*************STORY STARTS *************

A girl came in a black audi car she got down in blue jeans nd a black t-shirt she is having a bracelet on her hand with letter CJ
On the same time a car with high speed suddenly stopped infront of her its a Benz blue
A girl with blue jeans nd pink t shirt with black jacket got down she too had a brclect of CJ

Girl1: Wow you came
Girl2 : Yes swara mitra how can I miss it
( yes the girl in black shirt is swara )
Swara: ( attitude) oh I thought you may not Ragini singhana
Ragini: Too gave a attitude smile ok lets go

They both left inside club
They spended some time with there respectively..
And swara ND rags left to drink counter nd sat on chairs facing each other with a smirk on there faces’ �
Swara: Waiter get me orange juice
Ragini: Get me apple juice
Swara: ( gave a look ) I need diet coke

Ragini: I need a bear
Swara: ohh bear ah I need wine
Rags: I need vodka
Swara:( is blank ) she is thinking wt to say next �
They both are fighting nd continuously changing the order the waiter got confused he just stood numb in front of them by waiting to confirm order �
And meanwhile two boys came towards rags nd swara

Boy1: Hey this is sanskar maheswari
Rags:( with a smile )hi Ragini singhana
Sanskar: Nice to meet you miss Ragini
Ragini: Oh cool u can call me rags
Sanskar : Oh gud and this is my frnd laksh
Swara Gave a look…
In meanwhile swara turned and said ” hi everyone its me swara mitra y are you talking with that duffer come and join mee ”
Lucky: ( smile) duffer ( laughed)
Rags: How dare you call me duffer
Swara: Oh truth na baby y ur getting angry �
Ragini: U stupid idiot
Sanskar: Stop it y you both are fighting just chill

Swara: ( gave a angry look to sanskar) Ho I am fighting ha how dare you point out me
Rags: Oh hello ur not queen Elizabeth ok u so called engineer
Swara: U stupid auditor let me show you what I am
Swara ND rags where fighting they are just breaking everything around them they messed whole club ppl are staring at them confused
Its on peak sanskar hold rags nd took her out of hell pub
AND lucky took swara
@ Outside the hell club
Lucky: Oh my god what a fight
Swara:( angry ) I fighted ah then wt she did
Lucky: Rags wah

Swara: Excuse me
Lucky: Ntg I was just saying she is too
Swara : Let it be do hell with her ( she got in her car nd about to leave )
Lucky: Oh hello if I wanna meet you again How
Swara gave her card nd left lucky took it and read ” swara mitra.. Software engineer ” hmm cool
Ragini : You saw her how much she did
Sanky: Ha let it be na now stop thinking about it
Ragini: Ha what the hell she think of her I will show her wt I am
Sanky: Y you both are fighting

Rags: Its huge story I cant say now let me leave I have work
Sanky : Ok this Is my card call me if u wish
Rags left nd sanskar ND lucky (Left towards their car )
Lucky: She is beautiful yar
Sanskar: ( shocked) Who
Lucky: Rags
Sanskar: (relieved) Oh thank god �
Lucky:( confused look)
Sanskar: I liked the black shirt girl
Lucky : Oh swara…. be careful she is the other face of anger and attitude… ah they both are like tom nd jerry
Sanskar smiles ” arey girls with attitude looks more good will see how destiny plans for us ”
They left

2 cars came ND stopped in same place its a pleasant place were full of greenery nd bright lighting
Two girls got down From car
They both hugged each other

Girl1 : ( smile ) Champ ur crazy
Girl2 : Ha yes janu that’s me.
Girl 1: Oh u remembered me sweetheart swara mitra
Swara : Yes ragini singhana how can I forgot you my Janu
Yes they are swara ND Ragini
Swara: Arey what say our prank is super na today
( shocked ahh guys??? you must have hehehe)
Rags: Yes mainly that lucky nd sanskar
Swara: Yes its thrilling na
Rags: yes ofcourse partner
They both gave a hifi �
Rags: U said i am duffer am I!!??

