I never touched that boy , he and my fake best friend, brought darkness in my life. I got extremes, I don’t want to discuss them further. But this was mentioned for D comes here. She pulled me up. With her and E, I found the light in the darkness. Especially D did everything to pull my spirits up. I understood the meaning of a real friend again. E’s funny, sunny yet cool nature made me draw towards her. With E and D, came F. F is a controversial best friend. No, I have no doubts, but something led to huge differences. Umm…Let not that stuff come. Well, D, E and I (B) were the “three idiots” of our class. Nah! Not idiots but pranksters always together. And F was our Kareena Kapoor ( 😉 ) .

We gave F hideous names, called her every day by that. Here comes my crush. Ah! My third crush, and the stupidest crush, he had his own list of girlfriends. An ugly girl like me was obviously not in that list. But he would be my friend and would ask decision in every girlfriend he would make. We had deep cordial friendship. I destroyed it, for I understood he was using me and calling me names behind my back. Now, we are just friends. D and E were there with me even in this stage. D too had a crush, which eventually faded after she saw his rude side. D and I were friends with no embarrassments. With her, I did the craziest fun. We even leaked a boy’s cycle in tuition. Ufff! My laugh won’t ever stop memorizing that fun. Well, I can’t tell you a book of those times, but now I want to conclude this part. Ask me personally, you will know many things.

~New Discoveries~

Time, as I said, flies faster than a rocket. My utopia went within a flash. Then came the eleven and twelve, where competition was more than pure fun. This is the time when I got more intimate with F, she became my best friend. Here a lesbian love story is there. I won’t go deeper in that for that may be offensive. But after class ten, F and E became a couple. They had to overcome a lot of difficulties though, still they are. Now they are more stable. Last two years, I saw their struggle and helped them in that. I did many crimes with them, got a stint of “betraying and hurting” people. That’s why my FB profile says it’s dangerous to be with me. I still warn you all.

After some period of problems, we were happy. I got to know of E’s dark past. I don’t know it in details. She shared it with the aftershocks with F. But I know. Even I shared my dark pasts with them. They know me more than my parents. But still something happened. The fun we shared got evil eyes. Hence, in January, just before our farewell, E and F got angry and hurt. I did that. But unfortunately and stupidly, I don’t remember a tinge of that. I wanted to know what I did that I couldn’t be forgiven. After five long months, E had reconnected with me in July. I had initially been hurt, angry and surprised. So I acted rudely with E, causing her to go off again. I only got to know my perceptions were wrong. From their behaviors I perceived that I had hurt F. But it was actually E who had got hurt. She told me I had taken her to her dark days. She had got afraid of me. I don’t know why. This phase is so complicated. F has yet not shown any move. I know she never will. I did reconcile with E after D made me understood my mistake, but things ARE NOT THE SAME. They never will be. I have hidden many things here. Let them be hidden.

Well, after the farewell in February, which was really grand, we had exams. But I was lost. The result is that I lost myself in the exams. That’s when YOU ALL ENTER. Ah! I discovered new B.

Well, I used to read written episodes in TU. After sometime, I stopped that in March. The serials ditched us, you know. Well, then I started surfing The Fan Fiction page of TU. I used to cry day and night and blame myself for God knows what. Then the first fan fiction I started reading from the first was of G’s. Gradually, we started becoming friends. I would sit with a hope in my heart for days for her updates. Then I used to wait for her replies. I still do. We started going deeper. I still do. And finally on one fine day, she asked me, “Are you by any means on Watt Pad?” I was like what is she saying! I obviously said a No. then she suggested me to make an account here. I made. Bingo! We chatted there day and night. I really admire her a lot. She was the first one to tell me to try writing once. And see where I am standing. Well, I may not be that popular. But I am writing, discovering myself. Credit goes to her encouragement. I taught her stuff. She taught me stuff. Friendship grew its roots deeper and deeper. Recently, we won a competition together. She still manages to inspire me. We talk about the craziest stuff on earth and laugh behind the screens like mad people. Well, I do and I believe she does too. I dint get only when she became informal from formal. She even rectified my writing style and many other things.