Swara: Ha ur as u came late ha
rags; arey work yar so i am late
swara; you nd ur stupid work don’t you miss mee ur bestie is waiting na
rags; ha so i paid penalty by my prank na now
swara; yes you did my janu love you
rags ; ha love you more now shall we go on long drive
swara : yes (they both enjoyed the evg )

Swara mitra: A software professional, has attitude, goes friendly with all, but maintain distance at the same time. Bestie of Ragini singhana, both are hilarious when they are together, kind plus fun loving girl exactly opposite to her bestie who is work minded.. Independent…practical girl.. Don’t give damn to emotions ..value all relations but maintain distance too.. Waiting for her Prince charming, a girl with numerous dreams…
Ragini singhana ; professionally an auditor (ca ) work minded ,independent nd always believe in frndship mostly then love very practical girl loves her bestie swara alot nd waiting for her mr.right had single dream but its high

Sanskar Maheshwari: A software professional.. Gives importance to both work and relations. Has a best friend laksh who is more like a brother to him.. Fun loving guy but maintain good relationship with all, don’t believe in short relationship respect women, eligible bachelor with ethics.
laksh Mehra ; highly professional he is too auditor (ca) friendly ,decent, work-minded believe in destiny nd love nd frndship only frnd of sanskar the most eligible bachelor with ethics. he is searching for his princess like him
Days passed with both swaragini enjoying with each other and at the same time having focused on their career..
After one week
ragini left to a seminar in pune national conference for all chartered accountants

Swara is preparing for a meeting it’s about tieing up her company with
MM group of company ( yah you guessed it right it’s sanky’s company but are just middle level company so they are tieing to make it high) it’s a presentation time to decide about tieing with each other or any other company… But as for now meeting is at Swara’s company ” CJ software solutions pvt Ltd “…. Being a perfectionist she is checking over every arrangements including meeting hall and food and snacks to be served…..with a friendly nature she is helping and doing arrangement with her employees.. Now it’s time for meeting so after a last check she went to get ready.. Meanwhile MM group authorities made an entry and they are astonished by the gesture and arrangements.. In short they are impressed and waiting for the MD.. After basic presentation it’s time for last one..

So our sanskar enter the meeting hall in white formal suit with usual charm and his handsome look, he is impressed with surrounding and did his presentation which Is the last one from his company side Next is turn of CJ that’s when our swara made a entry in white shirt, black blazer and white formal pants with a slim and elegant laptop in her hand, wearing reading glasses.. Sanskar was awestruck seeing her in this attire and felt happy too as he saw her again and is beyond happy that he is going to work with her now he is praying god for this deal to be fixed…. Not coz of love.. Just he like her he still is not sure y.. When he is in his own world swara completed her presentation.. All are impressed especially Dp father of sanskar….. And that’s when light gets on.. And swara saw everyone… She is shocked seeing sanky then she remembered the prank and was suppressing her laughter.. At last deal is finalized it’s time for signing the deal.. So that time Swara made announcement that her partner com auditor will be here in three days.. So she declared that signing will be done when she is back and all are OK with it and they talked About the bond.. All the while sanky is just seeing swara and is impressed but swara being with her attitude she didn’t give a damn to him… The meeting went well and all left after fixing next meet in 3 days

An speaker calls out “we request miss. ca. ragini singhana on stage
rags in blue jeans nd pink shirt with formal white blazer got on stage nd had her seat
laksh too went on same work
laksh seen rags he just lost his sense by seeing her again
speaker; we request ca. laksh mehra on stage
laksh is off sense he is just staring rags

speaker; mr. laksh mehraa
laksh ; (with a jerk nd went on stage nd sat beside rags but rags not seen him
rags is busy in chatting with swara so she did not notice him
rags gave a presentation nd came back to seat on same time
she heard a announcement
speaker ; ” next the presentation by laksh mehra ”
rags; (turned to see the person beside her she is shocked to see lucky )
ragini just started at him while he is speaking she just felt unknown happiness by seeing him again
laksh too felt same after the presentation he came back stage nd sat beside rags in sofa rags adjusted herself
both had awkward silence
lucky ; (took deep breath ) hi

rags ;(formally ) hi (smiling inner )
lucky; (in mind ) this girl is more crazy than mee
rags; (felt something) wt u said
lucky ; (ntg ntg did you remember we meet on that day in hell
rags; wt the hell
lucky ; wt the hell not hell is club name
rags; (smiles but hides it ) ha so
lucky ; ntg this is laksh mehra
rags; ha this is ragini singhana
lucky; nice to meet you miss ragini singhana

ragini; (gave a smile nd whispered ) wow we both are same profession i am excited i need to say this to champ oh my god
lucky; (in mind ) how much attitude but i love it
ragini; (gave a look at lucky ) ha i remembered u on that night
lucky; oh i am glad u remembered….. wah nd by the way ur presentation is amazing
rags; (smiles ) even ur gud
lucky; until you say i never felt it
rags; (in mind )wah wt a dialogue

lucky; wt ur thinking
rags ; ntg i was just watching
lucky ; will you join for lunch if you dont mine
rags; (thought for while ) yes i will
lucky; (excited shouted out ) wt reallyyyyyyyyyyy
rags ; (everyone around them are staring at them ) wt ur doing come lets go (they grabbed the blazers
from there nd left out )
@Swasan -scene continue..

After meeting all left
But our sanskar was waiting to talk to swara who is busy in talking with Dp. Others authorities went only sanky , Dp and swara are there…. DP and swara are talking about deal.. After that Dp called sanskar and introduced him to swara.
DP: Ms. Mitra I’m impressed with your work and happy to deal with you… And this project will be handled by my son sanskar ( gestures sanskar to come) here this is my son sanskar He is going to lead the project with you.. I hope you both do it successfully..
Swara: Yes Mr. Maheshwari , I’m happy to deal with you.. And sure we’ll give a grand succeed. Hlo Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari nice to meet you..

San: Nice to meet you too Ms. Swara Mitra.. If you don’t mind I have to clear some doubts before our deal shall we???
Swa: why not Mr. Maheshwari, we can after having lunch.. I request you both to join me for lunch.
DP: thanks, but I have to leave, you both proceed, once again nice to meet you.. And sanskar you may reach home after the discussion.
After sending off Dp both went to Swara’s cabin.
San: Nice cabin (while looking around)
Swa: thanks Mr. Maheshwari
San :oh god enough of formal talks.. Tell me how are you..
Swa: Excuse me do I know you before ( acts with attitude)
San: well I think yes and also may be your suffering from short term memory loss..
Swa: thank god you came to know it .so don’t ever ask these questions to me. Would you like to have lunch here or canteen?? ( attitude)

San: never mind , the place you prefer.
Swa: Ok then let’s move to canteen.. And give me a minute.. Till then feel comfortable in couch. ( saying this she went to her table. And was talking in mobile)
San: ( monologue) omg high attitude but I love this hmm..great taste too.. Each and every corner of office is elegant. And whom is she talking.. She seems to be much jovial even though I can’t hear her expression says it , y can’t she be same with me…….may be she is formal in office??? Hmm.. ( his thoughts broke due to the door opening sound)
There comes a handsome man in grey formal mixed casual suit with a smile.. Who didn’t notice sanskar as he is sitting in corner.
He straight away went to swara who is indulged in her phone chatting. He tip toed after he reached near her and blind folded her. To his shock she yelled in joy
” shravan ” he smiled and removed his hand while she turned and hugged him.. Then both started talking in phone…

San: (monologue) Again I can’t hear them.. But I can see both are comfortable.. I hope he is her brother.. But both don’t Seems like that.. Atleast not lovers.. He came to his sense after swara cut the call.. Then she noticed him and took shravan hand and both came near sanskar.
Swa: Mr. Maheshwari meet Mr. Shravan varma, one of the partner of this company. He Is the head of management. While I’m the head of project development and Ms. Singhana is the head of accounting and the auditor of this company. And shravan he is Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari CEO of MM groups of company and you know as the deal is finalized he is here to clear some doubts regarding our bonding.
After the introduction both sanskar and shravan shake hands.
San: Nice to meet you Mr. Varma.
Shravan: Nice to meet you too and don’t be formal. ( swara gave a glare to shravan) hello darling it’s not office hours it’s break time. ( swara gave a look you will never change)
Swa: then let’s move to canteen.

Both nodded and trio marched to canteen.
After settling they started talking or you can say sanskar and shravan are talking while swara is listening. After a while..
Shravan: darling how do you find its me.. As I thought since I took off today. You won’t guess me..
Swara: ( smile) ha honey but expect you and janu none has the rights and guts to do with me.. So simple logic as janu is In pune.. So..
Shravan: wow impressive…
Swa: Ok I’m done.. MR. Maheshwari you can clear your doubts with shravan if you want.. As he is the one who is going to manage the project I’ll just lead it that’s it… I’ll take my leave. ( giving a formal smile)
Then shravan and sanskar talk about the project now they have also become good friends..
San: shravan shall I know the meaning of CJ..