Simultaneously, another friendship started growing. I admire her one shot (you got who she is). Reading her OS one day, I thought let me write one. Then plot? I had read a Bengali story which had immensely affected me. I thought let me retrace that work. Thus, an inspirational copy work “My Sister” was born. I credit the actual writer. I kept the theme same, and added just new words. This inspiration of me is H. H! I carry you in my heart. With H, I talked like mad people in her comment boxes. Her one shots paved a way for her in my heart. And now she is my crazy friend. I am actually dumb writing about you people. Words aren’t coming out. Pardon me for that please.
Well, one day I discovered that she writes marvelous ffs too. I started loving you more H. Not because you write marvelous ffs, but because you got closer as I read the ffs.

Well, can I forget 'I'? No! I (letter I, assigned to someone). I writes family conflicts, relationship-conflicts like crazy. To be true, I dint like her writing style at first. But eventually her plots mesmerized me. I started reading her ffs crazily. She opened up to me. We started slowly treading , down the path of friendship though she is younger than me. Her maturities, her childishness, her simplicity, her complexity, everything made me love her more. ‘I’! I carry you in my heart. Huh! My heart has room for everyone, including my best ever person, my ma. She was heavily bashed, I took her stand. We got closer. Now I am her close friend. She is mine too.

Well, this J is a crazy yet mature girl. She is only seventeen. But she writes mature ffs. Her “RSA” ff introduced her to me. I thought some big lady is writing this. But when I discovered the crazy girl behind that, I was surprised. Ufff! J, you still kill me with your new ff too “SFY”. 😉 :-*

Now, about K, the more I say, the less it becomes. This applies for everyone here though. K killed me with her personality. K is the only one I met as a person, not as an author. After that I discovered K’s heavenly writing abilities. Her MMAI hypnotized me. But that was later. I met her in another then amazing (Her personality mesmerized me) person’s ff. Who? Nisha/Anu. I know it hurts me now. But here is where I met K. then K commented on my crazy pieces of writings too. Gradually, she craved an important place in my heart.

Now, I mentioned only four close people. But the people I met later in this journey like Azure, Samaira Singhaniya, PriyuS, Jyothi Menon, Sarah, Madhumita, MystertGirl (FF-Invincible!), Riddhima Gupta, Tooba Khalid, Midhuna, Meghana, Sree Harini, SreeLakshmi, Mugdha, Chaitali, Divyanshri and manyyyy more— made my life happier. Of these, some people are really my great friends and advisor. Life has been easier since I met you. TU paved the way. I got you all’s companionship. I hope these strong bonds remain forever, till we die, and then, as ghosts too 😉 . I love you all more than you can imagine, more than this OS has said. And I am truly saying this.

How did you spend it? I spent it remembering all those golden times with these new diamonds. I had to write right?

I am writing the short initials of the names used here. Not all are full names

A- Monalisa (I miss this girl. God knows where she is.)
B- Me the crazy girl 😉
C- Susmita
D- Ana
E- Sim
F- Sun
G- Guess (?) Hint- TBO…?, SAMTOL (her ffs. LOL 😉 )
I- Guess(?) YOU ALL LOVE HER AND HATE HER (some 😉 )
J- Guess (?) Hints of her ffs already given. Her real name starts with the letter assigned to her.
K- Guess(?) You all have already, I know. LOL

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  1. Meher

    Bisha u know how to give best gift..

    I just love this os.. lemme guess now..

    G is Mandy
    H is me?
    K is sautanji
    I is Eva

    I won’t say anything cz whatever i will say will fall short.. I will say that I just love u yaar…

    U r osm.. I love ur writings… U r my favorite?!

    Luv u ?

  2. Jyotii

    K- Anju di
    J- Of course me!!??
    I am out of words….. Don’t know how to compliment!!!???
    I luv uh Bishu??????????
    I luv this article. Its awsm.. Uh have defined frdshp the best in my knowledge till date.
    I can never forget this OS?????


    1. Meher

      U just keep ur mouth shut! Itz bestest os ever!!

      U dumb! U idiot! I will kill u if u say anything about this os ???????

    2. Jyotii

      Its Awesome!! Even I have never read an OS on frnds better than this.

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