Shravan: sry sanskar it’s confidential.. I have no rights to say this only those Devils can say if they want but they won’t do it easily….
Sanskar: ohh that’s OK.. Then let’s leave….
Both discussed about project and had good bonding too…
Office time is over so both were heading towards exit.. While talking…. Both notice swara who is gonna leave in her car.
Shravan: swara. ( shouts.)
Swara came out of car.. Both went to her..

@raglak lunch
rag is having her lunch bad mood
lucky; are you ok
rags; ya ok(repeatedly watching her ph)
lucky;are you waiting for any call
rags; gave a look
lucky;i thought so sorry
rags; ha yes its fact (meanwhile she got a call rags answered it)
( guys remember swara was talking when shravan made a entry.. That conversation)
shravan; hey rags
rags; hey sravannnnnnnnnnnnnn (laksh got shocked by hearing a boy name )
rags took excuse from lucky nd left to side

rags; ur calling from champ ph where is she lost
shravan ;ha she is with me only i will give
swara; hey janu how is ur day
rags; its amazing urs??? where you went.. You cut the call while talking..
swara; ha its awesome, nothing just coz of shravan
rags; i had a gud news to say
swara; even i have a news
rags; u say 1st
swara; no you say first

rags ; no say na plz
swara; i wont say i will show you directly comefast
rags; ur too bad
swara; now u say na
rags; no i will also say after reaching only
swara; ur really bad
rags; yes i am
swara; ok darling tc comefast
rags; iha i will
swara; anyways ur searching ur mr.right na do you found him
rags( blushing nd laskh is watchng rags) ha dont know ok bye i am going
she ended call nd came back to lucky
lucky; who is on ph
rags; gave a look excuse meee
lucky; its ok if personal i am asking causually
they spended sometime lucky went on speaking nd rags only listening….

Sanskar and swara went to swara…
Swara gave a sweet smile… (Hehe sanky is flat in it.. But he thought it’s for shravan ??)
Shravan: so miss.attitude Park?????
Swara: as if you will leave me if I don’t want…
Shravan: better for you darling.. (to sanky) How about you join us sanky ( sanky who was fuming hearing the word darling came to sense..)
Sanky: yup sure..
Swara: but in my car.. I’ll only drive.. (in childish tone…)
Both agreed while sanky was admiring her…
After reaching Park. ..
They enjoyed playing with kids and eating Ice Cream. Sanky was admiring her.
3days passed rags came back from pune its day of meeting

swara; hey janu how are you i missed you
rags; i missed your coffee
swara; oh really

rags; yes sweetheart i missed my bestie best coffee
swara; oh only coffee not me na
rags; even you too
swara; dont lie ok i hate you
rags; oh great i will go back to pune then
swara; stupid duffer I hate you
rags; ha i love you too
swara; i am talking to you na its my mistake
rags ; oh u realised gud now get me a coffee ms .swara mitra
swara; ok but
rags; hey wait you said you had a surprise wts that say na
swara; oh look the file
Rags took the file nd read it ” wts there in this we got tied up with MM group so ”
Swara: Read director’s name
Rags: Sanskar maheswari ?

Swara’ yes the person whom we fooled on hell culb on that ngt
Rags:( surprised) wtt we meet them again
Swara: Them means
Rags: I met laksh in Pune yar its amazing wt a coincidence
Swara: Wow its mind-blowing
Rags: You said him that we are frnds
Swara: No I had not said but I just informed that I had auditor nd we will meet after 3days I.e today
Rags: Gud now say can we have some more thrill orelse we will disclose it
Swara:( thought for while) we will have some more
Rags: That’s like my champ now get me coffee I will show movie to sanskar
Swara: Ok but careful
Rags: Ok done
Sanskar entired cabin nd he is shocked to see rags in
Sanskar: You here
Rags ‘ ha me Ragini singania auditor of this company
Sanskar:( shocked) unbelievable
rags; hoo but belive it ok
sanskar; (sanskar sat infront of her ) but you both fight outside na on that dayy
rags; ha we fight its our personal nd this is proffession both are different
sanskar; but y
rags; its personal if you want ask swara

sanskar gave confused look rags thought to make him more confuse
rags ; priya ask ur boss to get me coffeee fast
priya ; ok (she left )
sanskar ; ( got up from seat in angry ) wt my swara should get you coffee
rags; (teasingly ) oh my swaraaaa (in meanwhile swara came with coffee sanskar is double shocked )
swara is unaware of sanskar she to rags nd handled her cup of coffee with smile
sanskar just widened his mouth in shock
rags; ( whispered ) arey idoit act as angry sanskar is present

swara seen him “oh gud mrg Mr.maheswari ”
sanskar; (confused) you made this coffee ?
swara; yes shall i get you too
sanskar; no i am fine but
rags ; (teasigly ) dont miss chance its taste director sir ur swara coffee
swara; ur swaraaaaa (rags winked at her nd sanskar turned his face down in confusion nd embrassement )
Swara gave a confused look
” Wt do you mean ” ??
Sanskar : Ntg Miss.mitra she is just blabbering

Rags: Acha u mean I am deaf ah?
Swara: ( in mind) y this idoit is angry
Sanskar: Ragini ji plz leave this topic
Rags: Oh then wt I’ll get ?
Sanskar shocked ” wt for you ha ”
Rags: Actually we auditors na don’t do anything free ok
Sanskar: Wt you want say
Rags: Ha ok u freze this wish I will ask when needed
Swara got angry by seeing this as they both are talking secretly swara burned out ?
Swara pushed rags leg in angry ?

Ragsan got startled back
Swara gave deadly glare at rags ??
Rags: ( mind ) Arey my champ got angry she grabbed her pH nd msg swara
I am just teasing you sweetheart relax naa just enjoy our prank
Priya got coffee to sanskar

Swara: Where is ur auditor Mr.Maheshwari
Sanskar: Ha he is on the way you plz call mee as sanskar although we are going to be partners naa
Rags; ohhh partners ahhh
Swara : Chup karo na ☺
Sanskar: Woh I mean business partners
Swaragini laughed inside

Swara : How is coffee
Rags: More then gud
Sanskar: Y u both fight always
Swara: Just for time pass
Sanskar shocked wttt
Rags: Noo I hate engineers soo
Swara: ( painfully ) haa I hate auditors
Rags: All engineers are stupids?
Swara: All auditors are duffers ?

Rags: Acha we are duffers ah
Swara: Ha if we are stupids ur duffers only
Rags: We are so wat ha
Sanskar:( in mind ) I only provoked them to fight oh no arey stop sanskar or else they will die in fight
Swaragini are continuing fight just enjoying prank
Sanskar : Arey stop u both
Both settled themselves rags is involved in having coffee swara ND sanskar are staring each other secretly
Rags is just watching silently?
rags brain got one more stupid idoit
rags; ( hard tone ) wt the hell where is ur auditor don’t he have time sense?
sanskar; woh he is on the way

swara; (angry) wts wrong with you y ur so rude with him, ?
rags; i am rude ah ?
swara; yes yourrr?
rags; oh really gud if u wanna waste ur time do it but stop wasting my time ok
swara; angry i am wasting ur time ah ??
rags; (in mind ) i think she took personal arey cool now ???
sanskar; arey cool u both y u always fight he is on theway ?
swaragini kept quite there is deady silence?

rags grabbed her ph from her pocket nd msseged swara
in msg
rags; sry i dont mean it?
swara; u felt it so u said

rags; no yar i am just kidding
swara; noo stop lying ?
rags; i am not lying arey just lissten once
swara ; noo (she threw ph aside )?
rags dispoinnted she knows swara cant be angry for more time but she hurted her only bestie naa so sad (fights make?? frndship stronger )
sanskar is just staring the changing expressions ok both
sanskar; is everything ok ?
swara; yes

rags just gave confused look
rags contiued her coffee nd just watching the door unintenally
in meanwhile a person entired in cabin by seeing this rags shocked she spitted coffee in shock “youuuuu ??
swasan where confused by rags reaction they turned towards door
sanskar got up from his seat with a happy smile nd hugged him??
sanskar; arey bhai lucky(its laksh mehra ) i am waiting from hr yar where u lost
lucky; woh my car gave a trouble yar
sanskar; i know yar u cant be late without reason

sanlak approached swaragini
lucky ; (surprised to see rags no but seeing swaragini together ) youuu ?
sanskar; meet my auditor nd my bestiee lucky laksh mehra
swara; nice to meet you mr.mehra
rags; did not react anything in shock
swara stepped on rags feet to make her alert ?
rags got back sense “ni nice to meet u
lucky; i am glad to meet you again
rags ; (to swara ) i know world is round but i dont know it is this much rounddddddddddddddd
swara; i love it it will be thrilling now
rags; i hate it

sanskar; again means we meet on hell club na that ah
lucky; noo 3days back we meet in pune in conference
sanskar; ohh really great
swara; wowww it gud to hear
sanskar; ok introduction is over now get back to seats we can proceed our work
all four had discussed the issues of merging s nd s company finally all set they had signed the papers nd they just need to forward to dp
sanskar; ur really impressive at last ur not fighting in this

rags ; (smiled ) woh actually na we don’t mix personal nd professional issues  
lucky;(excited ) ha even we don’t wt say sanky
sanskar ; haa ur hyper active today ah
lucky ;(blushed ) arey stop it
swasan smiled at eachother
rags; i am watching here
swasan got alert “wt ur ah ”
rags; stupid engineer concentrate on work
swara; off duffer auditor u concentrate more ok   
swara; dont u dare mess with me  

rags; same feeling
swara; don’t fire the fire, if u fire the fire , fire will fire you
i am the fire  
rags; achaa don’t trouble the trouble ,if u trouble the trouble ,the trouble will trouble youuuuu ..i am the trouble  
swaragini are busy in figting with each other
sanlak ; troublesome fire (looked at eachother in shock
sanlak are trying to stop the mess
sanskar; stop rags yar
lucky; u stop swara first
sanskar; she is right naa we do work seriously
lucky ; if so rags in also right we do double serious ok  
sanlak started arguing no no they are fighting they even forgot about reason for fight

swaragini got surprised to see them fighting
rags; (excited ) see this too invovled in our prank
swara; come we will stop
rags; arey wait let enjoy yar its thrilling  
swara; stupid u nd ur thrill let s stop them or else they will die in argument
rags; no for sometime plz  
swara; its too much come lets stop
swaragini stopped sanlak
swara pulled him back by holding his hand “sanskar wt ur doing he is ur frnd yar
rags ; arey lucky u too stop

swasan nd lucky atre shocked that rags called him lucky in just few days
lucky; luckyy oh wah i am lucky
rags; (realized wt she did ) woh in fluency i called sorry
swasanlak laughed out   
sanlak realised y they stareted fighting nd they signed each other
sanskar; excuse as we will be back in few minutes
sanlak left aside swaragini gave a hifi as there prank in hyper thrilling from mrg they are having blurst with fun  
*****************sanlak other side

sanskat; troublesome fire yar they are
lucky; yes they are crazy
sanskar; we need to patchup them orelse we may turn mad by them if not we may turn as enemies also see in just hr we forgot our frndship also  
lucky; yes ur right we need to patch up them
sanskar; ya done u see the fire i will see trouble
lucky; wttttt
sanskatr; i mean u try to convince swara i will try to rags
bcoz first we need to remove the hate of engineer nd auditor
lucky; mission swaragini
sanlak left back to swaragini
sanskar; shall we have lunch together
swara nd rags nodded in positive

sanskar talked much with rags  
rags too wanna talk to sanskar bcoz she know swasan like eachother but she wanna confirm that doo sanskar suits for swara in the same way swara is thinking for rags ( caring frnds yar )   
When they ( swalak and Ragsan actually swarag are questioning them by making it look normal and sanlak are just saying their opinion) are talking like what’s their point of view towards life, love and what are their habits……
When swarag are little satisfied that sanlak are perfect for their bestie..( coz we can’t get confirm about a person in a single meet..) Now when swasan and raglak are going to take a talk.. Shravan made a entry…. Sanlak are not happy with it…
Ofcourse after his arrival swaragvan started talking leaving them aside….. Sanlak are burning in jealousy… After sometime both went our. I mean excusing themselves…..
San: yaar lucky… That shravan Is so irritating… And have you ever thought y swarag are fighting… ( shocked)
Lucky: ( continue) may be they both love him
Sanlak: ( together shouts ) nooooooooooooooo….
Sanlak: ( together) let’s do one thing…
Both look at each other..

Sanlak: Ok I’ll say..
San: shut up.. And listen…. I’m going to pair up Rags with shravan….. So my swara will be free.
Lucky jaw dropped..
Lak: what how dare you.. No I’m gonna pair up swra with shravan.. Then my ragini will be free…
Like this both started arguing….
After sometime they realize.. That they told each other my swara, my ragini. .
Both looked at eachother..
Sanlak: (together) means u love her…….
Again look at each other…

Sanlak: that means I love her…
Sanlak: (shouts) what….
Lak: Ok you love swara and I love ragini..
San: Ha you love ragini and I love swara..
Sanlak: ( shouts in excitement) yippee…. And hugged each other in excitement…..
Lak: so we should delete shravan that’s it…
San: yah.
Both got determined and went inside………
Shravan hugging both swaragini… And saying..
Shravan: love you both my sweet sisters…
Hearing this both smiled like idiots seeing each other……
They joined them…..
San: what’s happening here.
Rags: shravan Is going to us to meet his family…
Shravan: (continue) so I’m leaving and on behalf of me swara darling will manage the project.. I think you don’t have anyproblem…
Sanlak: yup bro no problem…….
They had food and started their routine…
One week passed…
Swasanraglak had formed a friendly bonding.. But still sanlak don’t know that swaragini are besties.. Swarag continue their prank….
One day.. After work all decided to go for lunch…

Sanlak ND swaragini left to have lunch in a 7star hotel
Swara ND sanskar are silently glaring each other
Rags ND swara are connected to blue tooth they are talking to each other secretly unknown to sanlak
Rags:( to swara ) I am watching
Swara: Wt ur watching ah
Rags: Ur watching sanskar I watched ur watching
Swara: Stop teasing me ok
Rags: Really ok its boring I need thrill again shall we fight
Swara: Nowway stupid u nd ur thrill no I sm not interested to fight ok
Rags: Oh then I dont know I want thrill do anything
Swara: Oh wait let it be peaceful
Sanskar: We came hear to enjoy nit to meditate
Swara 🙁 laughing) ha u speak na then
Lucky ‘ yes rags u can speak na

Rags: Wttt
Sanskar : Ok now better. We will order something
Swara: Ok ( she grabbed menu card)
chocolate cake ND prawns frey with plain rice
Rags : One chicken biryani ND chicken 65
Sanlak to ordered biryani
Waiter came with all dishes
Swaragini exchanged the dishes
Swara-biryani chicken
Rags- prawns frey ND chocolate cake
Sanlak are shocked by seeing this
Sanskar: Hey y u changed dishes
SwarA: Actually i ordered for ja…..
Rags stepped on swara feet ” chupp
Rags: Wohhh accidently we ordered.

Sanlak got doubt
Lucky started observing both ND he seen Bluetooth on the ear of rags
Actually rags is left handed so she uses left more then right only she eats with right that’s it
Lucky msged sanskar this so sanskar observed swara ear she too had Bluetooth ND covered with hair
Both got a conclusion that this too ppl are playing prank so just to confirm
Lucky: Swara I need to do important call if u don’t mine can I use ur pH Plz
Swara: Ha sure she offed Bluetooth ND gave pH to lucky ND lucky left aside
Swaragini ND sanskar left they are having lunch
Swara ND rags wanna talk but sanskar is present so they are unable to stop so rags took a excuse
Rags: I will be back soon ( she left a side )
Swara too followed rags after 2mins

Other side swaragini

Swara: Yar shall we disclose our prank
Rags: Haa sure tomorrow we will
Swara: Y not now
Rags: Just for thrill enjoy today too
Swara: Actually Today we are about to caught redhanded just miss
Swara: Yes its so tough yar
Anyways ur sharp to manage ha
Hifi Jan
Ha ha hifi cham…..p
( shocked ) to see sanlak standing infront of them
rags; change topic
swara; we are out
rags; u stupid

swara; ur idoit
sanlak stood silent with angry look
swara ; better we should accept
swaragini holded there ears with innocent faces
sanskar; it means u both are frnds

lucky; cj means champ nd janu
rags; ha woh for
sanlak laughed aloudd by seeing there sad faces
Days passed away swasan nd raglak are enjoying there friendship madly
swasan and raglak are fallen for eachother but never expressed….


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